state effect

  1. Lunyc

    Can you play an SE at the end of a state effect?

    I have a skill that applies a state effect that lasts for 3 turns and I'd like to play a sound effect when the state wears off, so that the player is warned that the effect ended. Any ideas?
  2. Devildimos

    [RPG VXA] Patch for Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3

    Hello everyone. After some weeks of trying to figure out how to add a switch to pause state count and cooldown count for Pearl ABS. I tried several edits on my own but I guess simply placing a "if switch" did not do the trick. I am using Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 and Bug Fixes for Falcao's...
  3. ddblue

    How would I make players start battle with a buff that automatically stacks as time goes on?

    Hi everyone! I'd say my RPG Maker MV skill level is intermediate. Here is what I'd like to accomplish for my battles - I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction? I'd like all members of the party to automatically start with 1 stack of an "Adrenaline" buff. This Adrenaline buff...
  4. Mat based def buff

    Hello everyone. I've been trying for several days now to create a 'Frozen Armor' skill for my game, but with no success. I want the state set by the skill to buff the user's def based on a percentage of their mat. I am using the majority of the Yanfly Engine Plugins and have tried to use...
  5. Midnight Kitty

    Special State

    How would I go about adding a state that would not be healed by the recover all command and need something specific to remove it. Like Curse for example. I don't want it to be removed simply by going to an Inn
  6. thecount777

    How do I apply States to Skills and Weapons?

    Hello. I have spent the last few hours googling how to apply states to skills and weapons and have only found videos on how to create custom states using custom formula - not what I'm looking for. Specifically I want to apply the states that preexist (ex; poison, blind, etc.) to a skill or...
  7. Kloqdq

    Applying Character State on Death

    Hello everyone! Today I was working on my project and I came up with an idea for a character. Basically, when the character is killed in battle, I want to have them instead of dying, entering a state that keeps them alive but just weaken. I have the state but I'm not sure how to apply it to...
  8. S.Court

    Serene grace-like state

    Hello, I have a doubt Well, I want to make a passive state (using Yanfly's script for that) to make a state like Serene grace for Pokemon, in case you don't know what I'm talking about, basically it works like this: it doubles the chance of adding a state with an attack (for example, if an...

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