1. shiroisekai

    battle balance

    Helo guys, how do you set your actor stats and enemies stats to make the game balance?
  2. CrimsonShadow

    Team Combo Help

    I want to add a Marked status that when the target is hit by a different team member a different effect occurs based on who hit, then the mark is consumed. How it would work: The Hero hits a target, applying the Marked status. If that target is hit by the warrior, the target gains the bleeding...
  3. willfardig

    Increase number of icons shown on Battle Status Window - MV

    I've dug into this extensively and have come up with nothing. I'm unable to find where exactly RPGMAKER MV calculates column width for the battle status window. I can find where they allocate the gauges and everything but not the amount of icons available for display. Currently, I'm stuck with...
  4. Patroso

    I have a problem and I do not know how to create such skills, can it be done at all?

    Skil 1 Revenant - If a Kashmir character dies, he will be reborn once with 15% of his maximum life, and his life regeneration will increase by 30% until the enemy attacks him. Skil 2 Bonehead - Kashmir fills his gauntlet with the power of chaos and strikes an enemy at once, dealing damage from...
  5. Patroso

    checking enemy status (defence ,magic def) in battle

    What is magic defense for? and defense Is it possible to check the stats while fighting the monster I need to test because I don't think my Skils is working
  6. Jyger85

    Looking for Status Icons/Overlays for MZ

    Hey yo! Looking for some different status overlays and icons for MZ. Y'know, for statuses like being burned or frozen or soaked or the like. I dunno, maybe it's the Pokémon fan in me, but I like when RPGs have status ailments that are tied directly to the different elements in the game.
  7. WickBRSTM

    RMMV YEP_X_InBattleStatus.js on actor menu?

    Heyo, Wick again. Thank you all kindly for your support. Apologies if this isn't a simple thing to ask for or the right thread in which to do so, but would it be possible to modify YEP_X_InBattleStatus in so that the new Status command it adds would be added to the Actor menu instead of the top...
  8. Tsunar

    RMMZ Status Icon Adjustment

    So Ive come across an issue, and yes im using a few yanfly plugins, I made a few custom sprites (WIP) they still need clothes and everything is workign great, except when states appear. I looked for a way to move the icon abit maybehind or preferably off the sprite all together but I cant seem...
  9. dennis_the_tennis

    Change the current character on the Status screen

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure out how to do something that I feel like should be pretty simple, but I'm stumped. When I'm viewing the Status scene, I want the player to be able to press left or right to move to the next actor and view their status screen as well, without having to go...
  10. Bowtirage

    Make one teammate's status affect the other?

    So in my game you battle with two character. They each have a skill type called "COMBO" which are strong attacks but to use them BOTH teammates must be alive and not have a status condition of SLEEP, BIND, RAGE etc because they need to be available to participate. When one character has for...
  11. Karbonic

    Unable to use small numbers as stats?

    Hello! I'm running into a problem with how RPG Maker MV uses its character stats. At level 1, I want my main character to have just one attack point, so I have it set to that here. However, when testing and in game, the attack stat is changed inexplicably from 1 to 11, which completely changes...
  12. RMMZ How to display icons on the screen at all times?

    Hi, For example, I like to display the clock, book, and wallet in the bottom right corner of the screen and it can be accessed by the click of a button or pressing a key on the keyboard. I have the icons, but unsure what needs to be done to have them displayed. I tried searching around but...
  13. Literal_Grit

    Modifying "State Rate" Defensively

    Working on the beginnings of a game, and have done a lot of looking around to get a system to work but the RPGMaker set isn't cutting it most of the time. I got the VisuStella demo set of plugins, which helped a lot for elemental handling, but it still doesn't do what I need to with statuses...
  14. hoboayoyo

    Enemy gain resistance to status effect.

    Looking into making enemies resistant/immune to a status effect after it's applied. Haven't found any plugin's of the sort so I imagine it's able to be done in engine. Kind of like Etrian Odyssey. Any help in the right direction is appreciated.
  15. UncannyBoots

    Skip actor's turn if they are inflicted with specific status

    As title says, I'm wondering if there's a way for the game to auto-skip an actor's turn if they have a status (like paralysis) inflicted upon them? Kind of like in Pokemon, if you've ever played it, if they are caught in a 'wrap' attack, the actor will not be able to move until the attack is...
  16. ovate

    Torigoya_SmoothValueGauge (Animated Gauge) [MZ]

    Torigoya_SmoothValueGauge - 2021/01/02 Creator name: Ruたん ( @ru_shalm ) Overview Instead of changing the HP gauge and other numbers at once. Animated effect appears gradually, like the gauge itself. ※Note that this might take effect on performance. Preview Credit and Thanks: ru_shalm...
  17. ovate

    Left and right keys on actor menu

    Makes it easier to switch actors on the status screen with left and right arrow keys. Creator name: Saara Terms of Use Non-commercial use: OK Commercial use: Not Allowed Redistribution: credit required Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: credit required For RPG Maker VX Ace...
  18. Eliaquim

    Eli Class Curves - Build the status of your classes independent of the editor!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Balancing your game battles can be a difficult challenge! it is a fact that RPG Maker MV already makes some resources available in the class database. Although you have some ways to change the way your status increases when you level up, you still don't have...
  19. MerlinCross

    Status and Informing the Player

    So I'm coming up with more off brand status effects(states) or at least more out there than the standard ones presented in base game. So this gives me a bit of a problem. How to inform the player about what they do. Oh I'm sure there's a plug in or event you could run but that's not the...
  20. Sigony

    POLL: What kind of status HUD do you prefer?

    Feel free to discuss why you prefer a specific HUD down below. Do you DISLIKE a specific kind of HUD?

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