1. SolemnDream

    Why on Earth does the event command "Change State" not activate the state add/remove messages?

    Why on Earth do the event commands "Change State" and "Change Enemy State" not activate the messages I put in those states' settings pages ("Message when the state removes", etc.)? I created an event command in Troop Events that gives an inflicted state a 20% chance of being removed on each...
  2. SolemnDream

    Chance of state auto-removal on each turn

    Hiya! I'm trying to create a state that has a 20% chance of auto-removing itself on each turn. One of the things I've tried was making a "State phase 1" and "State phase 2" system to do this, but I just can't figure it out. I don't know if that would work anyway. Another thing I tried was--...
  3. SolemnDream

    Starting a battle with all party and enemies having a state

    Hiya. I need a way to start battles with everybody-- both party and enemies-- in certain states. The states may be removed or changed during battle, but once the next battle begins, the states must be back again. I want to do this without a script if possible. Thanks!
  4. Servidion

    Help with stacking states.

    Alright here's my idea. Don't know if I need a script or if I can just do this with variables or what, but here come some examples! Using states as a resource for using abilities like TP and MP. -Guardian uses Taunt ability that activates 100 stacks of a THREAT state on himself. Certain...

    Making skills do more/less damage depending on states the target has?

    How can I make a skill/anything that can inflict damage do more/less/no damage depending what State(s) the target Preferably without Events, Using Yanfly's Buff & States Core Lunatic Mode I have no skill in JavaScripting (Yes I did search but I didn't find anything, could have been the...
  6. Bahamut20

    Apply a State when a Critical Hit connects?

    Hello! I've been scratching my head over this but I can't find an answer. Maybe you can help? I want a certain state (actually one of many states at random) to be applied to the target upon a critical hit (sort of an extra effect rather than just multiplying damage). Similarly, I would...
  7. State Duration Rates

    State Duration Rates by lilyWhite While VX Ace allows you to modify individual characters' chance of being afflicted by states, there is no way by default to allow modifiers on how long a state lasts. This script allows you to use element rates as modifiers on the duration of states. This...
  8. Morpheus

    Question regarding Spells/States

    Hello, everyone. I was wondering if it was possible to check if a state is active on an Ally and then not let the spell affect them if they have the state?  I made a character have a spell that gives a state that increases the Allies MHP by 10% for the entire battle. To make it so the...
  9. AlohaJo

    Help with Reapplying A Chance of a State

    Here's the scenario: I'm creating a Bard class, who has abilities called "Songs". These abilities provide buffs, debuffs and states, generally over several turns. Once the bard character starts a song, they must finish it: the bard places a "Perform" state on themselves which prohibits...
  10. Silent Darkness

    State: Force party member to not use a weapon

    I'm looking to create a state that forces the target to unequip their weapon if applicable. I can't really see how to force this, though.  Any ideas? (I am using Yanfly scripts, but I can't really see anything here that'd help me pull this off in there, either.)
  11. Mahoken

    Creating a skill off STACKING states?

    How can I make a skill that has a stacking state mechanic?  Right now, I'm trying to make a skill that adds 2 stacks of this Venom state. 1 stack of Venom deals a flat damage amount each turn, and each stack deals a little more damage per turn. Autos deal 1 stack of Venom. Max stacks is 6...
  12. Zael

    RPG Maker MV Tutorial - Breath of Fire III's Examine

    I wanted to perfect Rellik's (a character from my game) acquisition of Enemy Skills, so I worked at it until I figured out how to replicate the Examine Skill from Breath of Fire III. I attached a Scan effect from Yanfly's Tips and Tricks to the Skill, so Rellik can gauge their weaknesses and...
  13. Altering states of the attacker

    Guys and Gals! My google-fu came up empty. I found it on RPG Maker VX, but not for MV. Sorry if it's too stupid! I am trying to create some sort of cover mechanic, via the usage of the guard action. It grants you a state (In Cover) that augments your evasion rate by a whooping 75%. My plan...
  14. nazgul

    Yami's Classical ATB, Charge Skill State

    Scripts I am asking for help with sorry there is a lot and they seem related to the issue. Yamis Classical ATB also his amazing battle engine symphony...
  15. lokirafael

    Yanfly Buff&StateManager Lunatics/DMG

    Hello, I'm trying to archieve some effects using Yanfly lunatics, but some is really hard to figure out (since I barely understand javascript). 1 - Using Buff&StateManager to create a State called: Mark of the Offering. Ex: User put a mark in one target. If the target die while under...
  16. RPG Maker XP Force Action Cures States Early

    Hey, everyone, this is my first time posting on the forum, so if I make a mistake I apologize.  I am using RPG Maker XP, and I use force actions with a few abilities (such as a geomancy type skill that produces effects based on the location).  Essentially, the character will activate the skill...
  17. Korokage

    State set to Remove by Walking won't go away

    I don't think there was another topic with this particular problem. If there was, I apologize for my weak google-fu. So, I'm trying to implement a skill that makes the user invisible while on the map (well... they're opacity is reduced by half, but it's good enough for what I intend). I set...
  18. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    balancing passive states

    hi everyone, first off i'm not sure if this is the right board for this but anyways i've just started using yanfly's passive traits plugin and well this is something i was thinking for all dragon types... but i was thinking if i should balance it a little more or if this is perfectly...
  19. Moo :D

    State Immediately Trigger Common Event

    Hi Community! : D Is there anyway to trigger a common event from a state immediately? I'm thinking this might require a script but maybe there is another way? Waiting till the end of the turn for a battle event check is too long, I need the state to trigger the common event as soon as its...

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