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  1. LeetMusic

    Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer This project is made with RMMV. It is currently in Beta release (on itch) and will have the full PC release (Steam, etc.) in January 2024. The price is $4.99 usd. A new murder mystery to solve! “Deal Killer” takes Detective Guy...
  2. Shader1019

    RMMV Renegade Retry

    Synopsis In this game, you play as an 11-year-old boy named Miles Scott. His life has been fairly normal. He lives with his dad, Norman Scott, in a mansion. Norman is always busy with his job, so Miles likes to spend time with him whenever he can. One day though, Norman's friend, Anthony...
  3. BaltisDemar

    RMMZ Eclipse [Prologue Released] Narrative driven, top-down action adventure game inspired by the likes of Corpse Party and Persona. Story As the annual Olympiads Competition draws near, a group of ambitious students set out to prepare themselves for the ultimate test. They convene on campus...
  4. PixelatedBree

    RMMV Escape From Haunted Spaces

    A spooky story-driven “Escape Room”-esque game full of cartoon vibes. Population: Less than 500 and dwindling. SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS GAMEPLAY CHARACTERS NOTES DOWNLOAD LINK
  5. Ron_Dozy

    RMMV My Monster, My Disease - A story about a mental health patient

    My Monster, My Disease My Monster, My Disease tells the tale of a guy living with the struggles of mental health, taking place in our current, modern world. It's a story that's inspired by my own personal life and experiences (though highly embellished), presented through an RPG game. I'd say...
  6. Eddy_Dantino

    RMMZ Broken Nights

  7. Classic_Review

    RMMV Death's Challenge [IGMC 2022]

    HURT, MOVE, and TALK though Deaths wacky roommates in this Puzzle RPG. --Synopsis-- You have died and now you have to complete Death's Challenge if you want to come back to life. However, the task might be a tad... unorthodox. Fight Deaths roommates in a puzzle-based RPG where you need to...
  8. BlackRoseMii

    RMVXA [IGMC2022]Project Ark

    Northstar Tales presents SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS PROGRESS FINISHED GAME The finished game is here, please enjoy!
  9. DMHenry

    RMMV Asteroid Tagger (Short story-driven sci-fi game)

    It's the distant future, and the rapid development of space exploration has allowed mankind to establish numerous settlements, cities and small pockets of civilization all across the Milky Way. You're Werner Huang, an "object mapper" - someone whose job is to explore and identify astronomical...
  10. Godarkhaos

    RMMV DIVINE LEGACY - Story Rich Action-RPG

  11. LordYltas

    RMMV Lord's Reincarnation III Released!!!

    Link to the in question! vvvvvvvvvvvvv After the great battle between God and Lucifer the world was thrown into a state of chaos. Many lost their lives while others survived to rebuild the world. A few centuries later, the world managed to...
  12. greenrivers

    RMMZ Abattoir (Working title)

    Dropping my current progress on this game here. Obviously all of this is liable to change as I go - expect to see a lot of unfinished assets and RTP placeholders ໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७✎▤
  13. Vivisecta

    RMMZ A Swim to the Sky

    A Swim to the Sky SYNOPSIS It had always been Lunaus' dream as a merfolk to see the world above The Barrier. The stories about the night sky and the endless lights twinkling with the rhythm of the waves had captivated them since they were little. The only thing holding them back from living...
  14. Zameryth

    RMMZ Bookmarked (Modern RPG) [Touch the Stars Entry]

    Mari Ishida is a struggling college student until suddenly, her laptop stops working. Desperate to finish her essay, she buys a computer from a random woman in a parking lot. However, everything changes when Mari gets trapped in a virtual world based on a website she bookmarked. Now she must...
  15. Failivrin

    FREE access to my writing workshop!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post. Besides chatting about game development generally, I like to help game makers write better stories. (I also have this old thread of text resources
  16. Finnuval

    RMMZ M - a Detective Game

    After losing progress on this game multiple times it was on the backburner for a bit however I am happy to announce that M is back and doing better then ever!!! Teaming up with @spillycat we have formed 2Tales Studio and started rebuilding M from the ground up at an incredible pace. With our...
  17. Ludi_Tarantula

    FREE REQUEST (RMMV) ARTISTS WANTED!! - The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht (Story-driven game)

    Good evening from the Ludi Tarantula team! Like we said in the title, we need multiple artists. After two years in which we tried to do both eventing and the art for the game, we recognized how much does it take to do both of them: we are always unsatisfied with our results. That's why we...
  18. Walldeaf

    a Thief's Voyage

    A classic RPG with a sideview battlesystem, lots of character development and a solid story. Using the power of the RPGMaker VX Ace engine, parallax mapping, scripting and all in eventing soup, which makes this game a true adventure. A game to remember! It all start as 2 sisters, both...
  19. Meowsticks

    RMVXA Untold Story (Demo Version Available!)

    Untold Story is my take on the JRPG genre, where a mixture of people come together and ultimately save the world. Players will take control of the main character, form a party with others they meet, defeat Monsters to get stronger, and discover information about the world. Untold Story is very...
  20. Mallowbird

    RMMV Investigator Intern Demo Release!

    View and Download on After 9 months of development, it's finally here! Thank you for taking an interest in my first game! This is a demo, meaning that it is not the full game (the full game is currently still in development). Investigator Intern is an otome game with four love...

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