steam achievements

  1. Solved

    Problem solved. The moderators can delete this thread if needed.
  2. Tuomo L

    Advanced users tutorial: Unlockable Steam achievements

    Warning, this is for advanced users only. This is NOT a plug and play, you do need to know what you're doing or else your achievements won't work. If you still need help setting this stuff up and cannot make this on your own, I can offer assistance with my publisher services Prequisities...
  3. Gravemaster

    Cyanic's Steamworks Achievements - Modification

    Since I alternate quite a bit between Steam and non-Steam versions of my projects (without counting playtesting from the game editor itself), is it possibly to add a "try-catch" or something to Cyanic's script in order to avoid the game crashing when it tries to give achievements in a non-steam...
  4. Rook47

    Steam achievements

    Hi i was wondering if there is some way to get Steam achievements for RPG Maker games, i already have a game on steam and want to use Steam achievements for it and already tried one java script plugin and didn't like that one and was wondering what options i have to incorporate Steam...
  5. Parallax Panda

    Should I go with RM2K3 or MV?

    So I've been using RPG maker XP, VXace and now MV - but never RM2K3. It wasn't buy:able back when it was relevant after all. Anyway, considering I already own a copy of the above RPGmakers is it crazy of me to think that RM2K3 might actually be the better choice for my current project? Let...

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