1. Skytor

    Character stats based on other character

    Is it possible to have a character's stats be based on another characters? I have a ability that creates "Blood Constructs" and was wondering if it was possible to base the constructs stats on the stats of the character that summoned it, i am also using yanfly's base parameter control plugin so...
  2. Jomy10

    Stats & Skills upgrade plugin

    Hey everyone I'm currently making a game, and I need a plugin. I'm looking for something where you have some kind of wheel where you can equip items. These items give you skills or stat boosts as long as they're equipped. Does anyone know what I'm looking for? Thanks in advance, Jomy
  3. Equipping items question.

    I'm trying to alter the equipping code so that the player can't equip an item if doing so would reduce a particular stat below 0. I thougt I would add a line to the canEquip function in rpg_objects, so that it would return false if the item would (you get the idea), anyway that resulted...
  4. Daena Grey

    Failing at being Crafty with Stats...

    I have failed at the one thing I have a tiny amount of experience with to be able to handle. I thought. RIP. Alright, here is the issue. While it is rather simple and trivial I am brainless enough to solve this conundrum. I am using Nelderson's Extra Stats script, and I was rubbing my hands at...
  5. Amarok

    Balancing the game, stats, formulas, etc, where i do start?

    Hello there, basically i want to make the game closer to dungeons and dragons (think baldurs gate) or Fire emblem. This means really low stat inflation where every single digit counts, im going trough the different tutorials on the site and also trying stuff inside the editor, but i guess there...
  6. FrozenParaadigm

    Stat increase when equipped with a certain weapon

    I'm not sure how I would go about coding for a specific stat increase for when a character equips a certain weapon. For example, a character equipped with a sword might have a 50% increase in their attack stat, but if they equip anything else, it only boosts stats by the flat amount that the...
  7. Nisshoku

    Fixed Stat Gains Upon Level Up

    So I checked the forums thinking that someone else would have asked the same question if they didn't know how to do it, but like the title says I was wondering if there was any way to make it so that characters receive a set amount of stats upon leveling up. For example every single level up...
  8. Newquaza 96

    Show Enemy Stats, States & Buffs/Debuffs

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin that allows the player to visualize the enemy's stats, the states applied to it, and its buffs/debuffs during battle? I've been searching for a while now, but i haven't seen any results for MV specifically. To be specific, i'm looking for an option in the...
  9. Sarah79

    Weapons as "Incomparables".

    So, I have been working on my game for about a month now, and one of the ideas I had in mind since the beginning was to provide better character customization and realism at the same time. The way I have decided to do this was through "weapons as incomparables". What I mean by this, is that...
  10. The Wahfather

    Custom Stat and Levelling System

    I’ve been working with a small team of devs for about year and a half now, and we’ve finally began trying to program our game into RPGMaker VX Ace. Now, one of the first things we did when we first started this project was come up with a stat system, and we made one that we think works. Problem...
  11. Rinobi

    Relative Basic Stats

    Relative Basic Stats by: Rinobi Adjusts a battler's HP, MP, and TP values to remain relative to respective maximum values when modified by buffs, states, equipment, and levels. For Example: Normally This Happens Actor's HP = 800 / 1000 Buff MHP +50% Actor's HP 800 / 1500 Although the actor's...
  12. Vendon

    More Stat Ranks

    Description of the Feature: As for now we have 5 different Parameter Curve ranks (A,B,C,D,E). 5 Are not bad but for people who would like to make a hero game where you have several different ranks of heroes it is a lack of option. So you have to manually input the stats for all your heroes. I...
  13. Letting the Player choose their stats.

    I need a way that allows the player make their own starting stats Such as: Starting Points = 65 Avalible Points = 5 --- Attack = 10 Defense = 10 M. Attack = 10 M. Defense = 10 Aglility = 10 Luck = 10 Something like that
  14. Indsh

    Change colour of text

    Hello Peeps, Im coming to the last lap pf my game and now its the deets im looking at. Im trying to find the lines of code that relate to the text colour change when wepons and amours are being compaired. To clairfy, when you go to menu>equip>actor-select you can then select items. Your...
  15. invexus

    Equipment stat boosting?

    So, I am aware of the plugins for raising the levels of weapons, items, armors, etc., but I'm looking for something more along the lines of the player choosing specifically what stats to raise on a piece of equipment given they have the required points, or maybe an item to use that grants a stat...
  16. Stat Changes during battle

    I need to be able to decrease an enemy's Attack and defense during battle while preforming an action using a common event. I'm doing something like Undertales Act system where you could turn the battle in anyway against, such as taunt, Joke, even asking questions to gather more information...
  17. leakymilky

    Breaking the limits

    So im looking to break some limits by default in the system. By this I mean going above the 9999 limit for health, attack, ect for those stats, but im also looking to have the level limit be above 99, more around the lines of dark souls to be going up to 712, if not 999. Im not seeing any...
  18. TwilightKnight1

    Statistical Problems!

    I'm having an issue with RPG Maker MV, for some reason whenever I playtest my current game the stats are reduced by 25%! so if the character has 100 Endurance/Defense, its reduced to 75 x.x I have no clue why its happening. I know its some sort of a plug-in problem, or maybe a combo-wombo of...
  19. GabeTheChosenOne

    Removing MDF Stat

    Greetings, all. I've been trying to find a way to remove just the MDF stat from the status/equip screens, and while I did find a plugin for removing MDF and LUK, I can't find a way to change it to only remove MDF. Plugin:  If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Increase HP and MP based on other stats

    I wanted to know how to use yanfly plugins to make MaxHP increase based on the amount of DEF you have and MaxMP increase based on the amount of MAT you have.

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