1. Im finally starting my adventure. Hope to see ya there :)

    Hey there guys. Names Mikey (big surprise). Brand spanking new to this community and looking to finally bring an idea to life that ive had for the better part of 10 years sitting and collecting dust. Over the years ive been writing scenario/concept/lore/mechanical ideas...ect ect...and just...
  2. JensDuck

    Am I just missing something? (Quest Making)

    Is there a correct way to say kill "X" amount of enemies? Am I looking for something like quest making, and need to do more detailed searching. Any help is help. Thanks, in advance.
  3. JensDuck

    Hello RPG World... I am JensDuck!

    Welcome, and thank you for clicking the topic, as I said I am JensDuck or Daniel. I am in the start/beginning of a game that has to do with the end. I know it is a long way from any release, but I am also managing a few departments 40+ hours a week, a four-year-old Jack, and completely addicted...
  4. Gustavo_Br

    QPlus Cannot Read

    Hello there, I'm trying to apply QSprite on my project and I've download all the plugins that is needed. Also, I've already used this on previous RMMV version (I still have this project working), but, when I try to apply on my new project this error appears: Notes: -I've updated all...
  5. RoadKillCandy

    Boat will turn but not move

    I made it so that my players can't walk on the swamp so i could use a boat on it but after using mv to set that as the boats starting point, making a new save of the game to test said boat i can't get it to move, just turn in the swamp. Also putting wood on top of the swamp like a dock, still...
  6. Help me with Actors Please..

    Hey I am new to RPG Maker I guess you could say I'm a noob. And I'm working on my first game but I can't figure out how to change the number of starting party members. I went to actors in the database and right clicked on the unneeded actors and click clear but now they show up in my game as...
  7. GoodSelf

    Rebuilding your game

    So, for the past couple of months I've been working two jobs - on top of all the other stuff life throws at you, I had to put my project on hold. Now that I have more time (when I'm not playing Final Fantasy 15), I was thinking about starting up the project again. However, I feel like changing...
  8. Hayolee

    Games Won't Start

    I'm trying to export one of my games to a friend, and it's worked for me before in the past.  However, this time the .exe game file won't open to my friend OR to me.  I don't understand why, it worked so well before.  I've tried my hardest to find why, and I think it may have to do with Windows...
  9. Starting A Battle?

    I feel that I know everything I want to at the moment but I need to know how to start a SCRIPTED battle. What I have is that you talk to this guy and he does a practice battle with you, but I have no idea where an event would be that starts the battle. (Please note that I have RPG Maker VX...
  10. Oracle-Raven

    "Choose an item pack" menu

    Greetings, I am looking for a plugin that would help me bring up a menu with the Script or Plugin Command from an event. The menu should allow the player to choose one of several item packs. The menu should have a help window at the top (two or three rows), and the rest of the screen is...
  11. MeowFace

    Chapter Select

    Made for a request here. Features: [1] Game starting by selecting a Chapter. [2] Unlock-able new chapters. [3] Each Chapter able to start with its own map & starting characters. [4] Inheritable save files for each chapter. [5] Can set up to 10 Chapters max. [6] Change-able Background/Text...
  12. Have text at the starting position

    I am looking to have my character start the game by saying something like where am I, or how did i get here. When i tried it kept looping over and over. Is there a way to start the game with my character talking?

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