1. GenericFantasyDev

    Passive help ;-;

    So below are some passive abilities i need help with cause im still confused with lunatic mode and the ones i made dont work. (I have all YEP plugins btw). All help would be greatly appreciated also credit will be given in game
  2. Dynameou

    RMMZ Making Thornmail Plugin work in RPGMMZ?

    I've been trying to get Yanfly's thornmail plugin to work with MZ but no luck. I have the other required plugins such as the buffsandstatescore along with the auto passive states core. I have been using the FOSSIL command; oldCommand('<Passive State: 44>') in the noteboxes, (thornmail effect...
  3. Antilurker77

    RMMZ Adding More State Icons to Battle Screen and Visustella

    I'm trying to get the battle status window to display more states at once, rather than having them cycle through one-by-one. Visustella doesn't seem to be interested in adding this, so I tried writing my own mini-plugin for this functionality. I'm totally stuck, however. I can't figure out how...
  4. kyonides

    KDamage ACE States Edition

    KDamage ACE States Edition by Kyonides Introduction A forumer once asked for a script (or anything else) that could allow the heroes to lose a state ONLY if it had been predefined by game developer to do that. The default option of relying on the Damage Chance did not satisfy the game's...
  5. Can a state give an ATK bonus based off of the user's current HP?

    Hi There! I apologize if this isn't in the right group, I didn't really understand where to put it. I am using lots of Yanfly plugins, and RPG Maker MV. I'm looking to create a state which gives an ATK bonus, but that bonus amount depends on the HP of the user when they first receive the...
  6. Patroso

    Is it possible to do something like this (skill/state resist)

    Skill Last Word: At 25% HP, he makes a charge that inflicts 100% of the maximum health of all targets except those on which the Guard effect is applied. I made it so that an ordinary guard has something like this: It gives me immunity to .Last Word it's this skill At 25% HP, he makes a charge...
  7. PachucoCadaver

    Script call for "enemy transform" and "change enemy state" within battle?

    Hi! I'm trying to create a system within my game that requires some uses of "enemy transform" and "change enemy state". It would save me so much time if a could do this with a script call and substitute the enemy number with the value of a variable ($game_variables[n]), so i don't have to...
  8. Trying to make a state that only affects one actor at a time

    Howdy! So I’ve got a weird conundrum. I’m developing a game in RPG Maker MV about dinosaurs where you collect them and use them in battle. I’ve been tinkering away at a game mechanic I’m calling “The Sigma System”. You can modify your dino’s behavior with a command, this is using the skill type...
  9. Grumphlu

    RMMV Trying to apply a state if ennemies are affected by another one (AOE)

    Hi ! I'm using Yanfly's plugin and i am struggling with a skill. I have a state "Water" and a state "Freeze". Let's say that i apply "Water" to all ennemis with a Surf Now, with my skill "Blizzard" i want to freeze my ennemies affected by "Water". But, when i do it, it will not apply it...
  10. casteco

    RMMV Making an item that recovers both HP and MP if actor is inflicted with a certain state.

    The goal: If actor has state [NICOTINE ADDICTION] then using the MP recovery item [CIGARETTE] will additionally recover HP along with MP. The formula I'm using for the item is: [b.isStateAffected(190) ? b.gainHp(5) : 5] The battlelog shows "5 HP recovered | 5 MP recovered" yet doesn't seem to...
  11. SoftCloud

    Self-Damaging State

    Desire: create a “burn” state. If the afflicted actor or enemy attacks or uses a skill they suffer slip damage. Is this possible through conventional means or would a plugin be necessary?
  12. hoboayoyo

    Have a state that selections action but target is random.

    Is there a way to have a state force an actor to randomly target an enemy with the players selected skill? This is different from confusion when on your turn you do not have control of your actor. Ex. You can select your skill like normal, but if it's a single target attack the target will be...
  13. casteco

    How can I increase the chance of inflicting a STATE based on the target's HP being at certain thresholds?

    Ex. At <=50% health, chance to inflict state becomes 90%. At =100% health, chance to inflict state becomes 10%. This same condition will be applied to most moves. If no simpler method is currently widespread then I guess I can create seperate states for each of these thresholds and apply them...
  14. kyonides

    KDelayState VX

    KDelayState VX by Kyonides Introduction Have you ever wished that anybody could secretly infect a foe with a state that takes some time to clearly manifest its symptoms on a given hero or mobster? Guess what, guys? Now you can do it! :D NOTE: Basic attacks, Skills and even Items may do the...
  15. kyonides

    KDelayState XP

    KDelayState XP by Kyonides Introduction Have you ever wished that anybody could secretly infect a foe with a state that takes some time to clearly manifest its symptoms on a given hero or mobster? Guess what, guys? Now you can do it! :D NOTE: Basic attacks, Skills and even Items may do the...
  16. MeowCatMeow

    How do I make two states that interact with each other and with nothing?

    Let me start by saying sorry. I am not good at getting what's in my brain out of my brain so this title was the best I could describe it. I have a two different states I call "flight" and "winged flight" which I want to be able to interact with each other and interact with any actor/enemy who...
  17. kyonides

    KSkillNeedState XP

    KSkillNeedState XP Version 0.4.0 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Aluxes alias Alex can't get things to work properly the first time so you better help him adquire a specific state to be able to cast his world famous anti-ghost skill Cross Cut. This scriptlet will make it possible! Adjust...
  18. kyonides

    KSkillNeedState VX

    KSkillNeedState VX Version 0.3.0 by Kyonides Introduction You know Ralph, he's an idiot so he needs some extra help like getting a specific state to be able to use one of his special techniques. This scriptlet will make it possible! :D _need state ID_ _not state ID_ _need state ID_not state...
  19. kyonides

    KSkillNeedState ACE

    KSkillNeedState ACE Version 0.3.0 by Kyonides Introduction Do you need to restrict the usage of a skill by forcing the hero to get a specific state first? Now you can do that! :D The only thing you need to do is leaving a very specific note in the skill's note box. _need state ID_ _not...
  20. RMMZ Changing actor image after a state end

    Hi, I'm using RPG Maker MZ and VisuStella's basic plugin pack. I made a code so, when the character uses the Skill "Transform in Phoenix", his menu photo (and battle), turns into a Phoenix. Afterwards, I created a skill that appears on him in that form, thus making him change to human form...

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