1. Tier in ******* & Itch Package

    I've checked ******* tier, and I find some wording a bit vague to my understanding 1$ gives you Access all regular patron releases- -- including the entire archive 5$ gives you New expansion packs as I release them! 10$ gives you Alpha/Beta access Access to all new releases as I release them...
  2. Publish my game play store more than 100MB?

    apparently I have to make an expansion file? I do not know how to use that ... That I have to do? Is it the only option to be able to publish my game?
  3. RaynRayn

    Shop System

    Er, sorry for the amount of questions I have... I'm just really new to VNM and there's not really a lot of tutorials on it yet. Is there a way to implement a system where the player can click on a button, it opens up the shop, and they can purchase items from there? I also want to make it so...
  4. Hugo Yasha

    [RMMV] How to make a In-Game Store

    I've searched this a lot in the internet and didn't find anything about it. I would like to create an option in the title menu for my player buy (with real money) some items and maps in the game. It's common on mobile games like the 'HideandSeek' (picture below). I know it may be difficult...
  5. Vetmora

    Galv's MV Event Detectors JS Plugin: Store original x y

    I'm using one of Galv's plugins here: I'm setting up guards that chase the player and then go back to their "post" (original position) if they lose sight of the player. This plugin pretty much does what I...
  6. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Store music pack file download question

    I just noticed that some of the music packs I bought from the store has two files available for download, one "normal" version and one "igm" version. For example, for the adventurer's final journey: 92.4 MB 436 MB I would...
  7. Jack_Gram

    Odd Question?

    Hello! I'm new to the RPG maker community and so far I have to say its great. I just have a question about a problem I have encountered while making my game. So I have an item that there is a limited amount of them and you exchange them for rare weapons and armor. The problem I'm having is I...
  8. Jonforum

    Your Favorite Shop for Computing part (POLL)

    hi, Where do you shop, your Computing part equipment for your studio or work? If not listed, you can tell us. (Not local store) Thanks
  9. Poupouille

    Shop doors for MV

    Hello! Do you know where I can find automatic glass doors, or any other store door for MV? Unfortunately, the RPG Maker MV RTP. are a bit small. :/ Thank you!
  10. Poupouille

    Shop doors for MV

    Hello! Do you know where I can find automatic glass doors, or any other store door for MV? I don't know if I'm writing in the good forum, in another case, please move my topic to the appropriate forum. :) Thank you!
  11. charlesthehurst

    Store Purchase Issue

    I recently got some money to spend (tax return for the win) and was hoping to use it to get some resources I've had my eye on in the store. Anyhoo, needed to know if a Visa Prepaid card would work. I've contacted sales support but haven't heard back.
  12. mardin

    RPG Maker Music for Visual Novel Maker

    One thing that is key for me in visual novels is good quality sound and music. I was wondering, since on every music pack is a big "USE IT ONLY FOR RPG/IG MAKER GAMES!", if we are able to use the purchased music packs for visual novel maker?
  13. Name

    Can anyone sell in the store?

    Can any member request to sell their resource pack or graphic pack in the rpg maker store?
  14. GoodSelf

    Learning Together discount?

    60% off on the RPG Maker web store? Is this a dream? This discount is absolutely insane. I'm about to go on a crazy shopping spree!
  15. GoodSelf

    Payment could not be processed

    Hey folks! I'm having an issue processign a payment on the the RPG Maker Web store using my debit card. All the information is correct, and I confirmed everything with my bank today, but I keep recieving this error message: Payment could not be processed, please check the details you...
  16. RPG Maker MV Store/Mall tiles?

    I'm currently making a modern-style game, and there is a shop in it where you can buy items to make your stats go up faster when in classes. I need: cash registers, clothing racks, and food displays as the main few things. If anyone finds some of these tiles, please link. Thank you.
  17. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Cant manage my purchases.

    So I recently made a fresh install of windows on my computer and sadly some of my purchases from the RMW store wasnt uploaded to my dropbox.  Thing is that when I try to download my purchases from the site (Manage purchases) I end up with the following message: Not Found The requested...
  18. Purzelkater

    Maker filter on store

    Hi, would it be possible to add a Maker filter on the resources shop? This should make it much easier to find available products for a specific Maker version (VX, MV, etc.). Kind regards, Purzelkater
  19. Uzuki

    Legality of buying from the Japanese store.

    I was just wondering if it was legal to buy a resource pack from the Japanese and use those resources in an American version of RPG Maker? I know the resources usually come to our side within a few months of each other, but I'm feeling particularly impatient with certain pack and want get it now.
  20. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Resource Packs Expiration on Main Store Query

    I was checking my main store account earlier and I saw that most of the resource packs now have an expiration date (I think it says "never" last time I checked). What does the expiration exactly mean?

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