1. How to I stop BGM abruptly?

    Somehow nobody is asking that. There isn't an event that let you instantly stop a BGM? It only let you fadeout for 1 second minimum? How am i supposed to cut the music abruptly?
  2. Leon_Artmann

    Pause Parallel Event Processing/Movement

    Hello! I searched a lot but could not find a plugin that PAUSES event processing. Can it be done at all? The idea is to have a plugin command that pauses any parallel events in the background, and then another command to resume everything. Personally I need it to pause event movement. I know...
  3. BGM music cutscene

    Does anyone know how to suddenly stop the bgm music during a cutscene? I am making a horror game and wanted to stop the bgm right after a cat passes by. I tried with fadeout bgm but it does not help. I would appreciate any sorts of help!
  4. ovate

    Time Stop In Menu

    TimeStopInMenu - Version 1.0.0 (2017/02/11) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Stops playing time in menu, except for map and battle screen. Features - There is no plugin command. Credit and Thanks: Triacontane Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use. License - MIT...
  5. DragonSkills99

    Autorun Event once to change event image

    Hey Community, I'm currently developing a farming game. As far as now the stats are saved in a SelfVariable, now I wan't the event to load the specific image of the crop and then do nothing, but I can't you change the eventpage, cause then it's removing the image. If I leave the page open it...
  6. San

    How to cancel a Common Event attached to a Skill if said skill fails?

    Right now the Common Event runs regardless if the skill hits the enemy or not. How do I make the Common Event run only when the skill successfully hits its target? Can I cancel the Common Event if the attack miss?
  7. Verdelite

    Immunity from visible map encounters after battle

    Hello, I am implementing on-map encounters using Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin. The problem that I've run into is that if the player is being chased closely by two or more events and engaged into battle, then if the other enemy has already reached him as well, the player will be engaged...
  8. IdarG

    Making only one event stop

    I was just wondering how you make one event stop without the actor waiting? I mean with the "Wait for completion" box checked.
  9. Rikifive

    Pause Music/Sounds When Game is Out of Focus

    When the game loses focus either by minimalizing or clicking outside the window, the game pauses itself, but the BGM/BGS still plays. Is it possible to pause at least BGM when game is out of focus and unpause when getting back to the game?  Or make it not pause anything at all ~ game...
  10. NPC wont stop moving after event route finished.

    Hello everyone I am currently having a problem with my NPC that I would like to move to a certain place then stop and not move again. How can I do this? Thanks!
  11. NPC's Move While Waiting

    I have some NPC's moving around in my game with autonomous movement, and I don't want them to move around while waiting from the "Wait..." Command in an event. I found a simple script from someone with a similar problem. class Game_Event < Game_Character alias...
  12. mcscottyG

    Stopping a specific BGS

    Hello everyone!  I'm a long time lurker, but first time contributor to the forums.  To get the point, I've been playing around with a weather system that relies on temperature, dewpoint, and weather chance.  Basically, if the temperature is lower than the dewpoint and the weather chance is above...
  13. Porcelain

    Preventing the battle status window from centering at turn start and changing fill direction for gra

    I'm assuming both of these are simple script edits, but I just can't figure them out. For the first one, I want the battle status window to stay on the right when the player is done entering commands. By default, it centers itself when the command window closes. I've looked over the functions...
  14. Lecode

    Stop All Movements On Message

    Stop All Movements On Message 1.0 By Lecode Introduction Automatically stops all events' movement when the message window is active. How to Use -Plug & play -Make sure to save the plugin as LeStopMovementsOnMessage.js. -Insert it below plugins that modify the Game_Event class. * Plugin...
  15. MeowFace

    After Load Event

    Presenting 2 scripts here: [1] Is from a request here, allowing developers to control how event continue to run after save/load using a conditional branch & switch. [2] Is a way to abort any running events as soon as the game loaded from a request here. (It's originally meant for a hot fix as...
  16. Stop Parallax Background Scroll

    Hello everyone. I'd like to know how to make the Parallax Background of a map stop scrolling. Like, making it fixed and look like it does in the Editor.
  17. HeroofTime123

    Pausing BGS while an ME plays.

    So what I'm trying to do is have a BGM and a BGS play at the same time, while staying perfectly synched with each other. Each one is a different version of the same song and I found out that the BGS will play before the BGM after a battle because of the ME. Is there a way to make it so the BGS...
  18. RadDevVan101

    Stop Watch?

    You know the Indie Games that Have that Stopwatch at the Center of the Top of the Screen? It counts down how long you've been playing? That one, Yeah I want one of those because i'm planning to be apart of the "Indies VS PewDiePie" GameJam on GameJolt and I want to have something Like that (No...
  19. Amysaurus


    (Okay, so I totally did have an introduction post but it was as good a read as a shampoo bottle and blah blah blah wordsandexplanationsandexplanationsandwordsanddoesanybodywanttogooutfortealaterbecausethatsoundssupersawesomeandwordsandexplanationsandwords.) Hello everyone! :cutesmile: I’ve...
  20. Jxkl5

    How do you stop the player from moving?

    I'm trying to make a cut sceen where the player is sleeping then woken up. But every time, the player can move during the script. I would upload the event, but I don't know how to. Also, one of my Guards won't move... I have him set up exactly the same as another moving charecter, and I...

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