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  1. Jeremiah Eastman

    RMMV Gladatora V.1.9.6 Alpha 4-22-20

    A new video was just released from Hypnojo Gaming in which he highlights some of the upcoming updates to Gladatora. If you check it out I thank you and if you can subscribe to Hypnojo on youtube I am sure he would be excited. :smile: Stay healthy all. Videos Synopsis: This is a game...

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Hi-Yo! When you just started learning to program, you tend to discover new strange keywords along the way. Is it better to keep learning how to use every new keyword you found OR just leave it until you need it(probably)?
So I decided the best way to represent insanity was to simply make two maps fight for supremacy in front of the player. The results are everything I hoped for! :LZSexcite:

look the release date - finally!!!
look the price - (convert into Rupiah)"maybe im too forcing myself…" (wait again until Autumn or Christmas Sale)
so MZ is releasing next month :/ I still don't know if I should pick it up or not

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