1. RMMV Line of Sight detection for On-Map Encounters

    I'm working on a game in RMMV that uses on-map encounters. Recently, I finished a level that stealth mechanics, which is to say it was populated with enemies that follow patrol routes that can be avoided by staying out of their line of sight. I really like idea and it tested well, although most...
  2. Vivisecta

    RMMZ A Swim to the Sky

    A Swim to the Sky SYNOPSIS It had always been Lunaus' dream as a merfolk to see the world above The Barrier. The stories about the night sky and the endless lights twinkling with the rhythm of the waves had captivated them since they were little. The only thing holding them back from living...
  3. OldPat

    RMVXA The Lady Puppet - (Demo - Dark/Horror Adventure)

    SEELE Games presents... - DEMO DOWNLOAD - >> https://gamejolt.com/games/the-lady-puppet/586883 << - REVIEW AND LET'S PLAY BY ALPHA BETA GAMER - https://www.alphabetagamer.com/the-lady-puppet-alpha-demo/ - Introduction - It has been a rough year, that's for sure. 2020, I...
  4. RMMV Meta City Heist - A heist game created with RPG Maker MV

    Meta City Heist is a heist game made with RPG Maker MV. SUMMARY Take on the role of a bank robber and perform successful heists. Purchase your gear, hire your crew, plan your entry and escape while avoid alerting the police. Complete your mission with all guns blazing OR do it the...
  5. Microphone detection for horror/stealth game

    I was trying to find a microphone detection plugin where, whenever a player makes a sound, it could alert enemies nearby to the player. Gives a sense of realism. There was a thread that had something similar but the post was old, and the answer that was provided was speculation. where I need...
  6. basic stealth coding question ???

    Hello internet friends can I please have some help with my stealth code I am super new to rpg maker mv and have never used Java script before I am enjoying adding a little stealth level to my game I am mainly copying these cool tutorials even tho they are for vx ace and I am using I am...
  7. Oro

    FREE [RMVXA] Shadow Rogue (Stealth Game) - Composer Needed

    Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace. Synopsis: Shadow Rogue is a 2D stealth game that uses light and shadow sneaking mechanics. It has a character creation system where you can create your own character, select their gender and physical traits, and then proceed with theft or assassination missions to...
  8. RMVXA Stealth, Horror/Thriller game concept. Feedback needed

    Uh, hi! So this game is going to be based on one of my favourite online thriller novella (or that's what I call it since it's more appropriate) and I want a bit of feedback on some mechanics and designs. When the game gets made, it will be free to play since it's a fan-made a game. GAME...
  9. Levolpehh

    Opacity State

    Trying to make a stealth state that changes the users opacity.. can't seem to figure out how to do it. Been trying to use the <Custom Apply Effect> and <Custom Leave Effect> tags from Buffs & States core and have tried all kinds of combinations of this/user/battler/gameActor.actors(...) etc.. &...
  10. Quintus

    A way to make events trigger other events?

    Usually I would use a switch or a variable controlled in one event to do something to another event with autorun ore parallel events, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do it through proximity or events. The scene I'm trying to make is you have to sneak around and wait for a sceurise guard...
  11. leenat40

    RMMV 2 Vampyrus (A spin-off of the Ulfar series)

    "Embrace the demons within" The Story 2 Vampyrus is a single player, story driven RPG taking place in a futuristic medieval kingdom of Endel. You play as Adrian, a man that has lost everything to war and vampirs. Through a chain of events Adrian realizes that in order to have his peace he...
  12. The_Black_Knight

    Changing the Trigger type of an event page, or using two different Triggers at the same time.

    Is there a way to either change the type of a trigger an event page has, or maybe run two event pages simultaniously? What I'm specifically trying to do here is to have patrolling NPCs, that will chase the player once seen, and on touch initiate a battle, but if the player manages to press a...
  13. JDevain

    EventChasePlayer extension so events can't see through impassable tiles - RMMV

    Yanfly's EventChasePlayer plugin makes it so events will chase you if you are in their line-of-sight. The problem is that events can see through walls (or any impassabe tiles). Well, DreamX wrote a short script that fixes that by checking to see if the tiles are impassable. Here's the page...
  14. Hyouryuu-Na

    Stealth system using sound?

    Edit: I found the solution to this problem. Thread can be closed now ^^
  15. Trying to create an enemy detection system, need a second opinion.

    The idea behind this was that I wanted something where the enemies had a detection range and when you walked into it, an event started, whether it be a battle starts or it just gives you a game over (haven't decided yet). I looked up some stuff on this but pretty much everything I found was...
  16. Slaughty

    RMMV Ouroboros (Horror) Demo Added

    Ouroboros is a Horror Game. It contains sudden noises, disturbing imagery, mild language, gore, and adult situations, it is intended for 13+Years of Age. You've been warned! *This project is on temporary hiatus* It's too late, it's coming. What will be, is already, and what was has past will...
  17. EpicFILE

    Stealth Kill and Another Question

    Hello! I want to make a stealth kill mechanism. (something like Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid) To achieve this effect, I think I'm gonna use conditional branch. Where the event/enemy will react differently depending on which direction it's facing. There is something like that, but the choices are...
  18. Ihavenoskin

    RMMV The Journey to Medulla - available now!

    The Journey to Medulla Now Available! SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS STORYLINE Credits DEMO Let's Plays!!! I'm aiming to have the game ready by the summer of 2018, if things go well. Please let me know your thoughts, they are like gold dust and would be very much appreciated...
  19. Guardinthena

    Stealth System

    So I was looking to implement a stealth system in most of the games I'm working on. I found Jet's beautiful Stealth System script for Vx Ace (system I'm most familiar with), but noticed it uses region tiles to mark where you can stealth. I'm already using Galv's Region Effects to create...
  20. Ally

    Stealth System (how to use)

    Hello guys, I found this script on the web... But, I can not make it work... I tried to insert 'tracer' in the name event, as described in the script, but nothing. Can someone give me more information? module Trace # <= don't touch this...

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