1. The Mighty Palm

    RMVXA [IGMC 2017] The Golden Pearl

    The Golden Pearl is said to be able to grant the wish of any who touch it, but none that have sought it out have ever returned. Will you suffer the same fate? In this open world you will find tools, items, and dungeons in whatever order you desire. Pick a direction and head out! How fast can...

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I have been listening to the new music tracks for MZ included in the sample game projects ... for way too long. Quite catchy!
Small rant: While using SRD Hud maker for a battle hud, I typed in the wrong script call and got an error, but then forgot to delete the piece that caused the error before closed the Hud maker and hit F5 to restart the game. Now everytime I engage in a battle my game crashes...
Would Jump into Javascript be best off continuing to break down the MV core files, or would people prefer a quick detour to cover everything that's changed in the core from MV to MZ?

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