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  1. Aogami

    Custom Status Effects/Passives (Idk if i posted in the right place)

    Hey everyone!, today (or tonight depending on when your reading this) I came to share some of my states i made using most if not ALL of Yanfly's plugins, I might continue to update this thread whenever I have the time but for now i'll hand off what I have currently and give a brief description...
  2. Trying to make a state that only affects one actor at a time

    Howdy! So I’ve got a weird conundrum. I’m developing a game in RPG Maker MV about dinosaurs where you collect them and use them in battle. I’ve been tinkering away at a game mechanic I’m calling “The Sigma System”. You can modify your dino’s behavior with a command, this is using the skill type...
  3. BDruid70

    How To Make A State That Repeats The Last Skill Performed?

    Question, I'd like help with a state I'm working on. When the state is applied, there's a chance it'll automatically repeat the last skill that was performed by them, except it bypasses any requirements that was originally used for it. Ex. If a character has the state and uses skill that...
  4. Random Panda

    RMMV Yanfly Weak Enemy Poses doesn't play collapse animation

    Hi all, I was wonder if anyone has had a similar issue with this plugin. It works perfectly fine if you change the enemy to a new pose via hp loss. But if you change the pose with a state, and the enemy dies while under that state, they just disappear and it skips the collapse animation. I've...
  5. RMMZ Call common event of script end?

    Im trying to get a common event to play when a state expires and Im using Skills and States Core VisuStella MZ script however the information I found for it just says " <JS On Expire State> code code </JS On Expire State> " Im not experienced enough to fill in a blank. basically, I have an...
  6. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Yanfly State Remove/Apply Common Event effects at the same time?

    I'm working on solving a larger issue but one solution I'm testing seems to be hindered at the moment. I am trying to play a common event when a state is applied by a skill but it also removes a state when it is used which I would also like to play a common event as it is removed. Part of...

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