1. cheef

    How does one use Common Events to add a state to a player that an enemy has landed a specific skill on?

    I'm trying to make an enemy skill trigger a Common Event that triggers a state change in the targeted (and hit) actor. I have YEP_BuffsStatesCore This seems like a very simple thing to do but searching the forums and the rest of the internet merely shows that it can be done, just not how. In...
  2. cheef

    RMMV How do I make common events affect DragonBones characters? Using KELYEP_Dragonbones and YEP_X_ActSeqPack1,2,3?

    Hello, I currently have very basic Dragonbones characters working for actors and enemies. (walk and skill but it's all I need for now) For the sake of visualization: Imagine an enemy that uses a skill to place a player in a black hole. This should disappear the character and skip the...
  3. Austrian

    How to make a passive state reduce an active state's duration?

    Hello, is there a way to reduce a state's turn if the target has a passive state active? For example, if the poison has a duration of 3 turns, can it be reduced to 2 turns if the target has a passive active? I'm using VisuStella's plugins if that helps.
  4. valerieplanets

    automatically add a state when actor has 20% hp or less?

    hey all, this might be simple but im not too sure how to do it ... is it possible to have a state automatically apply to an actor when they are in critical condition? i basically just need that to happen since i was planning on it being a core mechanic. thank you in advance !!!
  5. RMMV Yanfly Ai-Enemy attacks with more moves if a state is applied to them

    Hello, I want to make an enemy wizard that needs to chant before casting a spell. I want the chant to apply a state of chanting that makes that wizard take more damage/more vulnerable, but they can then cast a spell the next turn, then they lose the status effect. I'm using Yanfly's AI...
  6. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly Action sequence, States/buffs don't show in battle log / popup.

    Having an issue where adding a state or buff through a script does not have it appear in the battle log or a pop up on the character, though the state/ buff is applied properly. I tried turning off all extra plugins but that didn't appear to work. I also checked battle engine core to check that...
  7. RMMZ Hud Maker Ultra and MrTS_StatesEX, stacked statuses in the Hud

    I'm using Hud Maker Ultra and a plugin called MrTS_StatesEX, but I'm having trouble with StatesEX. It works otherwise flawlessly, but it cannot draw the number of stacked status effects, probably because HMU (as I understand) disables original hud. So the question is - Is it possible to use the...
  8. Celestrium

    RMMZ Persistent damage over time, applying elements

    I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make a state that applied damage from an element, like poison or bleed, each turn? I currently use the negative HP regeneration, but I would like to have multiple states like burn and frozen that would do different elements.
  9. Lord Vectra

    [XP] Help adding a custom command in-battle

    I've made a "Status Glossary" which lists all the states in my game that has a rating of 2 or greater. I then have Conditional Branches checking for the name of the index you're currently highlighting which then shows a description of that state in another window. I want this to be an option in...
  10. BlackRoseMii

    Annoying problem with applying states

    The title might sound simple, but it's actually a complicated problem (at least for me, but I'm dumb anyway.) So I apologize in advance if it's an annoying question. This is the situation: I want to make a skill where the enemy takes one turn to "charge up" and the next turn it will use one...
  11. valerieplanets

    state only lasting a couple seconds or an action?

    hi all :) i was wondering if it's possible to have a state last only one or two actions instead of turns? (or alternatively, a specific number of frames) this would be purely visual and wouldn't have any effect on gameplay, but id still love to have it work nonetheless. thanks for reading !!
  12. valerieplanets

    mp drain on death?

    basically im just looking to make your MP go to 0 on death, but there doesn't seem to be an option for that on the state traits menu. is there a way to go about doing this? thanks in advance
  13. RMMZ [SRD HUD Maker Ultra] Changing States Icons

    Hello! I’m trying to add dynamic state/buff icons what automatically change when an actor is affected with multiple states. Is there anyway I can do this within HUD Maker?
  14. hoboayoyo

    Script - Get element of active skill

    I'm updating the substitute function in rpg_manager and I only want the substitute to activate if a skill does damage (i.e if the element is not 0. Not for status skills like sleep and silence). How do I the active skills element? BattleManager.checkSubstitute = function(target) { return...
  15. Switch_User

    Custom State Help! State Rate questions (MV)

    Summary of thread: I was confused as to why applying a state that added a 999% chance to being poisoned didn't seem to be doing anything. What we learned: State Rates work as follows: Skill with 50% State Rate Poison at a Target with 100% State Rate Poison = 50% Poison chance. Skill with 50%...
  16. Idea for a "Human Shield" skill.

    Hi all, I'm trying to develop a skill that allows the user to act as a "human shield" for an ally, taking all their damage for them. This skill would function like this: - User (a) selects 1 ally (b) as a target. - This would add a state that causes all damage from enemies indented for b to be...
  17. IlTerrificatore

    RMMV [SOLVED] I need a free "States Overlay" plugin

    Hi comrades! :beard Here is the problem: i'd like to add some visual effects to the states in a game i am currently working on (things like on fire, freezed, and so on), but i don't find anything i can use! My first option was Yanfly Visual State Effects (this one...
  18. hoboayoyo

    States, how do I display them propperly and 'upgrade them' like in SMT/persona.

    I've got the main yanfly plugins and the buff and state core plugin. Is there a way to move the state icons that the player has? It only shows up to 2 and if there are two states it hides the end of the atb gauge. Or is it possible to rotate the states an actor has like for enemies? I also have...
  19. Dragon Brother

    Applying state despite no damage done?

    Greetings RPGmaker forumites, I was recently testing the new Non-Lethal Mechanics in one of My games and discovered Despite an attack not doing damage to a character, a Poison state was still being applied. Is there any way to prevent a state from being applied if no damage is done? I will...
  20. How to add states to monsters when hit by their weakness?

    Hey there I'm currently making a combat system for my RPG maker mz game but I have one question. How do you give enemies states when hit with the element they are weak to. I've looked for solutions but I can't find one. So please help. Also additional note I'm not good at java or anything...

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