state attack

  1. Zioxboy

    Make a skill that makes other skills apply a state

    Hello, I need some help over here. I need a "Poison Blade" skill that makes the next attack or skill cause Poison. Tried adding a state with an "Attack State: Poison 100%" trait but that only applies to basic attacks. I need the state to apply Poison to basic attacks AND skills. Is this...
  2. Skill that can only affects characters with certain state

    Hey all, This is my first time posting in the forums so be sure to move this if it's in the wrong place. Still collecting my bearings. Basically, I want to make a skill that instantly kills all enemies that have a specific state. One example in a game I can point to is Persona 4: there's a...
  3. MonsieurClayton

    [SOLVED]Multiple conditions Damage Formula, and dual effect in Formula (Damage + add state)

    Hello :) First of all, sorry for broken english, I'll try to make as less gramatical errors as possible. I'm working on a skill, but I'm not even sure I can manage to do it with skill formulas. This spell, let's call it "Arcane Shock", deals damage depending on specific states ("Arcane Stain")...
  4. Changing inflicted state on a skill, based on weapon element?

    Hello! Im making a Elemental Gauntlet type weapon that grants the skill "Gauntlet Blast". I'm trying to get it so that this one skill inflicts different states based on the weapons element. For example... My Fire Gauntlet when casting "Gauntlet Blast" has a 30% chance to "Burn" But my Ice...
  5. thecount777

    How do I apply States to Skills and Weapons?

    Hello. I have spent the last few hours googling how to apply states to skills and weapons and have only found videos on how to create custom states using custom formula - not what I'm looking for. Specifically I want to apply the states that preexist (ex; poison, blind, etc.) to a skill or...
  6. jaypee

    Attack Variance bug?

    Hi guys currently doing some damage database work and one of skills I have for setup is the normal attacks currently have 4 types of them apower - (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 ) , add state attack 130%,  variance 20% bpower - (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 ) , add state attack 145%,  variance 20%...

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