1. yopi

    How to count the player's steps

    Hi, I've been trying to get this to work for a while but I'm pretty confused. I want an event to happen after the player walks a certain number of steps. This is what I have so far: I've tried this too: The text should appear after they've walked a certain number of steps, but it never...
  2. WheatTon

    Help with Steps Taken Skill

    I am attempting to make a weapon skill that uses a steps taken variable in the damage formula. I would like to put a maximum limit on it and for it to reset to 0 when you either unequip the weapon or use the skill. An example of the skill I am trying to make is the Traveler skill from Final...
  3. McPaul

    Vehicle Step Counter?

    Any way to count steps when a player is in a vehicle? I have a day/night cycle based on Player steps that works when Player is walking around. But when the Player gets in a vehicle, turns out, the game doesn't count its movements as steps. Any plugins or something for this?
  4. ddblue

    I know it's possible to link in-game steps to a variable, but can the variable be reset?

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to create a flashlight / battery system. I will decide the final values later, but for now I'd like a battery to go dead after 50 steps. I've found several flashlight tutorials, but they're all frame based - I really want a step based system. Here's how I did it: 1...
  5. werdunloaded

    Increase variable after X number of steps

    I'm trying to create a Common Event where a variable increases by 1 after taking an X number of steps. For example, every 5 steps will increase the variable by 1. Then after 25 steps, that variable will be 5. Thoughts on how to accomplish this?
  6. Kyuukon

    [AG] Character Noisy Steps

    Character Noisy Steps by Akumu Games (me) Description: This plugin makes characters produce stepping sound effects when they move on the map terrain. Instructions about how to use it are explained in more detail inside. Plugin: (save as "AG_CharacterNoisySteps.js" in your plugins folder)...
  7. Soulnet

    Can you count steps while in a vehicle?

    I've tried to use the adding steps variable thing and it works well while not in a vehicle, but not whilst in a vehicle. Is there something obvious i'm missing to count vehicle steps?
  8. emilywake

    Autotiles and Stairs

    In the picture below, you can see the problem I'm having. I want to make the stairs and carpet look like they are one piece of carpet. I don't know how, though. Can anyone help me?
  9. Leetstuff

    Step Counting Var

    I'm trying to make an item that changes its effects after a certain number of steps. The problem is that if I Control Variables : # = Steps, it counts all the steps made during the game. Here's what I would need to make my items work: 1. Resetting the Step number; 2. Have a different...
  10. DavidFoxfire

    Steps that go DOWN

    I could just know that it's been done before, so if there's a link, I'll appreciate it: Resource Type: Tiles or Parallax Graphics Maker Format: MV Art Style: Mack/Caelinna Description:  Steps that go down from the perspective's point of view.  So that the character climbs up the steps as...
  11. Syndicate

    Lighting effects & Stepping Sounds for MV

    Hey fellow RPG Maker's! Now I'm unsure if this is support or a specific code request so I do apologise if it needs to be moved (*hugs mods*). Basically, I'm after something similar, if not exactly the same, as Khas Lighting effects for MV, to create some awesome lighting and atmosphere for the...
  12. Josephkhland

    Counting Steps inside Regions

    So I actually want a script that counts the steps a player makes a total within a certain region during a game.  Also I want a second counter that alos counts the steps a player makes inside a region but that resets when the player leaves that region (also some switches are toggled when a...
  13. Josephkhland

    Counting steps inside a region

    I have been wondering if there is a way to count steps while inside a region and have certain events occur once you have walked a specific number of steps inside the region? I also want to turn the step counter at zero if the player leaves the region.
  14. Luiishu535

    What order to do things in (mapping, battles, cutscenes etc.)

    This is a subject that's been floating on my mind lately. I've made decent progress on my game lately, example: made about 200 maps in one month. While that feels really good, I keep thinking to myself if it's the right thing to do. A pro is that I get to focus on one thing at the time...
  15. Mahoken

    Simple Question: How do you change the number of steps it takes for a state to heal you with HRG on?

    I want a potion I made to heal you every 10 steps by a certain amount for another specified steps. It seems like the number a steps it takes is always random. Where can I change the amount of steps it takes to heal?
  16. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    limiting a players steps

    I hope someone might be able to help. I am trying to limit the steps of my party. Now I've been able to do this easily enough by setting a variable to count the number of steps the character can move. Now the problem I have is is the fact that I have multiple parties, I wanted the player to be...

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