1. States not working

    Sorry for inconvenience, i have solved this myself. -_- My states suddenly stopped working. I'm not sure what is going on. I have even tried deleting all of the added scripts related to states ( though the states worked b4). I haven't added any new scripts and I'm just not sure at all what to...
  2. KrimsonKatt

    Question about "Attack Element."

    So in my game there is a boss that has the ability to turn all battler's physical attacks thunder elemental, which he absorbs. This includes skills along with standard attacks. I currently have the skill target everyone and give them a "electrified" state which activates the trait "Attack...
  3. KrimsonKatt

    Issues making a boss?

    So in my game one of my bosses has a couple mechanics I've planned out that I can't figure out how to implement. Basically, at the beginning of the battle the boss (Likho) uses a skill called "Waking Dream" which inflicts a state that makes the battler inflicted become immune to all damage as...
  4. Lisa-style States visual display

    In Lisa the Painful, whenever a status effect is added or removed, there is a clear visual indicator (whether over the actor in the menu or over the enemy) How would I implement this in RPG Maker mv?
  5. SoftCloud

    Irradiation State

    Is it possible to have a state that affects nearby/all enemies/actors?
  6. Gen-kun

    How to make a character learn a skill if an enemy or all enemies has a specific state?

    Hello! I'm new in making an RPG game and I just wanna ask the question that is in the title. Basically, I have a tutorial battle for my first main character in my game where if he uses "stun" skill that I've made for him, it will cause a sort of stun state for an enemy. Then, if he gets all the...
  7. KrimsonKatt

    How to make skills have extra effects when the target is inflicted with a certain state

    Hello. So right now in my game I have certain skills that have special effects when used against certain enemies. The first example is undead enemies, which I've marked as such with a passive state using Yanfly's passive states plugin. I have two skills called "Smite" and "Purge" which are...
  8. TheDrifter

    How do you change the order/priority in which Buffs/Debuffs are displayed?

    The States tab of the editor has a box where you can enter the priority for displaying state icons. (If Poison has a priority of 30, Blind has a priority of 40, and Silence has a priority of 22, the state icons of an actor or enemy affected by all three states will be displayed as "Blind...
  9. atoms

    Element States Ideas?

    I was wondering what elemental state ideas people could come up with, as I'm trying to think of simple very basic ones for each element. If you're using any of them in your own games or you want to share either basic or complex examples to either help out or share your thoughts for discussion...
  10. SoftCloud

    State Remove Based on Low HP

    I have an enemy that transforms at the beginning of battle, and the idea is when the transformed enemy loses enough HP the enemy transforms back. Tried using means of troop conditions, but 'Transformed-Enemies' don't appear in any dropdown menus." Is there a way to achieve state removal through...
  11. States over time! --- Help ---

    The Story so far: I'm working on a game with an ATB Battle System and hit a dead end. I need to find a way to deal damage to a target over a certain amount of time unrelated to the number of the targets actions. What I want: A way to make states last for a period of time unrelated to the...
  12. Request: State Stacking and Custom State Damage!

    I'm looking for a script or solution for creating states that can be applied multiple times on the same target! The ability to decide the maximum number of stacks for each individual state would be appreciated! In short: I'm looking for this...
  13. MerlinCross

    Status and Informing the Player

    So I'm coming up with more off brand status effects(states) or at least more out there than the standard ones presented in base game. So this gives me a bit of a problem. How to inform the player about what they do. Oh I'm sure there's a plug in or event you could run but that's not the...
  14. PennGuino

    Trying to retain HP% when Max HP changes due to states added/removed

    I'm pretty new to RPG Maker MV (and this forum), so this may be a dumb question. I don't think it is, however, because I've done hours of research trying to find answers and figure this out, to no avail. Here's a rundown of my issue. Actor Alvin has a MHP of 20. State Super is applied to Alvin...
  15. Uzuki

    RMMZ [Visustella Skills & States Core] Help writing a couple of codes.

    Using Visustella Skills & States Core I want to do two things that I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out. So for one when a state is removed I want to add a formula that will damage the target that removed the state using this notetag: Then for another formula that adds another state...
  16. RoseRainblood

    Showing turn numbers on Actor states with Moghunter Battle HUD

    Hi all, This is an issue I've had for a few months since I've been using Moghunter's Battle HUD. The turn numbers on states don't show up for actors like they do for enemies with Yanfly's Buff/States Core. I've seen a couple of threads on here over the last few years where people had this...
  17. Ultra-Maximum

    I need help with states

    I want to make a state subtract 5 defense from an enemy instead of multiplying it by a percent. Thanks in advance.
  18. Immac

    Multiple Simultaneous States Animations (YEP Extension)

    Multiple Simultaneous States Animations v1.0 by Immac Introduction This is a plug&play plugin that allows Yanfly's Visual State Effects to display as many states with animations as you want/can. No longer you will be shackled to show only one state's animation. Features Plug & Play Requires...
  19. Xyonel


    how do i check for multiple states without flooding note space of a state? With my frozen state i'm checking if the battler have one of my other states, then removing it this is a template i made: <Custom Apply Effect> if (target.isStateAffected(2) === true){ target.removeState(2); } if...
  20. Gravemaster

    State Library Script Request

    Hi. This script is meant to be used in Broken Reality RPG (https://lord-rutsah.itch.io/broken-reality) for its newest upcoming update. Credits will be given properly of course. In-game, I try to provide the players with as much of the technical details as I can. One of the most problematic...

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