1. Yugo_Salkins

    Fixing Stat overlap in Actor Window during combat

    Hello, I am having trouble with my game in regards of stats during combat. The notice that the MP and TP bars are overlapping the HP bar. I was wondering which script I would need to look at to fix this problem. My game is currently using the Yanfly Ace Core and the Yanfly Battle Engine so I...
  2. MarxMayhem

    [MV][Help] Increase/Decrease Stats Based on Stacked States

    Yo. First post and I really didn't want a help thread to be it but I'm working on my own game and I have failed to get an answer from searching the forums. orz Anyway, I would like to assign states to increase/decrease parameters by certain amounts, then increasing those amounts by the number...
  3. Brancliff

    Trouble with Yanfly's Class Base Parameters

    From searching on the rest of the forums, I've found another post which lets you set an actor's parameter to a specific number. Handy, since it seems you can only add or subtract parameters using the engines that the event editor gives to you. So I set Actor 1's MATK to 20. But it turns out...
  4. GreyWolfVino

    Stat Training/Allocation

    Hey fellow game makers, so I’m currently using Yanfly’s Stat Allocation Plugin to implement a Stat Training System in my game. The problem I can across is the actors/characters stats would grow upon level up by default and they would receive SP (the currency used to Stat Train), and be able to...
  5. Xyonel

    permanent stat allocation script??

    Hi there, I use yep stat allocation, it works well but... "Why the holy sanctuary" there isn't the permanent allocation function? it can be worked around but, some suggestion how to better handle that? Thanks mates.
  6. Creative Ed

    Balanced Stat Generator

    When working on large scale games with lots of characters/enemies it can be hard to keep things balanced when coming up with their stats, that's why I decided to create this tool. Balanced Stat Generator at Balanced Stat Generator is a tool that alows developers to generate stats...
  7. tale

    maru 12 scripts (compilation)

    Animate state Display state icons based on order. (frame by frame) Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script __________ Actor stats window Changes the actor window display with stats when using items and skills. Preview Script __________ Map name window Creates...
  8. MRD256

    Replacement for MAT & MDF

    I'm trying to make a realistic-style game without Magic (in RPG Maker MV) I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could replace MAT & MDF with (in other words, what to rename them to and what else to use them for). I wanted to try an omit them from the project, but it's hard since...
  9. Stephasocks

    Hide item stats in menu

    Hey guys, I'm new to this stuff so sorry if I'm missing some basics here! I want to try hide the stats I've highlighted in my second screenshot because they're not relevant to the game. I have the yanfly main menu manager plugin and it's been great for customising the first menu, but I can't...
  10. ShinySlowqueen

    Make attack formula use a character's *base* attack?

    I'm trying to come up with a weapon that uses agility instead of strength, without making it have to give the character a whole ton of extra agility. Say I have a whip, the whip's damage formula is: a.agi * 4 - b.def * 2 But I want the whip *itself* to have a strength of 20. If I add +20 to...
  11. ShinySlowqueen

    [VX Ace] Six things I would like to do with my game

    Hi, here's some things I'd like to do with my game. I've tried Googling and searching the forum, because I'm sure all of these have been done before, but I think I just don't know what keywords I should be searching. If y'all can point me toward any scripts or tricks on how to make any or all...
  12. Gabrepasta

    [Solved] What is the "call" for Attackspeed?

    So, every parameter has a title you call it by. For Attack for example, you use "atk" in damage formula and script-calls. But what do I need to use if I want to call upon the Attackspeed stat that your equip weapons and armor apply? Say I need it to evaluate a variable.
  13. Stats of choices made

    Hello everyone, I'm making my first game right now, and was wondering if there was any way of have a screen at the end of my game that tells them how many times they made a choice? My game will have the players being able to make good and bad choices in dialogue boxes throughout the game, and I...
  14. Is there a library for the code required for a character creator?

    Looking for code for a character creator at the start of the game for the player. Ideally to make a generic character but mainly so created characters can have differing stats based on certain things like questions and point allocation.
  15. Zevia

    Linked Stats (e.g.: MHP based on DEF), v. 1.1.1

    Created from this thread. Version 1.1.1: Github Link Description This plugin allows a user to add bonuses to one of the primary 8 stats (mhp, mmp, atk, def, mat, mdf, agi, luk) based on a percentage of the other stats. This bonus can be applied based either on a class basis, for Actors, or on...
  16. Emanzi

    Visual Novel Fantasy Stat System

    [SOLVED] I want to make a stat raising game with visual novel maker and I came up with this. I just want to know if it makes sense to the player as I want to make it a hidden stat system so you don’t get messages like “your strength is 50 points” instead you’ll get ranked like “your getting...
  17. MonkeyFrog

    Save Out Character/Player for Next Game?

    Hello! I am very new to RPG Maker MV (and RPG Maker in general), but not new to creating content for games. I've gone through the initial tutorials and have sort of fallen in love with RPG Maker MV! It's been a long time since I felt like I was having more fun than anything else while...
  18. Karbonic

    "Blessing" System

    I'm working to add a "Blessing" System to my game. Essentially, when a player prays at a shrine, they are given the blessing of that shrine until they pray at another shrine, at which point they receive that shrine's blessing. This would act as a permanent Buff to one of their stats, for...
  19. NinjaKittyProductions

    [Solved] Yanfly's Core Plugins and Aloe Guvner Extensions

    Hello community! I am having a bit of trouble with getting Aloe Guvner's Menu Parameter Control plugin to work with Yanfly's Core plugins. I have them placed as they should be but I am using a few other plugins from Khas and SumRndmDde. List provided of what I am using. I am trying to use...
  20. SCG4473

    [RMMV] Giving things stats

    Sorry if this' already been asked one hundred thousand times but,,,,,, How do I balance out the numbers in my games? For example, how do I determine how much damage my weapons do, how much defense my armors give, damage + MP/TP costs of my skills, how much MP/HP my potions restore and even the...

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