story building

  1. TheoAllen

    Non-grand/epic storyline

    My problem is more or less like how do you come up with story. But, I'm asking in different perspective. Usually, a (good) RPG story line involve a grand scale, either it's about saving the world (destroy evil castle, a demon is being resurrected, etc) or involving kingdom/nations (rebel...
  2. Studio Blue

    Our Tips For a Good Game

    So we've been having a bunch of new developers contact us over Twitter and Facebook, asking what's the most important part of designing your game. The answer we give is effectively "everything", but after we all have a good laugh, we proceed to tell them that there are three things essential to...
  3. Bonuses and Special Abilities for a Hidden Equipable Object

    So, I'm working on a game that is somewhat based in our modern day world, but with D&D-like elements (Ability scores, special skills, various classes, feats, etc). Throughout the story one, some or all of the party members will be required to infiltrate certain buildings and areas of operation...

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