1. Kokonaugt

    RMMV Steal Skill rate modifies by User's Luck and Target's remaining HP

    Hello, I'm trying to create a skill that allows the user to capture an enemy's "soul" (which is an item that would act like a Pokemon TM to teach a character a skill) : I'm using Atreyo Ray's SimpleStealSkill plugin (that I added to this post) which does a nice job : it allows me to create a...
  2. Danitinkis

    RMMV Making an Item unable to steal with Yanfly's Steal and Snatch

    Hi! I need to make my steal skill so you wouldn't be able to steal some of the enemy's especific droppable items because that would be OP. (For example, enemy A can drop a Potion and a Sword. I want the player to be able to steal ONLY the potion and make that sword exclusive as a droppable). The...
  3. Kirri

    Game In Development?

    Hello! :kaohi: So, I'm about to post my game in the "Game In Development" so that I can get feedback and motivations to keep going (currently in Moderated stage). But now that I think about it, would I risk from people plagiarizing ideas and/or stealing art? And if those incident do happen...
  4. ScientistWD

    How do you like my Thief's "Steal" Command?

    My game has four classes, but a player chooses only a party of three at the beginning of the game. One of those classes is the Thief, who uniquely has access to the Steal Command. Looking back through old threads, I can see a lot of distrust in "Steal". It makes me feel a little insecure to...
  5. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    Finally finished it! No more known bugs! IT'S FUNCTIONALLY PERFECT! NOW UPDATED TO BE MORE USER-FRIENDLY This allows the player to steal items from any shop in your game. The player has a 47% success chance, but the other 53% is up to you to decide! How stealing works: You select the new steal...
  6. Zephro

    How to add gold after battle via variable

    So I have an enemy that steals gold from the player via common event. The amount stolen is stored in a variable. How can I add the variable to the gold reward at battle end (if the player kills them (they also have an escape))?
  7. SaburoX

    Yanfly Steal Item Message Window

    Hi all! I'm in the process of adapting Yanfly Steal Item to work with my SBS of choice (Enu's Tankentai). The skills work properly (or at least seem to so far) but the message window that displays when the player successfully steals isn't quite as I'd like it. I've managed to fix most of the...
  8. VicWhite

    In game pickpocket / Lockpicking

    Hello, and thanks in advance. I want my character to be able to pickpocket from townspeople and to lockpick some of the doors. I would like that to happen quite easily and smoothly in the map. I guess there is not the possibility to set a button just to do that, so is there a way to enter...
  9. Event help needed

    Hi dont know if its the wrong forum im asking. basicly what i need to make, is This scenario: player is in prison, A Guard walks past the prison-cell and stop for A few seconds, looks around, and Then walks away (and repeats) player needs A Stick to steal Keys from guard, so when/and...
  10. nazgul

    Anime Fighting Fantasy

      Nazgul Presents Anime Fighting Fantasy   Genre:  Role-Playing Game Engine: Rpgmaker Vx Ace Sideview ATB Battle, Classic old school fights, Fast paced battles, with intricate strategy, and vicious enemies. STORY:              Sakura the half demon has lived in Cherry Blossom...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Skill: Steal

    Name: Skill: Steal Version: 1.2 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-10-29   What does it do? Allows for actors to steal items and skills from enemies. Enemies can have finite amount of items to steal.   How to use? --There's 2 stealing modes: Mode 1: Player tries to steal all enemy...
  12. Dhaundre

    Steal Gold from players (Enemy Skill or DMG formula)

    Hi there!  BD I'm trying to find a way to make certain enemies able to steal gold from players. (They don't need to keep it, I only need the player to lose 10 or 20 % of his/her money) This would create a "stealing paranoia" that would push players to use the bank. I've been doing well with...
  13. Acidicjester

    Event Cycle! [Please Help]

    Hey all, so im new to the forums n' stuff and I was kind of needing to know something. I'm working on a small project in RPGMaker VX: Ace and iv'e run into an issue. There is a point in the game where you can jump over the shopkeepers desk and take all the stuff in the back (For giggles xD). My...
  14. luiscesjr

    Help with pickpocket event

    Helloooo everybody!  Here I am again, now I am trying to create a pickpocket system to my game, simple yet useful. I am making it like this.: What already works.: 1- You need an item for you to be able to pickpocket. (If the player doesn't want to go pickpocketing every NPC I think I...

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