stat bonus

  1. Gabenslair

    Alternate of leveling up stat boosts.

    In base RPG MAKER, whenever you level up, you get an automated stat boost from predetermined stat boosts. Does any plugin out there alter this so that there is a more variable version of this? Bonus points for: Multiple "levels" with their own "exp" you get that have their own stat...
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Armor Variable increase

    I have multiple common events being called for certain functions in my game. One which checks the player's given dexterity that I want to be able to add to with equip-able armor etc. The trouble is instead of adding it just once every time it is checked it adds 2, I wanted to know if there is a...
  3. Kes

    Mysterious extra MMP

    I have an event which allows the player to allocate an extra 5 MMP to the actor of their choice. The event looks like this (one actor chosen for the sake of clarity) Before the MMP is allocated, the stats look like this: After allocating the bonus to him, the stats are this: Unless I am...
  4. Trihan

    Trilobytes VX Ace #2: Bonus Stat Allocation (v1.11 now available!)

    Bonus Stat Allocation version 1.11 Created by Trihan Introduction This script allows you to open a scene to assign a specified number of bonus points to an actor's stats. It is highly configurable and can be used for a variety of things. It was originally commissioned by Clyve for a mercenary...
  5. Sixth

    Stat Bonus Addon for Falcao's ABS - v1.1 (26/09/2015)

    - Script: - Demo: Nope, don't plan on doing one, sorry! - Author's Notes: This is one of my scripts which I forgot to post until now. The script has been requested by Dymdez, and I found the idea cool, so I made it. If you are planning to use this script, be extra...

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