1. BiggieCheese

    Limited inventory script?

    Hiii yall, I was looking for a Limited inventory script for XP but just found a few for other Rpgmakers. What I'd need is a script that allows you to set a limited amount of item that can be carried (not per item, just a limited amount of item stocks!), and possibly choose to throw away and...
  2. KrimsonKatt

    How do you easily see what assets are used in your project?

    So in my project I have a bunch of assets that I think I'm not using. However, I'm afraid I actually AM using some of the assets I would delete, which would cause my game to crash. Now I know that in later version of MV there is a feature that supposedly strips down your project to only use the...
  3. In need of an Observatory Resize (And the Storage in Tileset C Overworld); As well as an animated Fan RTP

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I need a resize of an observatory and the storage in Overworld Tileset C. I'm making a lab exterior so I want the buildings to look like its small overworld counterpart. I'm pretty sure somebody did this but I asked everyone...
  4. something i really want to make

    So i've been thinking about the current system i have in place for looting containers like bookshelves etc, usually its something similar to this. the common event is simply a search timer. here's what it comes out looking like, the thing i would perfer though, would be a window where i could...
  5. JesFang

    Workshop Help

    Hello everyone im new here i hope i can learn from everyone and hope i can share some knowledge once i learn more So im trying to make a game where you have a workshop and sell stuff created by yourself but after searching and searching i couldnt find anything that works for what im trying to...
  6. AeghtyAteKees

    Quest Item Functionality?

    Hello! I'm wondering if anybody could help me make a slight adjustment to Galv's Multiple Containers to add a tag to certain items that aren't allowed to be taken out of the player's inventory? This feature is a little necessary for a storage script, and I love this script otherwise, so I'd...
  7. Otto

    Help with eding (another...) script

    Howdy, I'm opening a new thread because it's a new request non related to the other script editing (which was solved thanks to TheoAllen and A-Moonless-Night) so here's the big deal: This project I'm trying to put together has a storage box where the player can put items he doesn't want...
  8. Actors/monster storage and party manager

    Hello, I'm making a monster game, with a system that is similar to Pokemon games, where you can catch monsters and leave them in a storage box or something like that. But, I've a problem. I want my game to have a base party of 6 members, where only 3 of them can fight at the same time, and then...
  9. Morpheus

    Galvs Storage Script, need a section gone

    Hello, I was wondering if any expert scripters out there can make this script so that it doesn't bring up the menu asking how many to take and just to take the whole stack of items. I would *preferably* like to still be able to dictate how many of the items to put in. Your help would be MUCH...
  10. Rayhaku808

    WD My Cloud?

    Anyone use a local cloud storage kinda product so they can access their projects and resources from anywhere within the home? I have multiple computers and guests over often so I've given something like this some thought.  I mention guests so they could try my games without me having to...
  11. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster Storage Box

    Monster Storage Box MonsterStorageBox v1.0 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script creates a monster/actor storage box system. Do to my ongoing monster breeding script I felt this script also needed to be created. Features 1.Add monsters/actors to the storage. 2.See a few details...
  12. PrimeHover

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Version 1.2.1   Introduction This plugin allows the creation of warehouses where you can store items in the game.   License This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  To view a copy of this license...
  13. Item Storage

    Hello, I'm new to the forums but I used RPGMVXA long ago, I need an item storage event, without any scripts. I recently had a problem with scripts but its now fixed, so now I need to create an item storage using events. Can you help me?
  14. Blue001

    Get Random Item function needed for Bravo2Kilo's Storage script

    Hello forum, I am currently using Bravo2Kilo's Storage script (with some modifications that display current/max items.) Here is what I have right now...  I have two inventories in game already, one is the players inventory, one is a normal storage. But I am making a third inventory using...
  15. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Shared Storage V 2.40

    ====================================================== Overview ====================================================== This script allows you to have shared storages where you can put/take items. The storage is accessible to all save files of your game or even another game as long as you...
  16. Rishabh Varshney


    Thus there is any way to store money in rpg maker fourms without having a credit card or a paypal account???
  17. BedsideReaper

    Categorized Storages

    Hi everybody!  I'm kinda new here, so if this is the wrong place to post this, then I'm sorry. I've been searching for a categorized storage system for a while now, with no luck.  I'm currently using Galv's script and played around with variables to see if I could assign which items could go in...
  18. IMP1

    Storage Boxes

    Storage Boxes 1.12 by IMP1 Link to Script Description: Storage boxes allows you to set up containers (barrels, chests, banks, whatever you want) that can hold items. You can specifiy a limit for how many items a container can hold, and a name for a container. This script also includes a scene...
  19. JJR

    Skill Maximum with storage

    I'm wondering if there is already a script for this, I searched for a while but it's hard to find something without knowing what someone else called it. I would like to have a maximum of Skills per character and then have a way to swap the skills out. Even just replacing an existing known skill...

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