1. goldrat1

    Enemy that builds up resistance to elements it is attacked with?

    Hey, RPGMV community, I'm currently trying to make an enemy that 'learns' from the player's used moves, and slowly builds up resistance to any enemies that it is attacked with up to certain point before it gets reset, e.g If a Fire-based skill is used against it, it increases its Fire Element...
  2. BlueCheezus

    Help with fire shield state.

    Hello guys! First post here, Anyways I was trying to make a fire shield state that has a chance to add burn to attackers. In these forums I've found this code I'll include below that allows me to add burn to attackers, however I don't want it to happen every time. <Custom React Effect> //...
  3. KingKraken

    Yanfly Action Sequences and "cannot move" State Restrictions

    Hello all! After a bunch of messing around with Yanfly's action sequences in my project(and starting a new project), I noticed that when an actor has a state that gives them the "Cannot Move" restriction, as long as they are affected by that state, they no longer responded to movement commands...
  4. kyonides

    KReaper XP

    KReaper XP v1.2.1 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This scriptlet of mine should let you do a few things you might already do via common events, switches and variables, namely killing your heroes or foes with a hidden timer! :o Yes, you can use skills! I would suggest the following names...
  5. (YEP_BuffStatesCore)Custom Status Duration?

    Hello(again)! I ask help, like last time, with the BuffStatesCore Plugin by Yanfly. This time, i wanted to make so a State's Turn Duration was determined by one of the user's Parameters(in this case i'm using Agility). So, i used the plugin's tag "Custom State X Turn", that does the exact thing...
  6. Uzuki

    How to create a Regen/Poison status like the ones in Slay The Spire?

    Hey everyone! I want to create a Regen/Poison status effect like the one in Slay The Spire. The way it works in that game is that when you say inflict Poison on an enemy, the poison does damage depending on the number inflicted. So say you play a card that inflicts 5 Poison to an enemy. On their...
  7. Xyonel

    force death state with petrified and other

    Hey, I know the plugin made by tsukihime, it's not commercial unless I contact the author etc. I could do that but I'm more interested in making by myself with events if can. here's an example of my work, it works perfectly outside of battle but for some reason does not work when in-battle...
  8. Hisao Shou

    MOG Battle Hud - State Turns not displayed for the player

    Hello everyone, I'm currently facing an issue with MOG's Battle Hud not displaying state / buffs / debuffs turns for the player. More precisely, I'm using MOG's - Honey Bee - Battle HUD, and I'm also using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core if this is any help. I just need the turn timer to be...
  9. Tiifan

    Spread states icons on enemies, showing them all

    Hey everyone ! The actual displaying system for enemies states is kind of counterproductive for my game. The battle gameplay is based a lot on buffs/debuffs and the fact that on enemies it is displaying only one icon that update itself to change and show every states one by one isn't ideal...
  10. Captain_Joshua

    Bide type skill activating multiple times/too early?

    I am trying to create a skill resembling the pokemon Bide skill, in which the user takes damage for 3 turns before doing the damage they took times three to their target. The skill applies a special state to the user in which they cannot move/attack/do anything. After three turns they´re...
  11. Solr

    Question about states

    Suppose I have two states applied to an actor and both states were applied on the same turn, but one was applied before the other. The first state lowers the actor's magic parameter by 10% (Makes it 90%) and the second state lowers the actor's magic parameter by 40% (Makes it 60%). The actor's...
  12. Recreate "Battlefield Abilities"

    Hi guys So I was wondering if there is any way to create abilities that affect everyone on the battlefield in the same way some pokemon abilities work. If you are not familiar to them, there are some abilities that create an effect on the battlefield that affects all active battlers (even if...
  13. Yanfly's Lunatic States help

    Hi, so I'm using Yanfly's Lunatic States for VX Ace, found here. My goal is to create the state Flames, such that when the main character attacks an enemy who has Flames the main character is inflicted with a seperate...
  14. Help Please: Trying to Design a Dance Mechanic

    Hi there, I've been dabbling with RM for a long time, but never really sat down with it until just recently when I decided to begin designing a project that took place in a universe I've been building for a time through several mediums (board games, stories, art, etc.). While designing some of...
  15. Hahasea

    Tell me about parameters

    Beginner question friends. I've started work on a battle system, and I'm quite confused about params, especially in the context of states. When you set a param to a state, does that state affect the actor/enemy that uses the skill containing the state, or the one they use it against? For...
  16. Omega Weapon

    Updating States without exiting the main menu

    In my game I sometimes update states through common events and variables using some plugins. Is it possible to update the state display in the main menu without having to exit and reopen it? Say from the equip menu to main. I'm using Galv's Magic Shards and Victor Sant's Passive States, along...
  17. PhxFire

    Looking for a thread I found a while back

    There was a thread on here by someone who created a ton of different states and I can't seem to find it, does anyone know the name of the thread or who created it? Or something similar thats just dedicated to states. Thanks!
  18. Gabenslair

    States that alter Enemy skill effects entirely

    Is there a plugin that has a characters state alter specific skills applied to them? I know Yanfly's auto passive state plugin with lunatic scripting can help me change some skill effects in general terms (healing items do damage, any offensive attack makes target gain health, ect.), but as far...
  19. captainproton

    (Yanfly) State Effecting Opacity

    Okay, so, working with the Yanfly suite of plugins, and taking some cues from their tutorial on doing the FF Dragoon-style Jump attack (or, Pokemon-style Fly attack), I managed to work out how to create a Blur/Hide/Stealth skill/state which actually changes the sprite's opacity. This is what I...
  20. Common Event Help, Please...

    Hello everyone. I had this project where I'd set up an Intoxication system. In it, using RPG Maker MV, I had an item that had a chance to apply an intoxication state. Once that state was applied to the actor (actor 1), using a common event, it would make it to where they couldn't "walk...

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