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  1. BloodletterQ

    (Please move to JS Requests) Yanfly Status Menu: Add bust on status screen

    Hey folks, I've been able to make some adjustments on my own to a wonderful plugin and there's one more thing. You know how there's a large shot of the character on the biography page? I want to apply that to the status menu to fill in the empty space on the left side of the screen...
  2. SumRndmDde

    TP Upgrade [v3.02] (Max TP Rate, Initial Battle TP, TP Cost/Gain, TP Damage, and more!)

    TP Upgrade Version 3.02 by SumRndmDde         What This Plugin Does: Currently, TP is restricted to having a specific Max and Initial value, along with being forced to have specific mechanics built into it. This Plugin allows you to change all of this...
  3. JahwsUF

    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    StatusMenuCore - v1.1.1 by JahwsUF   (Change in version syntax:  the old v 1.03 was meant as 1.0.3.)   Tired of the plain, vanilla Status menu that came with the game?  Wish you could show more parameters to your game's players, or provide a little lore?  Well, wish no longer, for a solution is...
  4. BloodletterQ

    One Man Party: Making the Main Menu double as the Status Screen

    Just wondering if there was a way that I would be able to make the status screen for my one playable character into the main menu GUI as well. Think Castlevania: SOTN. This would of course involve removing the Status option. This would also mean that you won't be able to highlight any...
  5. lithkast

    Adding more stats to CP Status config (Xstats)

    So a little background info before we dig into the meat of the question.  In my game, I plan to have weapon damage separate from my characters strength (atk).  To this end, I renamed the base stats ATK => STR DEF => CON MAT => INT MDF => WIS AGI => DEX LUK => LUK ok so STR will represent...
  6. THEMagicMissile

    CP's Luna Status Problem

    Not 100% sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'll try anyway. I have my status menu looking great using CP's Luna Status Config, but whenever I try to switch actors using Q and W, all I get is the background image and none of the actual information or actor specific images. Not...
  7. Kes

    Yanfly Status Menu - Actor Biography problems

    I am using Yanfly's Status Menu script, found here.  There is a screen for each actor's biography which can, according to the script's header, be changed at any time with a script call. The section dealing with that possibility reads as follows: $game_actors[x].description = string# Changes...
  8. Evan Finkel

    Having trouble using Yami's Status Menu and Message System scripts together

    Hello, Zalett here. I'll mention the issues I am encountering using Yami's (Yanfly) Status menu and message system scripts. Problem Encountering Scripts Using ​ Yanfly's Status Menu Yanfly's Message System When the Problem appears When I reaches the "Biography" option in "Status" menu...
  9. TheoAllen

    Display Parameter Change

    Display Parameter Change 1.0 TheoAllen Introduction This script show the character original parameter and its additional value in the status menu. The additional parameter value are based on status, equip and features. While original parameter is based on actor's class Features Show...

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