status effects

  1. Block party from access if party member(s) are dead.

    I've looked, but I can't seem to find an answer to this: So I want it where the player will be blocked from entering specific places if a party member is dead. They have to revive the party member first before they will be allowed in. It's easy to check if one party member is dead by just...
  2. tale

    Enemy Default State

    EnemyDefaultState - 2018/03/27 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Set default state for enemies Features - If you put <defaultState:4> in enemy's Note field, 4th state is given by default. - For more than one states, <defaultState:4,5> separate state # with a comma. - Short code Preview...
  3. How would I go about making a Accessory with a status effect?

    For my game I was going to have certain Accessories do effects like starting out the battle with Buffs or a status effect that allows the player to be revived after death for 3 turns (different subject, different time). I also have another idea of letting the player have all skill costs to be...
  4. Jimminybob

    Can items have dual purposes?

    Hi all, I've just started tinkering around with RPG Maker MV and have been coming up with a list of status effects and curative items. Two of the status effects i've created revolve around decreased/increased agility. I've created an item that will cure the negative state of decreased agility...
  5. Questions about the combat mechanics

    How does Luck affect the probability of a status effect triggering? How does the game recognize a positive status effect or a negative one? How does Agility determine combat order? Is it in order of highest to lowest or is there a random number thrown in somewhere? Lastly, I receive no...
  6. xaviarsly

    Contagious status efects

    So i had this idea i looked for it but couldn't find any thing like it. what if you can make a character spread a status effect if he/she has it. like for example  Monster A hits player B with poison and contracts the status effect "poisoned", Player B decides to use a skill called...
  7. jonikari

    Self-Inflicting Status Effects

    Long story short: I've made a weapon that attacks three times but then disable movement for the next turn, but since I don't know rpg maker scripting and there's no self-inflicting states in the weapon options I've made it something like this: Weapon causing state x foe-> common event causing...
  8. Maus Merryjest

    Looping Animation on Status Effect

    My request really is very simple: To have a plugin that allows for looping animations to play over the character for as long as a status effect is present. The animation would be specified in the status effect's note box (<animation id: 12>) and whatever animation is displayed when there are...
  9. Status effects freezing game

    Hi, i've recently begun to start testing moves in my game for VX ACE and when status effects are used on the enemy, the game freezes. The music continues to play but the battle will be frozen, in battle test or play test. This has happened when i used a paralyze and silence skill. The only...
  10. Looking for a hand with status effects.

    So I'm trying to create a specific type of status effect for my game, and the idea is roughly this: Say my character has a skill whereby he rips his face off and vomits maggots on an enemy. These maggots have the faces of Gary Busey and Janet Reno for males and females respectively. For obvious...
  11. gvduck10

    status-blocking states

    I forgot, but is there a state that prevents status effects? ie, character with special "Protected" state would not be able to be poisoned, blinded, ect. If not, would that be something one could do from the database or would it require common events/scripting??
  12. Archeia

    RPG Maker VXACE and MV Damage Flow

    An infographic to teach people how the damage/recovery is calculated in vxace! This infographic is made by Rhyme and modified by Archeia_Nessiah~ Thank you to these people for helping me figure out the EXACT flow and formulas :D Recommended that you open this image in another...
  13. Jaide

    Status effects with similar attributes

    I know there have been several status effect topics before, but this one is somewhat specific: How best should a developer go about implementing different types of status effects that are basically variations on "poison"? Let me explain. In my game I wanted to have a corrosive damage type...

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