1. JRPG_gamer105

    RMMV Jin Conception COMING TO STEAM

    Jin Conception SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS FEATURES WISHLIST ON STEAM If you like what you see please subscribe to the newsletter at to get the latest updates.
  2. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Converting Orangeworks to work on MZ

    Could someone help and make this plugin or similar plugin to work on MZ?
  3. Elessar-chan

    (Noob) I would like some help choosing a version of RPGM to start with

    This is my first step into the world of 'RPG Maker' as a creator and I don't know which version I should start with as a newb and a bad programmer. I was introduced to it as a possible way to present creative visions through fan-games like "Hearts and Heroes" on the VX Ace engine and a couple...
  4. DerniBorges

    RMMV Envyus - Action RPG - Medieval Fantasy

    SYNOPSIS GAMEPLAY VIDEO IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS STORYLINE RESOURCES E SETTINGS Real-time battles, where the character changes depending on the weapon or armor he is wearing. Various skills acquired through quests spread over the places visited. Dozens of major and minor missions, all...
  5. AmasterAmaster

    Beast Man Generator on Steam is missing resources

    Is it just me or is that DLC Pack (Beast Man Generator) for RPG Maker MV missing resources in it's DLC folder? A friend of mine just picked this up for me as a gift and I was excited to add that to the character generator, however I checked it's location (steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\Beast...
  6. Buy on Steam RPG MV or MZ

    Hi. My RPG Maker MZ trail has expired. So I went on steam to buy it. But when I see a price I thought its actually a serious decision. Now I have some experiance with MV so I guess it's not point to consider any other versions. So I can limit my choice between MV and MZ. Now I read some...
  7. Spielerseele

    Jack Hayes: The Lazarus Sign ... now on Steam!

    Hi everyone! This game was made with RPG MAKER MV and a lot of plugins and extra assets! The soundtrack was either done by me or the professional English composer Joff Winks, who did an absolute awesome job in creating a unique and original score! The beautiful artwork was done by Nikita Nanako...
  8. harmlessgamedev

    [Steam] Lockheart Indigo

    Lockheart Indigo Out on Steam July 31st! - About - - Summary - - Gifs -
  9. ZoeZero

    Steam Leaderboards? [MV]

    Is there a way to add Steam Leaderboards scores to a game? I couldn't find this option in any Orange Greenworks tutorial.
  10. Screen Size for a STEAM game

    What is the best screen size to make a Visual Novel, if you want to sell it on Steam?
  11. Nightblade50

    How to publish my own DLC for RPG Maker?

    Yeah, I have NO IDEA where to publish this thread, so I'll stick it here. Anyways, I made some icons with pixel art (specifically, 100). I want to publish them to be available as DLC for RPG Maker. I want the DLC to cost money. However, I don't have any idea how to publish my work either as...
  12. Raexxar

    Where I can find things downloaded from Steam Workshop?

    As in the title.
  13. BlacerStudio

    [Steam] Time For Quest

    Trailer Description You there, champion. Spare me some of your time. I hope you would like to join to our universe of Time For Quest where there are no restrictions and you will create your own story as a new hero! Time For Quest is a 2D open world rpg game inspired by combat, adventures...
  14. PikanyaDesu

    FREE Kedemara - Recruiting Spriter/Artist and Advanced Programmer to finish team

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Chapter 1 of Kedemara: The Orphan's Ballad is already available on Steam (currently for free), I have 3 chapters planned for release (Ch.2 is about halfway done). Each chapter is 5+ hours of content, with Ch.2 being closer to 7 or 8 thus far. All details for the...
  15. nathkyo

    Steam RPG maker MV crashing at startup [Solved]

    I have been trying for the last three days to fix RPG maker MV. I have uninstalled the Software ,uninstalled steam, restarted my computer numerous, times changed my language, cleared my cash have done everything backwards and forwards. verified my files checked my pathway everything should be...
  16. (Steam) Rpg Maker Mv won't open after title splash screen

    I just bought Rpg Maker Mv on steam, I knew there would be some type of error, but for some reason, I couldn't find a fix for this, no error message just a splash screen title that closes after with nothing else happening, how do you fix this? I've tried rebooting a bunch of times and that...
  17. kR1pt0n1t3

    Using RPXP on PC's with no admin rights

    So, I'm trying to make my RPXP somehow to work on PC where I don't have admin right but I have the following problem. Using PC at my home I installed steam on my USB drive and logged on it. Via steam, I installed the RPXP in the new repository I made on the same USB drive When I put the USB...
  18. Dragonfire967

    Deploying RPG Maker games to Steam

    So trying out the trial for RMMV now (was playing around with RMVXA Lite for a bit, and while I like the way it handles, I am not a fan of ruby, and heard MV supports javascript), and am probably going to be purchasing it after the trial ends, if not sooner. Does it offer support for the Steam...
  19. ZoeZero

    Orange Greenworks - Steam doesn't say I'm playing a game

    I have followed this tutorial and at the end it says "Everything should be ready now. Run the nw file and your steam status should indicate that you’re running your game. If it is, then everything is working.", but it didn't for me. I'm using nw.js 0.42.0 SDK, and I'm pretty sure I did...
  20. CrowStorm

    Scratching That Itch (dot io)

    So you guys know what an early adopter is, right? I am the opposite of that. Itch apparently came out in 2013? What? So theoretically I could have been using this platform to try and monetize my game making for FOUR YEARS if I'd started back in 2015, the last time I was active in RM before...

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