1. RoseRainblood

    Showing turn numbers on Actor states with Moghunter Battle HUD

    Hi all, This is an issue I've had for a few months since I've been using Moghunter's Battle HUD. The turn numbers on states don't show up for actors like they do for enemies with Yanfly's Buff/States Core. I've seen a couple of threads on here over the last few years where people had this...
  2. Ultra-Maximum

    I need help with states

    I want to make a state subtract 5 defense from an enemy instead of multiplying it by a percent. Thanks in advance.
  3. Immac

    Multiple Simultaneous States Animations (YEP Extension)

    Multiple Simultaneous States Animations v1.0 by Immac Introduction This is a plug&play plugin that allows Yanfly's Visual State Effects to display as many states with animations as you want/can. No longer you will be shackled to show only one state's animation. Features Plug & Play Requires...
  4. Xyonel


    how do i check for multiple states without flooding note space of a state? With my frozen state i'm checking if the battler have one of my other states, then removing it this is a template i made: <Custom Apply Effect> if (target.isStateAffected(2) === true){ target.removeState(2); } if...
  5. Gravemaster

    State Library Script Request

    Hi. This script is meant to be used in Broken Reality RPG ( for its newest upcoming update. Credits will be given properly of course. In-game, I try to provide the players with as much of the technical details as I can. One of the most problematic...
  6. How to make an "unbalance" or "stagger" mechanic in MV?

    I'm trying to make a skill where you parry the physical attack of an enemy, counter them and have the counter attack stagger them, making them lose a turn. How do I do it? Also, if possible, a deflect mechanic that bounces projectile attacks back to a random enemy.
  7. Kanetsugu21

    [Help] Fire Armor State

    Hey all, first post here. Please let me know if this post needs to be elsewhere, or there's info missing. Thanks! I'm trying to make a mage spell that applies a state on the user similar to the Fire Armor from World of Warcraft, making enemies who use melee attacks take fire damage upon hitting...
  8. Bleh

    Yanfly buff/state core counter questions

    Hello ! I'm trying to make a skill that hits harder every time you hit the same target, and decreases in power every turn you don't hit the target with the skill. So I was thinking it'd be easiest to use yanfly's buff&state core as I remembered it had a state counter fonctionality which would...
  9. Uzuki

    Style vs Information

    So I'm in a bit of a predicament here on a design decision I have to make involving on whether I make pleasingly stylish battle menu that just gives the player the basic information or the basic RM menu but with access to a lot more on-hand information. I'm using the amazing Olivia's State...
  10. State Rows

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to figure out a problem, I'm having with my states on a custom UI, which is that I need the states to move into a new row, after 8 fill up the first like in the image, so it would be like 1 to 8 on the first row, then 9-17 on the second. So this is where I come...
  11. HotAndColdAF

    Grouping traits or giving enemies inherent states

    Hello! I'm very new to RMMV, so apologies if there's an obvious solution to my problem, but I've been messing around in the Database and I keep coming close to what I need, but not quite there. So, I'm using elemental typing heavily in my game. As in all of my party members and every single...
  12. [RPGMMV]How to replace State via Skill?

    Okay, i got next problem: 1)I have Yanfly's Buffs & States Core and Battle Core; 2)I have States 14 and 15. How to make a skill that checks if there is a state 14 on the target? And if the target has this state, add state 15?
  13. goldrat1

    Enemy that builds up resistance to elements it is attacked with?

    Hey, RPGMV community, I'm currently trying to make an enemy that 'learns' from the player's used moves, and slowly builds up resistance to any enemies that it is attacked with up to certain point before it gets reset, e.g If a Fire-based skill is used against it, it increases its Fire Element...
  14. Help with fire shield state.

    Hello guys! First post here, Anyways I was trying to make a fire shield state that has a chance to add burn to attackers. In these forums I've found this code I'll include below that allows me to add burn to attackers, however I don't want it to happen every time. <Custom React Effect> //...
  15. KingKraken

    Yanfly Action Sequences and "cannot move" State Restrictions

    Hello all! After a bunch of messing around with Yanfly's action sequences in my project(and starting a new project), I noticed that when an actor has a state that gives them the "Cannot Move" restriction, as long as they are affected by that state, they no longer responded to movement commands...
  16. (YEP_BuffStatesCore)Custom Status Duration?

    Hello(again)! I ask help, like last time, with the BuffStatesCore Plugin by Yanfly. This time, i wanted to make so a State's Turn Duration was determined by one of the user's Parameters(in this case i'm using Agility). So, i used the plugin's tag "Custom State X Turn", that does the exact thing...
  17. Uzuki

    How to create a Regen/Poison status like the ones in Slay The Spire?

    Hey everyone! I want to create a Regen/Poison status effect like the one in Slay The Spire. The way it works in that game is that when you say inflict Poison on an enemy, the poison does damage depending on the number inflicted. So say you play a card that inflicts 5 Poison to an enemy. On their...
  18. Xyonel

    force death state with petrified and other

    Hey, I know the plugin made by tsukihime, it's not commercial unless I contact the author etc. I could do that but I'm more interested in making by myself with events if can. here's an example of my work, it works perfectly outside of battle but for some reason does not work when in-battle...
  19. Hisao Shou

    MOG Battle Hud - State Turns not displayed for the player

    Hello everyone, I'm currently facing an issue with MOG's Battle Hud not displaying state / buffs / debuffs turns for the player. More precisely, I'm using MOG's - Honey Bee - Battle HUD, and I'm also using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core if this is any help. I just need the turn timer to be...
  20. Tiifan

    Spread states icons on enemies, showing them all

    Hey everyone ! The actual displaying system for enemies states is kind of counterproductive for my game. The battle gameplay is based a lot on buffs/debuffs and the fact that on enemies it is displaying only one icon that update itself to change and show every states one by one isn't ideal...

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