stat distribution

  1. Yawgmoth

    SumRndmDde Stat Distribution Plugin Error

    I just downloaded SumRndmDde's Stat Distribution Plugin and its Core engine. located here: Anyways I have set up the notetags and used a plugin command to give the first actor in my party the required points to boost stats and adjusted plugin parameters...
  2. Can I combine 2 menus into one.

    Hey guys I got a question that earns 5000 Dev points if someone can answer. I have just finished making Stat distribution system in my new game a Merc life, using 2 different plugins maybe 3. (SRD Stat distribution, Frog's Talent system, Yanfly's Main Menu Manager. So when you gain a new...
  3. Servidion

    Add additional stats to SumRdmDde's StatDistribution plugin?

    So I'm using SRDude's StatDistribution plugin here and I am curious if there's a way to add some of Yanfly's stats to it. Examples include: Armor Penetration % - Critical Damage Multiplier % -...
  4. SumRndmDde's Stat Distribution Addition... Please? This has almost all the features I'm looking for in a Stat Distribution... Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to make your own Stats and add them to the list. Something like Alistair's Ability Distribution plugin...
  5. A new -More Comprehensive- Stat Distribution Plugin, Please

    I know there's a few Stat Distribution Plugins out there at the moment and they're all great in their own right.  But, they don't have all the features I think they should have... So, I'm wondering if there is someone out there looking for a challenge and would want to write this script for...
  6. TheoAllen

    In development - Core Custom Attributes

    I'm aware that there're a lot of custom parameter / stat distribution / such script. Though, I can't find the one that could define your own custom attribute in dynamic way. Then I made this script. Basically, it allow you to set up your own attribute and use them in damage formula, and many...
  7. Quigon

    [ACE] Adding N.A.S.T.Y Extra Stats to TDS' Stat Distribution

    So I'm wondering if there is an easy way to edit TDS' Stat Distribution script to include extra stats created with Nelderson's Extra Stats script. There is currently no way in Ne's script to increase extra parameters without levelling or via equipment. I'm intending on using a stat distribution...

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