1. orcomarcio

    Clouds of Rain

    The Story Screenshots Steam Page (14$) Launch Trailer
  2. Hètral

    RMMZ A better world with videogames - teammates assemble!

    Hi fellow game makers, a love declaration first - I think we are one of the best and most supportive communities ever. It's always impressive what everyone brings in and provides without thinking about their own profit. And I think this spirit is a spirit we should have in a lot more aspects of...
  3. Typho20k

    RMVXA Steel Dome (Steampunk RPG)

    Steel Dome (not sure about title yet) SYNOPSIS/STORYLINE It's a game/story about people that escaped a world-wide plague by moving into a flying steel dome that flies high in the sky made by Ace Corporations. But, not everything is as it seems and things take a surprising turn as the...
  4. matthias1

    RMMV 1927: The Age of Cthulhu

    Hi there! Welcome to my developer thread for the game "1927: The Age of Cthulhu". Before getting started, you might be interested in my other thread, located in the link below: Related thread - Character Creation with 1920's fashion There is also some brief game-play footage located here...
  5. errantdreamer

    RMVX Lost Cavern

    Lost Cavern Hi folks, I posted earlier today in the "Introduction" section, but briefly: I'm back after almost ten years! I put literally hundreds of hours into this project back then and never shared it with anyone. I thought it was lost after my computer crashed, but recently I found a stray...
  6. Versus

    Lunarea's steampunk tiles

    I wanted to grab a few of the steampunk tiles made by Lunarea and Cellianna, but they just got disabled by Photobucket. Has anybody got these? :kaolivid:
  7. comedianmasta

    Old Diving Suit VX Ace Char Sheet

    Hello artists. Today I would like to request a resource to make my game look a little better. I have an underwater section in my game and I am currently using a knight suit as a "diving suit". This close to release, a beta tester told me it takes them right out of it. I figured it's time to try...
  8. James

    RMMV Siel Requiem (Demo)

  9. comedianmasta

    Victorian Bobbies VX Ace Resources

    Hello artists. Today I would like to request a resource to make my game look a little better. I have made use of some free to use "cop" resources but they aren't really adding to the experience. Request: Some victorian "bobbie" char sheet(s) RPG Maker: VX Ace Description: Victorian...
  10. Yoku

    FREE Through the Magnifying Glass [Small Team Recruitment]

    Engine: RMMV Synopsis: Murder Mystery on a dirigible which is traveling from LA to New England on its maiden journey (first cross-continental flight). The year is 1870. World is Steampunk infused with magic, technology and science. Magical beings are known to all and live in all levels of...
  11. Yoku

    RMMV Through the Magnifying Glass: The Dirigible Murder

    Through the Magnifying Glass: The Dirigible Murder ( still a working title. :D ) SECTION A: HIGH LEVEL VIEW IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS Inside Janky Stairs and Hallway Sample Rooms First Puzzle Room (currently a WIP) [/SPOILER] SECTION B: CHARACTERS [/SIZE] Werewolf Name: Thadeus Nash...
  12. comedianmasta

    Carriage/ Hansom Cab Request (VX Ace)

    Request: Victorian Carriage/ Hansom Cab, Char Style: VX Ace Style Description: A black (or decorated, if you choose) carriage done in the style of a Victorian England enclosed carriage. I would appreciate it done in the same size and shape as the Vehicle sprites. No animals necessary as I can...
  13. JoelMarler

    RMMV Reclamation v1.5.1 (02/06/2019)

    Reclamation - A Steampunk/Sci-fi/Fantasy Mishmash SYNOPSIS This game is set approximately 200 years after the collapse of the economy. Most of the world has reverted to feudalism, but one island is re-industrialising under the tutelage of a supercomputer originally built to avert the collapse...
  14. comedianmasta

    VX Ace Generator Parts Hats

    Request: Generator Parts (Hats) Style: VX Ace Style Description: In order to better flesh out my steampunk/Victorian world I need help being able to make more characters and background characters. I would like hats generator parts for Minis in the VX Ace style I'll put in the Kemono section...
  15. Nightblade50

    I think this resource pack should be cheaper...

    Hey. :aswt: This is to Degica if they decide to change it... Or for any member to vote in the poll above... I think that this resource pack here~ ~is overpriced. I mean, the tiles are amazing, good character, all high quality. But there...
  16. Nightblade50

    [VX Ace] Steampunk characters request

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Painted or Ace RTP Description: I just want NPC characters that would be suitable for a steampunk game. Any characters for that genre at all will work.
  17. comedianmasta

    FREE /HIRED? Art assistance for VX Ace Required for Steampunk Zoo Game

    RPG Maker VX Ace Wild Araz Theme: A Steampunk Lore Dump for a collaborative writing website: Citizens of Antiford (dot com). Wild Araz is a visual representation of their collaborative world of Orr and their titular country of Antiford. Players are a Zoo Employee living in the basement of the...
  18. comedianmasta

    VX Ace Battler Request Robo Copter

    Hello everybody. I’ve gotten desperate and ended up here. I’m going to do my absolute best to make this request as good as I can. My artists have dropped out on me and I’m forced to put my RPG Maker project of 2 years aside as I lack art assets to finish. I have finally decided to finish it...
  19. NJ4K

    RMMV Subworld - End prologue (My Entry) SUBWORLD: END PROLOGUE The Tea Lady is sent to a desperate world, being eaten away by a great nothing. help her on her way in this short and simple. narrative visual novel as we enter into the Prologue of a much larger upcoming game, Subworld. created...
  20. Skytor

    Need Tiles to make a machine

    So I am working on an steampunk interior engine room for a airship and am currently using the bokou steampunk tile set, and as good as it is, it doesn't look right when you just throw a bunch of different pieces together in a room, so I am looking for a few steampunk-ish tiles, machine parts...

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