story and character based

  1. SoCalAshez

    RMMZ Cycles of Infinity: Sands of Slumber: Session 1 release! FREE!

    Cycles of Infinity: Sands of Slumber by SoCalAshez ( (link to download game for PC and MAC) Sands Of Slumber (Links to World Anvil Page!) This campaign plays in the genre of old Final Fantasy style taking place in a highly magical and steampunk-esque technological world on the verge of...
  2. pohutukawa

    SERVICE Writer/++

    Hello, I am currently a native-speaking creative writer in college. I study literature and know the basics of RPG maker. Here are the services that I can offer. I specialize in horror and tragedy. My writing is dark-themed and heavily focused on the internal world and its emotions. I am a...
  3. DarkadeGames

    RMMV Heart of Grimm -Ever After-

    .................................. Hey guys. My very first MV game is finally complete. It's a remake of my very first VX game with many many story and gameplay improvements. The game should take around 20-25 hours, so standard RPG fair. -SYNOPSIS- Seventeen years ago, the dark wizard Mordrid...
  4. Kitty_Rika

    RMMV Labyrinthians - an adventure RPG based on exploration and story

  5. Pacheco99

    RMVXA Second Nature (JRPG)

    Synopsis: Two friends decide to journey to a dangerous cave to find out the truth of a legend. Along the way they'll have to survive and see their choices out either to make something of themselves or nothing at all. The game is story-driven, so is concerned mainly with telling a story from...
  6. HitherYonGames

    [RMMV] Paladin Dream

    Josiah the paladin has a recurring dream wherein he loses a duel to a mysterious gray knight. After leaving the abbey to confront his destiny, Josiah must soon cross swords with bandits, pass through the city of the wicked, and then scale a perilous mountain peak. As he prepares to face off with...
  7. cthulhusquid

    RMVXA [Revamped Demo Ver. 1.2] Battle Castle: Shadow From the Past [Story-Focused Dark Fantasy]

    Content Warning: Contains use of alcohol, mild language. Welcome to the revamped demo of Battle Castle: Shadow from the Past! While the amount of content is greatly decreased compared to the previous demo, quality is more important than quantity. This is an “early look” release that shows off...
  8. Cythera

    RMMV Origin Hunt

    A kidnapped monster in a foreign country caught in a secret war between seven of the most powerful mages alive. ~~Hey. Want to know something cool? There's a demo download below :kaopride:~~ Meet the characters you'll get to play as! Everything listed is included in the demo...
  9. mf_Will_Black

    RMMV Trailblazer - DEMO Available Now!

    Trailblazer The West has never been more wild! DOWNLOAD LINK Trailblazer on Access the Beta of Chapters 2 and 3 by joining RPG Maker Beta Testers on Discord SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS LET'S PLAYS/STREAMS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE SECTION D...
  10. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    PROJECT COMPASS DEMO SYNOPSIS Woe betide men who no longer reach out with the hands that they have been given. Project Compass Demo is a plot- and character-driven adventure in the style of traditional turn-based Japanese role-playing games. Much care has gone into the storytelling and also...
  11. Icelord888

    RMMV Soulflowers

  12. declan999

    RMVXA Perpetual Chains (An old fashioned RPG game with voiceacting)

    INTRODUCTION Hello! I'm Declan, the creator of Perpetual Chains. Like many people here, I grew up on the RPG games of the 90's/00's. It probably became a contributing factor to the career I landed in. I became an actor, touring all over Europe and eventually doing commercial voiceover. During...
  13. Orchard

    Relapse: The Neverland

    Hello all! Before I introduce you to my project, id like to take the time to express the journey i've been on creating this game. This began as an interest starting two to three years ago. I played with it on and off throughout the years until I got tired of working the wheel of corporate. I...
  14. Angel.K1tty

    RMMV Game idea - Shards of Chrysalism

    Hello! I have an idea for a game, but I do not know where to start. I am a digital and traditional artist, so naturally I love making characters. I have many original characters, but there are two in particular that I really want to do something with. I have made games before, but none of them...
  15. RMMV Back Home [Prologue finished]

    SYNOPSIS "Back Home" is a story-driven rpg with several shorter episodes, all building on one storyline. When Chess' best friend is left to die, he immediately sets out to fulfill an ancient ritual, ultimately reviving Julian in the form of a guardian creature, a Woodwalker. While living...
  16. leenat40


    This version of "2: Vampyrus" is cancelled and will no longer represent the reworked "2 Vampyrus" in any way apart from the world and the characters. "It's never just black and white." ""It is the light of our Lord that will guide us to safety and happiness" Yet that light never came. It...
  17. liviticus

    RMMV Malifex

    SYNOPSIS Malifex is the culmination of a story that has been lurking in my mind for many years, it has had a few previous iterations in RPG Maker VX Ace. However with the birth of my Son I decided to start again in earnest, so that he could enjoy the game some day. I have used RPG Maker MV for...
  18. angrychill

    TRADE One Room - help needed!

    One Room (WIP title) A short text-based game !!DISCLAIMER:!! this game will mention and tackle some issues such as suicide, illness, and depression. Please take caution when reading or deciding to involve yourself in this project. Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis “One Room” (working title) is a...
  19. TrinityCXV

    RMMV Takae - A Trinity Witches Game

  20. Plueschkatze

    RMMV Project Ruins

    Worktitle: Project Ruins. Hello everyone! This is my new project. Well, kinda new. I'm revisiting an old project idea I developed around feb/march last year. It actually was planned as a visual novel-ish project for Nanoreno 2017. But I did put it on hold because I had some troubles with...

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