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  1. Codynstuff

    RMMV The Orphans - a Sci-Fi Adventure (Playable all the way through but still needs lots of polish)

    I'm very proud to announce after putting in about 130 hours, I have a start to finish working version of my game! Below is a copy/ paste of the details I put in Itch, here is the link to the Itch page! Note: I have a hard time keeping up with keeping info...
  2. JeuneDanielSoleil

    Thoughts on super dungeon implementation?

    I was thinking of adding a super dungeon into my game, a massive and difficult multi-floor dungeon. Complete with remixed enemies and unique items that can be used to craft the strongest gear in the game. It's meant to be a tribute to wizardry, a hardcore RPG series I love. I haven't played...
  3. Ron_Dozy

    RMMV My Monster, My Disease - A story about a mental health patient

    My Monster, My Disease My Monster, My Disease tells the tale of a guy living with the struggles of mental health, taking place in our current, modern world. It's a story that's inspired by my own personal life and experiences (though highly embellished), presented through an RPG game. I'd say...
  4. Jitsu

    RMMV ⊰Dampftraum⊱ ༊ a Steampunk Fairy Tale ☽࿐

    Info: Dampftraum is in development! Chapter 1 is playable and has 2 endings, but will be expanded in the middle part (forest). Chapter 2 & 3 are planned. Kaya tries to repair a zeppelin with the help of her robot K.R. I to leave the island where she lives. Explore the island and collect...
  5. Garryg

    RMXP The History of Hauntly Hall.

    SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT I know this idea is a bit different from most games on here, but would appreciate your thought on this. Thank you for looking.
  6. Alright


    Hello. UPDATE: 2023.10.20 Who hasn't put a stop on a big project they've been working on for years? I sure have. I won't be working on this game for the coming while, it is unsustainable for me. Yet I have put in a lot of work in this already and hope to return to it one day. I'll keep the...
  7. DMHenry

    RMMV Asteroid Tagger (Short story-driven sci-fi game)

    It's the distant future, and the rapid development of space exploration has allowed mankind to establish numerous settlements, cities and small pockets of civilization all across the Milky Way. You're Werner Huang, an "object mapper" - someone whose job is to explore and identify astronomical...
  8. Soul_Narrative_Games

    FREE REQUEST One's Desolation - Looking for Playtesters

    I just recently finished the full game of my game "One's Desolation". One's Desolation is an adventure horror game that controls on a 2D plane. (similar to a platformer) There are scenarios where your choices can affect whether or not the main character can make it out alive. This game is very...
  9. moonwritertheory

    RMMV IMPACT (Project Noé; Working Title)

    Originally conceived as "April Fools Day 2022". The concept is described as a "reversal permadeath action-RPG and psychological fantasy-thriller game with story-driven elements", and it was inspired by the controversial 2002 movie Irréversible, and other video games like Hellblade: Senua's...
  10. thepsyche

    RMMV Eternal Remnant: The First Chapter - An emotional RPG journey | Demo available now!

    Get the demo and wishlist now on Steam! Synopsis: Follow the unforgettable tale of Vera and her little brother Arin, in an emotional RPG journey that will see them fight for their lives to reach the city of Sunspire – their only hope of salvation as they are hunted down for an...
  11. Ina00

    RMVXA Hackventure RPG

    ◈ WHAT IS HACKVENTURE? ◈ Hackventure is a surreal adventure jrpg game mainly inspired by the Mother/Earthbound series. Its development started in 2019 and I'm currently the only one working on it. The game uses a traditional combat system, simple graphic in pure mother style, and a very rich and...
  12. ScorchedGround

    RMMV One Map Game Challenge - The Calm before the Storm

    Hello everyone! So I finally did the thing. The cool thing that everyone does. I am of course talking about The One Map Game Challenge! With this game, I wanted to challenge myself. You know, a challenge besides the editor restrictions like only using 10 events, variables etc. So I decided to...
  13. moonwritertheory

    RMMV PROJECT: LOVE + CAFE (Release Candidate)

    Project Love and Cafe (Originally titled Love Plus Cafe) (stylized as PROJECT: LOVE + CAFE) is a TOP (Theatrical Overhead Perspective) interactive fiction game made in RPG Maker MV. Every five stories deal with the themes of conversation about food and friendship, as well as the dysfunctional...
  14. Yrythaela

    RMMV The Sinners who Never Sinned

    Hello everyone, my name is Yrythaela and thank you for taking interest at my WIP game called: The Sinners who Never Sinned. The Sinners who Never Sinned is a multiple stories about self-acceptance, self-love and discovering ourselves. This gets explored more and much more that will be developed...
  15. Fasoldgames

    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    Hi there! Welcome to the world of Eastwind! A beautiful island near the edge of this world and the next. The first demo is now available on! Story Plagued by recurring monster invasions, the king of Eastwind has instituted the Eastwind Heroics, a grand tournament open to all...
  16. Corfaisus

    RM2k/3 Tales from Zilmurik is now, like, super cheap, yo. 90% off!

    "All seek inner peace out of life, though the path and what exactly that peace details is something only we can decide for ourselves. Regardless if this be of the Divine or otherwise, all life strives towards an end that those who live might deem significant." ~ Vrenmasil The great hunger of...
  17. Santana

    RMMZ A really short story: I miss you - [One map challenge]

    I miss you is a short story driven game inspired of and made for the one map challenge with the new RPG Maker MZ. There aren't great mechanics but a hard focus on music and script writting. It takes aproximately twenty minutes to complete it, time in which you can get delighted by the awesome...
  18. TOMV

    RMMZ Tale of Many Voices

    Hello - thank you for expressing interest in Tale of Many Voices! I am delighted to announce that I have fully converted TOMV to RPG Maker MZ. The art is generally much improved with many improved quest lines and bug fixes. What is it: Synopsis below, but features include: 1. Fully explorable...
  19. HitherYonGames

    [RMMV] Paladin Dream

    Josiah the paladin has a recurring dream wherein he loses a duel to a mysterious gray knight. After leaving the abbey to confront his destiny, Josiah must soon cross swords with bandits, pass through the city of the wicked, and then scale a perilous mountain peak. As he prepares to face off with...
  20. JohnOConnell

    RMMV A Summer I Remember - Short Story

    Greetings from Italy - 1985 It's summer in 1985 and you're going to spend the rest of the day with this strange friend you've met in school. Italy's great for an year of school abroad and you will Always remember this summer. A Summer I Remember is a short story I made with RPG Maker MV for...

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