1. Nightblade50

    How to publish my own DLC for RPG Maker?

    Yeah, I have NO IDEA where to publish this thread, so I'll stick it here. Anyways, I made some icons with pixel art (specifically, 100). I want to publish them to be available as DLC for RPG Maker. I want the DLC to cost money. However, I don't have any idea how to publish my work either as...
  2. Raexxar

    Where I can find things downloaded from Steam Workshop?

    As in the title.
  3. BlacerStudio

    [Steam] Time For Quest

    Trailer Description You there, champion. Spare me some of your time. I hope you would like to join to our universe of Time For Quest where there are no restrictions and you will create your own story as a new hero! Time For Quest is a 2D open world rpg game inspired by combat, adventures...
  4. PikanyaDesu

    FREE Kedemara - Recruiting Spriter/Artist and Advanced Programmer to finish team

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Chapter 1 of Kedemara: The Orphan's Ballad is already available on Steam (currently for free), I have 3 chapters planned for release (Ch.2 is about halfway done). Each chapter is 5+ hours of content, with Ch.2 being closer to 7 or 8 thus far. All details for the...
  5. nathkyo

    Steam RPG maker MV crashing at startup [Solved]

    I have been trying for the last three days to fix RPG maker MV. I have uninstalled the Software ,uninstalled steam, restarted my computer numerous, times changed my language, cleared my cash have done everything backwards and forwards. verified my files checked my pathway everything should be...
  6. (Steam) Rpg Maker Mv won't open after title splash screen

    I just bought Rpg Maker Mv on steam, I knew there would be some type of error, but for some reason, I couldn't find a fix for this, no error message just a splash screen title that closes after with nothing else happening, how do you fix this? I've tried rebooting a bunch of times and that...
  7. kR1pt0n1t3

    Using RPXP on PC's with no admin rights

    So, I'm trying to make my RPXP somehow to work on PC where I don't have admin right but I have the following problem. Using PC at my home I installed steam on my USB drive and logged on it. Via steam, I installed the RPXP in the new repository I made on the same USB drive When I put the USB...
  8. Dragonfire967

    Deploying RPG Maker games to Steam

    So trying out the trial for RMMV now (was playing around with RMVXA Lite for a bit, and while I like the way it handles, I am not a fan of ruby, and heard MV supports javascript), and am probably going to be purchasing it after the trial ends, if not sooner. Does it offer support for the Steam...
  9. ZoeZero

    Orange Greenworks - Steam doesn't say I'm playing a game

    I have followed this tutorial and at the end it says "Everything should be ready now. Run the nw file and your steam status should indicate that you’re running your game. If it is, then everything is working.", but it didn't for me. I'm using nw.js 0.42.0 SDK, and I'm pretty sure I did...
  10. CrowStorm

    Scratching That Itch (dot io)

    So you guys know what an early adopter is, right? I am the opposite of that. Itch apparently came out in 2013? What? So theoretically I could have been using this platform to try and monetize my game making for FOUR YEARS if I'd started back in 2015, the last time I was active in RM before...
  11. Nightblade50

    RM Makers Uninstalling (Steam)

    Hey, I have a problem with RPG Maker on Steam, with all of them. Often I'll find that they are uninstalled and have to reinstall them; they scan existing files for a while then launch normally. Can someone help me fix this?
  12. cabfe

    Vx Ace and Steam cloud... compatible for the savegames?

    Hello, As per the tradition here, I don't know if I'm creating this topic in the right section, but... Does the Steam cloud saving feature works well with VX Ace games, natively? I mean, you play a game and save your progress, not for the making of the game. I know the default saving system...
  13. Clarification before purchasing GCH-PE

    Two part question, so unsure if this is the correct place to post. I couldn't find an answer in a few related older posts. (1) Does anyone have any experience running Game Character Hub Portfolio Edition on OS X or know of positive confirmation that it does? (2) Is any loyalty discount...
  14. mystic0

    11 Reasons RPG Maker MV might not load from Steam

    I had been using RPG Maker MV on my desktop for years without issue. I recently got a new laptop and left on a long term trip, so I didn't get enough time to really check on compatibilities before I left. The last few days I've been trying to get RPG Maker to load from Steam. The splash page...
  15. yamakoku

    MV Preorder Music and DLC's

    So, when MV was released i didn't even know RPG Maker was a thing, so i obviously didn't preorder it. Can anyone tell me in which DLC did the Preorder Music end up on? I heard a lot of good songs from it, and i really just want to buy the DLC that has them now, since i heard they put the...
  16. Adding Content through Steam.

    Greetings. Sorry for not being very explicative with the title. I'm a completely newbie so, I hope I don't cause all of you a headache. I just bought RPG Maker MV (yesterday) through the web site and activated it on Steam with the key I received on my email. The thing is, on that email I...
  17. RPGMV Verification Account and Steam.

    Greetings. Yesterday I bought RPG Maker MV (through rpg maker web site) and I had some troubles trying to verify my account with the verification code I received on email. I've been researching and I found out that other people had this problem as well. I sent a ticket but I didn't receive any...
  18. MushroomCake28

    Steam Cloud implementation in RPG Maker MV

    I know it is possible to get the steam achievement working in rpg maker mv with a plugin and greeworks (there's a plugin from @Archeia and another from from someone else I forgot), but I was wondering if it's possible to get the steam cloud working. If it is, could someone point me to a guide to...
  19. flynnmichael81

    Gods of Havoc - Strategy God Game made in MV

    Version: Beta 0.8.4 Available on Steam: Made In: RMMV Gods of Havoc heralds a return to the classic God-Game. It is a three-part series offering difficult, turn-based strategy. Each game places the player as a god in different eras of a planet’s history. Fall to Earth: takes place in an...
  20. deficiencyproductionz

    Troubleshooting RPG Maker 3 Music for MV

    Anyone here also own the rpg maker 3 music DLC for MV? The audio doesn't seem to loop properly even though it's .ogg, so I was wondering if someone else knew how to fix it. Thank you for reading!

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