1. Maximus32

    Determining How Battler Stats Are "Read In"

    Hello. I am quite confused by the process by which battler stats are "read in" or obtained from the data files. I know it has something to do with the Battler_Base class, but I am still shaky with Ruby syntax and I'm not sure how elements such as the param methods truly function in this...
  2. Problems with Setting Attack Conditions [VX Ace] (Potential Bug?)

    Hey, I'm relatively new to the RPGMaker VXAce area and I've run into a bit of a problem. I've been working through some tutorials and am currently working on a boss with moves based on health. I go to set it from 0-25% HP to use the move, but in actuality it sets it to 0-0% HP. I shouldn't need...
  3. Problems with Setting Attack Conditions [VX Ace] (Potential Bug?)

    Hey, I'm relatively new to the RPGMaker VXAce area and I've run into a bit of a problem. I've been working through some tutorials and am currently working on a boss with moves based on health. I go to set it from 0-25% HP to use the move, but in actuality it sets it to 0-0% HP. I shouldn't need...
  4. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Stat Gain via Skill Levels

    What do you guys think of a game where stat/parameter gain is via skill leveling? I mean like you use a skill this many times, it levels up and along with that, you gain a stat that is linked to that skill. This way, your growth is actually dependent on what you actually do. Notes: - The...
  5. Sel Feena

    Influencing a Party member's Starting Stats?

    Hi all, I hope this is in the right forum, and that I manage to explain myself properly.  So I am ironing out the details for my game, and have thought about how to introduce the first party member that the main character, Iris, will meet - a childhood friend of hers, Rhenna, a witch. Now, what...
  6. Tigersong

    Stats all, folks

    Hi, people. Like I said before, I'm interested in making non-violent RPGs. I'm pretty sure my question falls under scripting, so here goes. Can I script the menu to not show certain stats- TP, for instance? What I want is a minimalist display- just the character's fatigue (HP) and maybe some...
  7. Shian

    Yanfly Item Menu 2x Armor selection and Display Stat growth

    Hello, I am utilising Yanfly Ace Item Menu Script as shown here: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/menu-scripts/ace-item-menu/ and would like to know if I can do these two things:   First I want to be able to display "Shield" armor and "Body" armor separately in the first selection menu...
  8. AngelGrace

    Balancing stat curves?

    Hello all! So, for my little project (Which I'll reveal once I have a certain mechanic figured out), I'm planning on having sequential encounters. There will be 2-5 roaming monsters in each area, and 1-2 storyline battles. My thought was, since I know about how many fights the player will be...
  9. Tigersong

    Cause and Affection

    *deep breath* Okay, so I'd like to know how plausible this is. I think the best way to create a game with meaningful choices may be to use an affection system, a la Dragon Age. I'm just wondering- is there a way for an event to reference a stat? Say I were to change the EXP to AP (for affection...
  10. zero50

    Crystal Engine - Extra Stats Problem

    Hi! I've been using this script to make two extra stats: One is only for enemies, and it's called LV (Level)  (Like the Actor one) Enemies don't gain levels in this game, I just needed them to have levels because my  damage formula needs it. The other stat is used by both actors and...
  11. Blue001

    Showing Ex-Param changes on the Equip Screen

    Hello Forum. EDIT: HERE IS A QUICK JUMP LINK TO THE COMPLETED SCRIPT,  AS SO KINDLY CREATED BY MITHRAN! For anyone who wants to use it too! Post 24 in this thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------- In my current project, I am using the Ex-Params heavily to...
  12. Senshu

    Yami's Equipable passives, Attack +10% passive skill?

          I'm still getting used to some of the scripts i'm using for the game I want to make, And so I need help figuring how to make an equipable skill, that when equiped, affects stats by a stated ammount Any help is greatly appreciated!
  13. Silent Darkness

    Party member stat inflation, low or high?

    When you guys make a game and develop the stats for party members and enemies, do you prefer to set low, basic values, or some ridiculously high, inflated values for everything? Not that it's bad if it's inflated, mind you.
  14. Square_art

    100 of 100

    The question of topic: How to limit to 100/100 all stats as ATC, DEF, MDF, etc, which have 255/255? For example, if character has 90/100 DEF and use ring +20 DEF he should have 100DEF (as 100 it's the max), the same story should be if character use a skill, which increase his DEF (In any case...
  15. Fonstw

    [SOLVED] Change Luck's Effect

    Howdy! I just started working on a game through RPG Maker VX Ace, and I noticed that Luck (LUK) determines the change that you are affected by a state or not? I was wondering if I could change that? I want Luck to determine whether you can hit, crit and dodge. If anyone could help me change...
  16. Rigor Mortex

    Request: Hide/Disable stats

    I wasn't sure what else to tag this with, and didn't want to abuse the feature. That said, this is a request for a script: there are two stats I decided not to use in the manner that the basic program has them. The first is Magic Defense; I'm going with a basic form of damage calculation, and...
  17. Luigi-like

    Stats increase as certain attacks are successful

    Is it possible to make stats increase as you use certain attacks in battle, such as: If my character chose attack, if it was successful, it would increase his max strength by 1 same with using magic costing attacks and TP costing attacks, gaurding increases defence and evades increases speed by...
  18. Sel Feena

    Training Cutscenes

  19. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's Better Equip Page

    Better Equip Page v 1.00 Mobius Introduction The default equip page in the menu only shows how an item will affect you attack and defense even though it is capable of providing other stat boosts. So what I wanted to do was change it to showcase more stats as well as highlight how the stats...
  20. Nelderson

    N.A.S.T.Y Extra Stats

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats(Version 1.1) By: Nelderson Updated: 3/27/12 Introduction This script gives actors and enemies extra stats that you can use anywhere in your game! Features - New Stats for your game. - Define a formula for each new stat you make. - Use these new stats in...

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