stat adjustment

  1. WheatTon

    Stat change and Growth Rates

    I am working on a project now in which the player takes a personality quiz of 5 questions. Each stat starts at 30 and each answer gives a plus and minus to different stats. Example: Attack = 30, answer a question get +3 attack, -3 Magic Defense. You now have Attack = 33, Magic Defense = 27 Is...
  2. Gabenslair

    Elderscrolls-esque Stat Debuff/Restore

    In the older elderscrolls games (for example morrowind), your level's stats are more like max caps for your actual stats, as they could be left drained out from a disease and left like that until you cast a spell or drink a potion that restores it back. Thank you.
  3. hikaru909

    Plugin related to stats (don't know if this counts as a resource)

    Does anyone know of a plugin that can help with stats increasing as an action takes place? For example: Character A does an attack, but every time they do so, their attack stat increases by a certain amount, or every time they are hit their defense increases too and other scenarios for certain...
  4. Shapeshift skill for merging stats of 2 actors

    Hi everyone. I'm sorry for my inexperience but I have yet another problem in my game. I wanted to create a skill that would set the player into a "Hero form". In the game, the player meets a soul of a deceased hero who is guiding and helping the player on their quests. The player should have...
  5. FrozenParaadigm

    Stat increase when equipped with a certain weapon

    I'm not sure how I would go about coding for a specific stat increase for when a character equips a certain weapon. For example, a character equipped with a sword might have a 50% increase in their attack stat, but if they equip anything else, it only boosts stats by the flat amount that the...
  6. Rinobi

    Actor Generator

    Actor Generator by: Rinobi Create randomly generator actors with a great deal of customization. This script includes gender, personality, and stat settings. See script header for details, and screenshots for example use.
  7. Letting the Player choose their stats.

    I need a way that allows the player make their own starting stats Such as: Starting Points = 65 Avalible Points = 5 --- Attack = 10 Defense = 10 M. Attack = 10 M. Defense = 10 Aglility = 10 Luck = 10 Something like that

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