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  1. djroberts1

    RMMZ Y Position of Actor Graphic

    I'm using Visustella's ElementStatus Core plugin to customize my game's Status menu. I'm trying to move the face graphic for the actor vertically (down) so that it's centered in the empty space that I have allotted for the image. The problem I've encountered is that while I can move the image...
  2. CardeMaker

    I want to *REMOVE* definitively Magic Attack and Magic Defense from my game

    So, i'm making a game in an normal scenario, without magic stuff, I've already removed some stuff from game menu, but, no matter what i make, i just can't get of Magic Attack and Magic Defense in the status menu, even leaving the parameter name blank in database, making every class have the less...
  3. jdoggokussj2

    Moghunter Create Background is not defined

    I'm using the moghunter scene status plugin its been working fine but I just started getting this error whenever I open the status scene I thought maybe it was another plugin but I turned all other plugins off and still get the error
  4. NekoDev

    Bust Skill Menu and Status Menu

    Hello, does anybody know if there is bust skill menu and bust status menu? If not, can someone make it? I need it for my project and propably there are many others that need something similar too. If i would be good on javascript maybe i could make it but now if i would tried propably it would...
  5. Tevi

    Strengths and Weaknesses in Status Menu (Solved it)

    (It's in the right place now) Anyways, in my game I wish to have the actors weak to certain elements, strong against others, etc, you know, as all JRPG's do (to my knowledge). My problem is, I want to be able to show what elements a character is weak to through the status menu. Or just, any...
  6. tvghost

    ZS Skills on Status Menu

    ZS Skills on Status Menu // Forum request. Shows an actor's skills, and an optional toggle feature. Customization: Adjust the amount of skills shown. Adjust the toggle button + whether or not you wish for toggle to be enabled. Screenshots: Setup: Paste under the Materials slot, above main...
  7. overlordmikey

    Removing Faces from the Menu.

    Hey how can I remove the faces from my menu without leaving huge gaps in? Anybody know? Edit: Since I am using yanfly scripts I tried turning the height and width to 0 and everything got squished up so that didn't work. -_-'
  8. AoSapphire

    [Ace] The "the" beside the name..

    Maybe I'm just tired or something but I can't seem to find this... Word that is always beside the character's name whenever I check the character's Biography... I was able to remove it before but now I forgot from where... Basically I'm revising a game. I also thought about just copying the...
  9. Thordon123

    Removing Magic Atk and Magic Defense

    YEP Status Menu Core: Hey, I'm using Yanfly's StatusMenuCore right now and wanted to remove the Magic Atk and Magic Def parameters from my game as I'm not using them. They still show up in my status menu and I can't figure out how to use the...
  10. Completely Hide Parameters or Stats

    Hi, I've searched for hours and tried countless plugins, but oddly enough, as simple as my use case is I can't seem to find a plugin that's offered the desired functionality. It seems that both the default engine and many plugin makers assume that a game will always use or rename the base...
  11. Morpheus

    Cancel Attack & Defense in Status Menu

    So looking at the status window, I want to disable "Attack" & "Defense" from being selectable. This snippet from "Window_Status" controls that, I assume. Changing the "6.times" to "4.times" disables the bottom two, Agility & Luck is there a way to disable the top two, Attack & Defense using a...
  12. Tweaking Yanfly's Status Menu

    Using Yanfly's Status Core plugin, I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to remove the two top bars shown in the image below so the actual status information takes up the whole screen.  I did look at the plugin's javascript but it was a little beyond me. 
  13. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Status Menu

    ICF-Soft Status Menu - Version 1.02 by ICF-Soft Introduction This is a status menu where you can organize actor params. Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's functionalities go to blog post or my plugin list. Features Organize params. Up to three...
  14. Navas

    Resize Status Menu

    Hi all, I've been experimenting with the following 2 scripts (PAC Main Menu Ace 1.2 and its Compact Add-on) and I have some issues with it. I'm wondering if  -there's a way to resize the status window to the exact same height as the commands on the left instead of a little shorter...
  15. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Status Menu - Develop thread

    After seeing no one plugin to show params created from my Params Core I decided to make one to allow to show the full new params you can create with. So I want to ask what type of plugin you want to see: a simple one, a complex one, a cross plugin to use with other known (like Yanfly's one)...
  16. Name

    Status Menu Plugin

    I need a plugin that edits the status menu to look like this: with a custom background.
  17. Menu Status Without Equipment or Stats?

    I'm not sure if it's doable, but on the Menu Status screen can the actor stats (Atk, Def, etc) and Equipment be removed to make room for a larger profile?
  18. Status Menu Questions

    I've searched all over the internet and can't seem to find an answer to a couple of quick questions. First: When players open the menu, I want the character boxes on the right to contain a small 1-2 sentence blurb of their character for reference. There's no battling system in my game and...
  19. Random Panda

    Adding Images to the Status Menu

    Hi all, First thanks in advance for any insight anyone can give me in doing this. What I am trying to do is add character images to the status menu. I don't mind getting my hands dirty with coding it myself (I'm most certainly a noob with javascript but I know enough to be able to figure it...
  20. kovak

    AltMenu with characters on the horizontal

    I was wondering if it's possible to replace the AltMenu coluns with the default horizontal ones for the characters. My project will have 3 party members so i think it will be fine. The reason i'm asking for this is that AltMenu is not compatible with some plugins (rito exp bar, YEP...

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