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  1. tale

    mo-to - VX style BattleLog+

    VX style BattleLog+ - 2017/07/21 (Ver.1.001) Creator name: mo-to Overview Changes battlelog in battle to VX style. BattleLog appear in the message window. Feature - Customization display for: Simple Status Window, Party Command Right, and Actor Command Left Preview Installation Paste this...
  2. zerobeat032

    MrTS_Battler_BattleUI Spacing

    I'm having the issue with lining up the characters to their proper position within the Battle Status Window. There aren't any parameters to move them or position the battlers either.  I wanted this plugin so I could draw my own characters for the frontview... I'm not sure if this is how it's...

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Thanks, google for putting together a random pixel art Olympics game in your logo that puts everything I've ever done to shame in pretty much every aspect. ;)

anyway, i just recovered from Covid.
Work's been delayed for a month but now i'm back drawing again.
Ah yes i learned how to make name boxes Im now profeshonal
The snowy mountains in my game are finally done... what a crazy journey.
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