state icons

  1. Yanntastisch

    Stacking States doesn't change Icons as intended

    I have a problem with a script called Stacking States made by Neon Black. It's main function works fine, it multiplies the effect of a state when it is applied more than once. But it is also supposed to change a state's icon every time it's stacked, but it doesn't work. I wrote the right tags...
  2. zerobeat032

    SumRndmDde Hud Maker Javascript Evals

    so I'm currently using SumRndmDde's hud maker in battle and was wondering a couple of things... 1. is it possible to highlight/show which actor is active? I feel I'm really close to figuring that one out.. but I don't know the Javascript Eval that would let my pictures act as a condition to...
  3. ChrAndGow

    ChrAndGow's Hall of Ressources Reworked Icons

    Hello Rpg Makers. 24.04.2017 After a break i decided to get rid of the black outlines on the Iconset and reworked eveything, additionaly i added some weapon skill and guard icons. I welcome you to my ressource thread where I upload my ressources that I made so far. I am working on everything at...
  4. State Icons Draw Location (with Yanfly Engine)

    Greetings! I need the help of experience scripters to solve a (simple I think) problem. I am using the famous Yanfly's Ace Engine (Script here) for a freeware fun project. Anyway, I want to make a small change at Battle Hud, and more specifically to the way that State Icons (Buffs / Debuffs)...
  5. AceOfAces_Mod

    Limiting the number of shown state icons with Modern Algebra's State Icon Scroll

    I want to show only one state using Modern Algebra's State Icon Scroll (which will also cycle between them), but I can't find the area to adjust that. I tried to edit def draw_actor_icons and it did not work. Where do I adjust that? NOTE: It must not break the compatibility with Yanfly's Buff...
  6. C.W. Plainview

    Need help editing a small part of Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine

    Script: I'm looking to disable the state icon displays under enemy names when they are inflicted with a status ailment/buff. The reason is because I'm using a script that displays state icons over the enemy, and so the...

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