1. Elhijei

    RMMV State that heals upon recieving damage

    Heyo! :) I'm facing a little issue which I feel should be simple, but has had me stuck for the past few hours... Using Yanfly's Buffs & States Core and their Thornmail trick I thought about making a Guard command that heals x% the user's HP when getting hit. Everything works until the healing...
  2. Desperado

    Is it Possible to make Skill Scope Target Units with a Certain State?

    Hey All, Looking for a way to alter the scope of a skill to check for enemies/actors with a certain state? I've gotten really close to what I want, but I need a way to check for this before the skill occurs. Through web searching I found a way to do it after the skill has been executed through...
  3. DoubleX_RMMZ_Permanent_States

    Purpose Lets you set some states to persist after the battler's dead and revived Introduction * 1. The default RMMZ states are all gone when the battler's dead * 2. This plugin lets you set some states to persist after the battler's * dead and revived afterwards Video...
  4. Kes

    Actor auto-damages self

    I am trying to set up a state which immobilises the actor (easy) reduces stats (easy) and also causes the actor on each turn to inflict damage on themself for 3 turns - which is where I come unstuck. Anyone have any idea how I might achieve this? Thanks.
  5. shizuruteru

    How do I make a better Counter Skill?

    I am aware that there is already a counter-attack option, but whenever I use the existing counter-attack it isn't the type of counter I want. What I want is a sort of shield skill where the actor with the state takes less damage and some of the damage gets reflected back at the attacker. EX)...
  6. kartacha

    Attacking a battler with a state to inflict state

    Posting this in a separate thread as I remember this was the prefered way back in the day (not sure if things are different now) How can I make it so that when a party member attacks an enemy with a certain state (or vise versa) to have a chance to get a certain state or another effect...
  7. kartacha

    State removed after certain number of hits

    Is there an easy way to make a State that is removed after a certain amount of hits? My main idea behind it is to create a shield that fully absorbs N number of hits. I cannot really do it with turns or damage as the idea is for the damage itself to be nullified.
  8. DoubleX RMMZ State Triggers

    Purpose Lets you run some codes set by your notetags on some important state timings Introduction * 1. This plugin lets you use notetags to set what happens when a state's * added/removed/expired/turn's updated/turn's reset on the battler * involved * 2. You're expected to...
  9. Skill that can only affects characters with certain state

    Hey all, This is my first time posting in the forums so be sure to move this if it's in the wrong place. Still collecting my bearings. Basically, I want to make a skill that instantly kills all enemies that have a specific state. One example in a game I can point to is Persona 4: there's a...
  10. kyonides

    KDefenseDown XP

    KDefenseDown XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Did you ever want to know how does it feel like to get truly weaken by a foe? :confused: Now you can! :LZYshock: Just let my script help you create a state that will reduce your PDEF or MDEF by some points every turn till the state wears...
  11. bonanzaa

    [RMMV] Potion/Elixir effect help

    Hello there. Am trying to implement potion/elixir system in the game, which does exactly what it needs to - various potions grant various effects. Though I've encountered a problem - let's say player can buy a very strong potion that grants them +1000 HP (a lot). Well now, player can just keep...
  12. kyonides

    KRiskPoints XP

    KRiskPoints XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This is a quite simple scriptlet that lets you create a state that randomly changes your hero's life or mana points every turn till it wears off. Nope, Aluxes, it won't revive you if a ghost or a lizard has killed you already! :aswt...
  13. State resistance based on number of turns or effect magnitude instead of chance

    In the default RMVXA and RMMV(I don't know if it's the same for the others as well), the state resistance's in the form of decreasing the chance to inflict a state, but without any other change if the state's still inflicted. I personally feel that it can be excessively and unnecessarily random...
  14. thecursedcometh

    Yanfly Passive States and Equip Battle Skills: How to disable passive skills when not equipped?

    I'm using both Yanfly's Passive States and Equip Skills. Unfortunately, I've run into an issue where passive state added by skills are applied regardless of whether or not they're equipped. Is there any way to fix this? For example: I have a skill called Fire Enhancer that increases Fire damage...
  15. thecursedcometh

    Actor begins the battle with a state?

    As the title says. Looking for a plugin that will cause an actor to gain a state as soon as any battle starts. It'll be removed after battle, but I need them to regain the state as soon as a battle starts. Very important: This effect cannot start from the beginning of the game. It needs to be...
  16. Devildimos

    [PRG VXA] How to add a switch to a script function?

    Hello Everyone! I am a big failure when it come to scripts. I might be able to adjust a few lines here and there. But this seems to be too complex too me. :s I want to add a switch to the slip damage function to turn it true or false for the damage, regain, state counter to trigger. If the...
  17. Trigger state regen calls out of battle + alter its step count?

    Hello fellow RPG-Makers, I am trying to preserve the states when exiting the battle and potentially let them expire when I am out of battle (walking around in the world) and finally - if not expired - have them in the next battle. To be more precise, I want them to lose one of its remaining...
  18. Vis_Mage

    Yanfly Auto Passive State - Several States Help

    Hello! Would anyone be able to help me out with creating a handful of passive state tags (using Yanflys Auto Passive States plugin). I'm hoping to create passive states that can do the following: 1. Recovers the owner's HP by 5% each time...
  19. ScorchedGround

    Check if an enemy can act

    My problem is a short one. I want to check whether or not an enemy can act or not during the battle. There is one part of the battle where I force an enemy (force action) to perform a slew of consecutive actions. However, the enemy should only do this action when he can (i.e. is not hindered by...
  20. tale

    kotonoha* - Critical Animation, Actor State Color

    CriticalAnimation - 2016/03/10 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Animation plays when a critical hit happens Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter Animation ID plays when a critical hit occurs. Note: applies to all critical attacks, including from enemies. Preview Credit...

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