1. gabrielschade

    RMMV Elidriel [Steam Demo]

    ELIDRIEL DEMO SYNOPSIS Elidriel is a story-driven JRPG set in a world where the politic scenario drastically changes after a coup and a tyrant became the one to rule people. Meet this group of characters who meet by chance and embark on this adventure across the world. During your journey you...
  2. GPR

    RMMZ CycloneSteam and OrangeGreenworks don't work. What did I do wrong?

    I use MZ, and I'm trying to connect my game to Steam to use Steam achievements. I've heard that both CycloneSteam and OrangeGreenworks can do this, so I tried both, but neither of them works :') Here is my console log with CycloneSteam: Here is my console log with OrangeGreenworks: (The...
  3. Trevaz

    Somebody can help me with steam integration???

    I'm about to launch my game on Steam but I can't do the integration correctly, could anyone help me?? I followed the following tutorial: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/setting-up-steam-integration-in-rpg-maker-mv-using-updated-nw-js-super-high-performance.132405/ And the...
  4. LotusMonkey

    Help with Workshop mod?

    I downloaded the stv window skin and yet i still cant use it? Im i doing smth wrong or am i just stupid?
  5. rpgmakerxp

    MZ project icon different from MV; can't open MZ without steam launch?

    I'm trying to figure out why I have to launch from steam just to access the project file while MV doesn't require that. For MV I can just click the project file itself and it's immediately available to edit.(see image) ^-That's what I want for MZ as well. *Also after closing the MZ file after...
  6. SpyroFan67

    It Really Annoys Me When People Send Me Crap Like This LOL

    Oh my God LOL. Ok, so I have an account on Steam as well as on here, and it really annoys me when I'm commenting on something and someone sends me one of these. Also just so you know I got sent this on a Sunday night and I waited until the next night, which was Monday like it says here, to see...
  7. Question before purchase/trial due to expire

    Hi! I've been using the VN Maker 30 day free trial and really like the program. I'm willing to buy it on Steam as it's on sale right now at a price I can afford! I'm just concerned about losing progress. I've put a lot of hours into my project on the free trial. If I buy Visual Novel Maker on...
  8. Zelune

    Windows Defender has started detecting RPGMZ.exe as a virus.

    I was using my Steam version of RMMZ without any issues until now, but when I decided to deploy my game for a clean test, Windows Defender detected something as a trojan virus and deleted the rmmz.exe file. I strongly believe that it's a false positive threat since I downloaded it directly from...
  9. wilpuri

    RMMV Single Malt Apocalypse

    Not everything is fine in the small mining town of Cinderbrook. The local distillery's whiskey has turned into a glowing poison, and the townspeople have caught glimpses of strange figures in the surroundings. Investigate the case and uncover the origin of these peculiar phenomena! —— —— —— My...
  10. ninjaconor

    RMMZ Steam Overlay Artefact

    I've been searching everywhere for an answer to this question but I don't even really know what terms to use. Basically, I've deployed my RPG Maker MZ game to Steam in advance of its release. I wanted it to launch in fullscreen by default, so I have a plugin script containing: I've also got...
  11. Yanntastisch

    RPG Maker MV and MZ not booting up

    Hello there, I have a big problem with both RPG Maker MV and MZ. It started a few months ago. I cannot open either MV or MZ, both will only boot up in the background as seen on my Task Manager, , or they show the splash screen and open the window but proceed to stay white with no response...
  12. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Orange Greenworks Steam Achievements popup issue

    *Note, in my recording it looks like the popup didn't show up in so I added a screenshot. I'm having an issue getting achievements to show up properly in my game. If the game is full screen the achievement is hidden outside of the main game window unless you hover over it with a mouse and then...
  13. RPG Maker MV Interface (Ubuntu, Steam) - buttons and text are too small

    I recently installed RPG Maker MV via Steam, on my Ubuntu 20.04 system. In a nutshell, the problem I'm experiencing is that everything in the interface is tiny. The font is too small to read, the buttons are too small to see and click comfortably. The map itself is less of a problem, since I...
  14. Open game from Steam's version (1.05a) in 1.02a

    I'm a teacher and our school uses XP version 1.02a. I purchased XP from Steam a while back and want to now work on my game at school. However, when I try to open the Steam 1.05a game at school, the 1.02a version gives me an error how it can't open a file from an older version of RPG Maker XP...
  15. lookitsRYUU

    Unable to delete steam projects

    Hi there folks! I've been using the steam version of RPG maker MV for all of my projects. In order to free up storage on the projects I have scrapped I am looking to delete them! But, the steam version renders me unable to delete them at all. Whenever I try to remove a game file, it states...
  16. Oatilis

    Open Day (יום פתוח) - My Solo Game is on Steam after crunching for years!

    I am so happy to finally post this. My game, יום פתוח (Open Day) finally released last week on 22.6.22! Required Details: Title and Version: יום פתוח (Open Day), current version is 1.0.4. Engine: RPG Maker MV 1.5.2 Price: $15 Buy Page: Open Day on Steam! This is a solo project that I've...
  17. RageOfFire

    Steam sync to standalone version

    Hello everyone ! I have buy RPGmaker MV for long time ago in Steam and I still using it to create my own RPG game. But when I planning to deploy my game to android. I using Android Studio but because Android Studio took so many disk space and I realize I only need Steam to open RPGmaker. So I...
  18. sokka

    We need some legit Steam Curators

    Hi People, Can anyone recommend some Steam Curators whom I could send my game to? You know, I mean curators that: -play RPGMaker games or similar stuff -are not fake/dead accounts -are not asking for extra keys outside Steam and then disappear
  19. Yanntastisch

    RPG Maker MV on Steam won't start

    Hello, My RPG Maker MV is not starting on Steam anymore, and I'm getting desperate. It is booting up on Steam, but the splash screen and the Engine window doesn't open. It tells me it's running, but it is is only running in the background, I find it on task manager. This thing began just one...
  20. Nerdboy

    RMMV Which Version of Greenworks works with OrangeGreenworks v1.2?

    Hello, im trying to create a test environment to test Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud, using OrangeGreenworks js v1.2 but the instructions dont seem to work anymore i think? When i open console f8 i get a OrangeGreenworks error log saying Greenworks failed to load. I know its suppose to say...

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