1. Common Event Help, Please...

    Hello everyone. I had this project where I'd set up an Intoxication system. In it, using RPG Maker MV, I had an item that had a chance to apply an intoxication state. Once that state was applied to the actor (actor 1), using a common event, it would make it to where they couldn't "walk...
  2. atoms

    Bypass 100% Remove by damage states (I.e. Sleep) taken off upon hit.

    I hope this isn't a very complex request, but basically a plugin where if a state that usually gets taken off upon it, let's say a 100% Remove by Damage Sleep State usually gets taken off, well certain skills will bypass it and won't remove the state. The only condition is, I'd like the Plugin...
  3. atoms

    Help creating a skill with the following... (bypass Sleep state, more damage states)

    I would like to create specific skill with RPG Maker MV, but am not sure how to achieve it. I am also using Yanfly Plugins if that makes it easier. Skill name is Deathly Dagger. I'd like the skill to do the following: 1. If the enemy is sleeping and normally wakes up upon being hit, with this...
  4. atoms

    How do you handle Poison/Burn/Bleed states when applying them to both enemies and bosses?

    I'm just curious what other people do, since if we go by the basic formula in MV, I think it is Posion is -10% HP per Turn, and I find that's waaay too much on bosses for the same Posion skill that you use on the enemies. What I'm testing out lately is have four levels for each state. For...
  5. Arctorius

    How to make conditional status effects/ailments

    Thanks for checking this thread! Like the title says, Is there a way to add conditions to the status effects a character or enemy can acquire? What I'm trying to make is, for example, you have a skill that applies "Poisoned", but if the target already has the "Poisoned" state it instead applies...
  6. Flat Stat Changes on States

    I know that YEP Core and a few other YEP plugins (auto-passive states, maybe) can allow you to add flat bonuses to weapons, armor and items. For my game, I use really low number values (all stats are under 20, one point in a stat = one max mp change) so percentage changes are not a good idea for...
  7. RTK_1_Core/EnJa States Compatibility

    I am working with the following plugins Core: EnJa: I'm looking for a way to modify the Core Plugin so that the EnJa Plugin is able to identify localized terms for...
  8. Poisoned weapons

    First of all, let me get this straight: 1. I'm a COMPLETE beginner. I just understand how basic eventing works. I do NOT know how to script. 2. I'm also new to these forums, hence I do not know where to post this question. Now for my question: I've been messing around with MV for a few days. As...
  9. ForestLogic

    Ideas for state that makes characters move every other turn. Battle event? Or plugin?

    I'm looking to create a state that makes it so a character cannot act every other turn in battle. So far, I haven't had much luck via plugins. However, I'm fairly confident I could pull it off using battle events. However, that said, I don't want to have to apply the battle event to every single...
  10. View description of enemy states in battle

    I am working on a game that will involve a lot of complicated states, on both the enemies and the player. What I would like is some way of informing the player of what these various states do during a battle. For example, imagine a boss applies a state to themselves called "impending doom" that...
  11. Stackable States

    Short: Stacking states causes those states' effects to increase in potency, and in turn, this requires healing abilities to remove certain amounts of stacks rather than entire stacks at once. Long: This plugin would bring a simplified and straightforward method of incorporating stackable...
  12. Lonewulf123

    Stacking States and Increased Damage

    Hello, I'm trying to create a stacking state which increases the overall damage output of the users attacks. Basically, when the state is applied, damage increase by .25. When the skill is cast again, the state counter goes from 1 to 2, and then damage is increased again from 1.25 to 1.50...
  13. ButtAlien

    Interrelated parameters

    I would like to be able to connect main parameters with each other. For example, I would to be able to have a character's Magic Attack parameter be increased by a percentage of their Defense parameter. The hope is to encourage players to not just choose magic attack boosting items for their...
  14. Need help with states

    So I want to know if it's possible to have so when you have a state and gets hit by an attack it changes state. Example from KO to Dead? And if someone has the dead state they will leave the team.
  15. Kenexsis

    Looking for help with State idea. Comparing stats every turn.

    Hello. This is my first time posting to the boards. Until now I have gotten by with just searching things. However I have an idea, and I'm not sure how to make it happen. I have a skill named constrict, and a state name constricted. The skill compares the ATK of the user and target in the damage...
  16. Using Custom State Notetags

    I'm working on a map at the moment where I'd like to have a leader event that when battled has a passive state that increases various parameters based on the number of other enemy events that are active on the map. ie. 5 enemies on map 40% stat boost 4 enemies on map 30% stat boost and so...
  17. Need a formula for Checking states.

    I have tried using "if (b.states.size > 0) {a.atk * 8 - b.def * 2} else {a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2}" but this does not work, I cannot seem to get b.states.size to work for any formula. This particular formula is at least producing damage but is not increasing the damage when they are afflicted by a...
  18. Sednaiur

    A state nullifying other states?

    Hello again. Since a very long time I thought of a state, that -as long as it is active- negates the effects of certain other states without removing them, meaning that the other states remain on the target effectless but still count down etc. An example: -The target has the states "barrier"...
  19. Sednaiur

    How to do one shot states?

    I like to have a state that, for increased MP-cost, raises the damage output for any direct dealt magical damage by 50%, but removing itself after a successful use of a fitting skill. The increased MP-cost part is trivial, so that is not the problem. Now, I have put these two custom effects one...
  20. SoftCloud

    State After Revival

    So, basically, I want to cause an actor to receive a 'disoriented' state after they are revived either by item or by battle's end. I know I can induce the disoriented state through revival items, but I'm not sure how to go about this after the end of a battle if knockout doesn't persist. Any...

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