state damage

  1. State Effects : "-5 hp" instead of "-10% hp"

    Heyas. Just as the title says, is there any way to do a flat number instead of percentages for a state effect? I have no idea if I can do this via the program or if there's a plugin that may work? Any help is appreciated, thank you! :]
  2. Request: State Stacking and Custom State Damage!

    I'm looking for a script or solution for creating states that can be applied multiple times on the same target! The ability to decide the maximum number of stacks for each individual state would be appreciated! In short: I'm looking for this...
  3. The A-ster

    Possible to make this state?

    Hey, I am working on my game and in it, I have a skill called "Mirror Maze." I also have one called "Reflect" and what that does is send any attack back to the enemy. However, Mirror Maze basically drops mirrors all around the enemy, causing them to hurt themselves anytime they attack. However...
  4. dinhbat3

    When does slip/state damage occur in battle?

    I am currently using Yanfly's Battle Engine WITH Saba Kan's Ao no Kiseki, and have noticed an oddity about damage application and pop ups when a state that drains hp/mp is applied to an actor... The damage is displayed at the start of an actors turn, but isn't applied til the end. For a play by...

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