1. Karbonic

    Unable to use small numbers as stats?

    Hello! I'm running into a problem with how RPG Maker MV uses its character stats. At level 1, I want my main character to have just one attack point, so I have it set to that here. However, when testing and in game, the attack stat is changed inexplicably from 1 to 11, which completely changes...
  2. enemy scale with player level or not?

    do you guys prefer enemy scale with your level or have raw stat? for those who play FFVIII, you guys must have known that enemies stat scale with player lv, but are there limitations? for example, the beginning enemy stat can rival player stat when max lv. if add limit, they only up to lv 10...
  3. Austintatious

    Create status effect that temporarily switches stats (max HP and max MP, defense and attack, etc)

    The only way I can think of is a common event triggered when the status is gained, but that doesn't quite work for my purposes.
  4. Lord Vectra

    RM XP - How to make new stats

    So I'm attempting to make new stats, and I can't find anywhere to learn that information. One "stat" I made was in Game_Battler 1 SOLUTION FOUND!
  5. ovate

    Job Change with Alternate Layout (Class Change)

    dsJobChange - ver1.11.5 Creator name: Douraku Overview Job change system Features - Use Note tags to set for Actors (levels) or Classes (graphics) - Possible to add job requirement based on conditions/ stat values - There's a plugin command to open the job change menu - Alternate layout with...
  6. atoms

    If using DBS, what are more creative ways using agility that you can think?

    Note. You can talk about what you may change with other stats as well, so long it somehow related to the Agility stat as well, as the Agility stat is the main discussion. I'd like to get some opinions on this and thoughts on what could be done. Of course Agility is still useful in that it...
  7. Creative Ed

    Balanced Stat Generator

    When working on large scale games with lots of characters/enemies it can be hard to keep things balanced when coming up with their stats, that's why I decided to create this tool. Balanced Stat Generator at itch.io Balanced Stat Generator is a tool that alows developers to generate stats...
  8. stats and stacking them

    hy i need your help i'm creating my game but i having a probleme with stats and making them 1. how i make stat that add +100 hp or +20 atk ...ect 2.how can i make them stack for example using +100 hp twice on the same character will give him +200 hp
  9. Help Moving an Icon in Menu

    So I'm using Yanfly plugins and I've just installed the stat allocation plugin. When I pull up the allocation option in the menu the 'AP' name and icon are half cut off. How do I fix this? Any help would be appreciated thanks :)
  10. Yanfly Plugin "StatAllocation": How to edit it for each character

    Hi. Me again. This might be a stupid question but since I am not that good with coding and understanding the possibilites correctly, I want to ask it here. If it is that simple then I am sorry. Here the Link to his Plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2018/11/09/yep-173-stat-allocation-rpg-maker-mv/...
  11. DragonRose35

    Seeking Help With Weapon Upgrading

    So... this one is going to be a bit different, as far as asking for help. See, in my game, I am trying to create a system where I can upgrade current weapons to make them stronger. I technically already know what I'm doing, though I may be doing things far more complicated than need be...
  12. Yawgmoth

    Eventing Stat Upgrade Skill

    Hi all, I'm attempting to create a skill that upgrades a stat and expends items when used, then increases the required item that is used permanently. I thought I had this solved, but unfortunately the common event I'm calling does not seem to increase the actor's stat at all. I suspect the...
  13. Yawgmoth

    Using Items instead of JP on specific note tag

    Hi all, So I've been playing with Yanflys Skill Learn and Job Point Plugins to create Stat Upgrades with increasing costs, however I do not want to use job points to buy the stat upgrades. I want to purchase the stat upgrade skills using an item and I want the item to increase by one each time...
  14. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Gauges System

    Introduction I prepared this extension because of this pool here. Visual novels that lack gameplay segments risk to result boring, so minigames and stuff are very important. And minigames need health bar and such. Description An extension providing a simple interface that lets you manage gauges...
  15. TheoAllen

    [Ace] Custom Stats Overhaul (scripting)

    Background: Stats are the element of a game that has a big role. Everything on gameplay are driven by stats and their number. The default engine provides a wonderful tools to tweak it. However, when you want to extend the usability, you can't help but to search what people offers to you and...
  16. SCG4473

    [RMMV] Giving things stats

    Sorry if this' already been asked one hundred thousand times but,,,,,, How do I balance out the numbers in my games? For example, how do I determine how much damage my weapons do, how much defense my armors give, damage + MP/TP costs of my skills, how much MP/HP my potions restore and even the...
  17. ovate

    Change Max Level

    ChangeMaxLevel - 2015-11-19 Creator name: Alec Overview Allows you to change maximum level. Features - Able to change max level with a parameter - Short code //============================================================================= // ChangeMaxLevel.js...
  18. DeltaLime24

    How do I turn this complicated formula into a state?

    Okay, bottom line here, I have a bit of a mess on my hands. I want to use a formula to create a skill that applies an "Inverted" state to "Invert" the statistics of my characters for 3 turns (e.g. 70 atk at lv 50 would become 255-70 = 185 and 140 atk at lv 100 would become 510-140 = 370 etc) As...
  19. S.Court

    How to make AGI effect in battle more relevant?

    When we talk about turn based JRPG, AGI effect is only limited to determine the Turn Order in battle, and even when that's an important effect, I think the effect could be improved. That's important for example in games where they let you to customize your stats with limited resources, so...
  20. ScientistWD

    Making Stats Invisible: Mysterious or Annoying?

    In Pokémon Go, you only get some information about your actor's stats. This bothered some people I knew, but it's not as if in other games you get all the information. Is this irritating to most people? And, more importantly, how much information is needed? In my game, an actor earns new skills...

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