1. Zevia

    Linked Stats (e.g.: MHP based on DEF), v. 1.1.1

    Created from this thread. Version 1.1.1: Github Link Description This plugin allows a user to add bonuses to one of the primary 8 stats (mhp, mmp, atk, def, mat, mdf, agi, luk) based on a percentage of the other stats. This bonus can be applied based either on a class basis, for Actors, or on...
  2. Emanzi

    Visual Novel Fantasy Stat System

    [SOLVED] I want to make a stat raising game with visual novel maker and I came up with this. I just want to know if it makes sense to the player as I want to make it a hidden stat system so you don’t get messages like “your strength is 50 points” instead you’ll get ranked like “your getting...
  3. MonkeyFrog

    Save Out Character/Player for Next Game?

    Hello! I am very new to RPG Maker MV (and RPG Maker in general), but not new to creating content for games. I've gone through the initial tutorials and have sort of fallen in love with RPG Maker MV! It's been a long time since I felt like I was having more fun than anything else while...
  4. Karbonic

    "Blessing" System

    I'm working to add a "Blessing" System to my game. Essentially, when a player prays at a shrine, they are given the blessing of that shrine until they pray at another shrine, at which point they receive that shrine's blessing. This would act as a permanent Buff to one of their stats, for...
  5. NinjaKittyProductions

    [Solved] Yanfly's Core Plugins and Aloe Guvner Extensions

    Hello community! I am having a bit of trouble with getting Aloe Guvner's Menu Parameter Control plugin to work with Yanfly's Core plugins. I have them placed as they should be but I am using a few other plugins from Khas and SumRndmDde. List provided of what I am using. I am trying to use...
  6. SCG4473

    [RMMV] Giving things stats

    Sorry if this' already been asked one hundred thousand times but,,,,,, How do I balance out the numbers in my games? For example, how do I determine how much damage my weapons do, how much defense my armors give, damage + MP/TP costs of my skills, how much MP/HP my potions restore and even the...
  7. MollyAvast

    Hiding certain stats.

    Hello there! My name is Molly, and I'm working on my RPG Maker XP game. I actually completed a fair chunk of the game in RPG Maker 2000 before I ran into some unexpected technical issues, so now I am working on rebuilding it in XP. The only real issue I've run into thus far is the abundance of...
  8. Mooshry

    Impossibly High Numbers

    So, one of my games relies on really high numbers. The main character will start off with 12551 HP at Lv1, and will be in the late 8 billions by Lv99. The healer's spells will heal for about 2 billion, but enemy attacks will deal like 1.5 billion at least. In this game, less than 1 billion HP is...
  9. PaintingWitch

    Attacks doing no damage?

    I feel kinda dumb for asking, but, why aren't my attacks doing anything? I customized the stats to be about average for a player at level one (not too low, not too high), but when I did, it made it so my physical attacks did absolutely no damage. What could I be doing wrong?
  10. ddblue

    How to create a low accuracy, high damage attack?

    Hey everyone, I was curious what approaches there are for creating a single-target, low accuracy, high damage attack. Specifically, I'd like an attack that has a 60% chance to hit, but would do triple the damage of a normal attack if it did. I did some searching but most info was old, and I...
  11. Shinma

    Export Stats Per Level

    Does anyone know if there is there a plugin that will export a list of your stats per level into a document or spreadsheet? To clarify a bit, using the default Hero class. Lvl: 1 Lvl: 2 MaxHP: 450 MaxHP: 500 MaxMP: 90 MaxMP: 100 Attack: 16...
  12. Runako

    Display NPC stats

    Hello, Good morning, afternoon, night, or whats ever relevant to your time zone. I'm pretty much sure a plugin will be needed for this so I immediately put it in "plugin request" So, in my game, interactions with NPCs are imperative; the entire game is driven by your interactions with them...
  13. casper667

    CGMV Extra Stats

    CGMV Extra Stats By: Casper Gaming (Casper667) Last Update: N/A Latest Version: 1.0 This plugin allows you to track more stats than the base editor allows and store these stats in variables. Currently it tracks gold looted from battle, damage taken/dealt, items purchased/sold, and gold...
  14. Average Endgame Levels

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on an RPG and I'm at the phase where I'm deciding how my stats will interact with leveling. I was wondering what average endgame level and stats were in RPG maker games that you've made or played! I've got starting stats picked out, but end game stats largely...
  15. Orpheus

    Stat and Level Caps

    Greetings. So for the project I'm working on (see signature; searching for team members) the game functions closer to a game like Fire Emblem, where rather than having a party of usually under 10 or so people, you essentially have a small armies' worth of people (somewhere around 20-30+) that...
  16. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Random stat earned during level up?

    Say that your character has 4 (insert stat here) to start with. And then when that character levels up, it has a chance of earning a stat gain of 1, 2, or 3, or have a chance of not earning any stat gain. So basically a random stat gain. You could be lucky and get a good roll and earn 3 (insert...
  17. Wavelength

    Utility Scaling

    Recently, I've been really enamored with the idea of Utility Scaling. For those unfamiliar with the term - Utility Scaling is where a skill has some effect besides damage or healing, and the power of that effect scales with one (or more) of the skill user's stats. A few examples of skills with...
  18. Uzuki

    Classic Stat Names vs New Stat Names: Yay or Nay?

    So I'm working on the database and it kinda struck me how clashing the stat names are with my project. Seeing as the game is a post apocalyptic modern setting and although magic exists in this world, is weird to see plain ol' Magic Defense and Attack whenever I open the stat screen. I want to...
  19. KidCreator

    Is there any easy way to see what an actors stats will be at a certain level?

    Hey there all, In an effort to find some balance in my very first game, I was trying to keep the enemies meticulously in line with my low damage formula, but was finding it increasingly hard to plan ahead. Is there any way to, maybe in the form of a calculator or some such, to see what stats...
  20. Completely Hide Parameters or Stats

    Hi, I've searched for hours and tried countless plugins, but oddly enough, as simple as my use case is I can't seem to find a plugin that's offered the desired functionality. It seems that both the default engine and many plugin makers assume that a game will always use or rename the base...

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