status effect

  1. Arctorius

    How to make conditional status effects/ailments

    Thanks for checking this thread! Like the title says, Is there a way to add conditions to the status effects a character or enemy can acquire? What I'm trying to make is, for example, you have a skill that applies "Poisoned", but if the target already has the "Poisoned" state it instead applies...
  2. How To Modify Status Effect Base Formula

    I have no actual idea where to go to edit a part of the game files so I can do this. What I want can't be changed through plugins or events, so I need to tinker around with the formula that determines the chance to inflict a status effect. Anyone know which file needs to be opened? Where to...
  3. tale

    Enemy Default State

    EnemyDefaultState - 2018/03/27 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Set default state for enemies Features - If you put <defaultState:4> in enemy's Note field, 4th state is given by default. - For more than one states, <defaultState:4,5> separate state # with a comma. - Short code Preview...
  4. xXAinSophAurXx

    MaxHp Degen/Permanent Poison Effect

    So I played an app game called Grand Summoners, and one of the major bosses applied a status effect at the start of battle that acted like poison, but instead of just dealing damage over time it would slowly decrease your maxhp, thus making it a timed battle of sorts. Granted, my party never...
  5. tale

    MPP_StatePopup for battle

    MPP_StatePopup - 2016/10/28 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview State icon will pop-up above the sprite when afflicted by status in battle. Features - Setting for pop-up time and delay time for multiple state. - State icon can appear on Actor/ Enemy if you want. Preview State...
  6. Junebug

    How to display enemy status effects?

    Is there a script or option in RPGmaker VX Ace to display the status effects that are being applied to the enemy (if they are poisoned, stunned, attack down, etc.), similar to how the icons are displayed next to your party's actors? It would be nice to have one easy way for the player to keep...

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