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  1. JGreene

    RMMV Fates Collide (Demo Available!)

    ** This project is still in development. Many aspects are still subject to change. ** Synopsis Have you ever thought there might be something else out there? Or have you wondered why things change, or how certain events are even possible? Fate and destiny are ever-changing here. Welcome to...
  2. Vassago

    RMVXA Demons from Beyond - Horror/Sci-fi RPG (downloadable DEMO)

    Hello Guys! I'd like to show you my game, Demons From Beyond: The Shadows of Annwyn. This is a science-fiction RPG game set in a bleak post-apocalyptic vision of the future. One of the most distinctive features is undoubtedly the visionary and sinister storyline, with lots of strange elements...
  3. Thorfax13

    RMMV Shadow Hearts: Revenant

    Warning: This game contains some instances of disturbing imagery and strong language. Player discretion is advised. Pierce was a normal boy, living a somewhat uninteresting life. Although he enjoyed excitement wherever he could find it, exciting things never seemed to happen to him very often...
  4. FluffexStudios

    RMVXA Stitched - Steam Greenlight

    Hi all, We are a small group of creators that do our best to make entertaining experiences with what resources we have available. We spent the last 2.5 years to work on a horror adventure game and below is our result: For more information, please visit our steam page...
  5. SomaelCK

    RMMV One Loves the Sunset

    KODOTS GAMES PRESENTS SYNOPSIS One Loves the Sunset is a slice-of-life style of story-teller where you play as an ordinary old man who goes on with his ordinary life. Behind the seemly normal and rather mundane daily routines, it is shown that he is a damaged person, haunted by the past...
  6. Pluto Pluto

    RMMV Pluto

    Synopsis Pluto is lonely, forlorn creature who's just looking for a home. When her ship meets mysterious turbulence over the alien planet Sheva, however, she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for. Pluto becomes embroiled in an interplanetary mystery, battling a mysterious and dark...
  7. Darkside.Zodiac

    RMMV GrailQuest v1.0.0

    The omens had been foreboding for weeks. Leaden skies and clouds full of rain threatened the crops. When the storms finally came, lightning stuck the druid oak . . . twice. Once the skies cleared, lights were seen over the Giant's Dance... Bad omens indeed for the kingdom of Glaston. It...
  8. Lucidia

    RMVXA The Lucidia Chronicles (30+ hour RPG)

    Orin has strange visions and dreams about a mysterious girl. His destiny is shrouded in uncertainty, but as the visions grow stronger he realizes he possesses a gift, crucial in unlocking his true purpose.
  9. Neckboi


    (art by   A fourth wall breaking RPG where the hero slowly realizes that you, the player, exist.   We are funded on Kickstarter! Use the links below to check us out and keep up with the development of GLITCHED. You can play the demo below. Give us...
  10. Thorfax

    [DEMO] Shadow Hearts: Revenant

    Shadow Hearts: Revenant is a darkly atmospheric RPG game designed as a fan sequel to the Shadow Hearts series released on the Playstation 2. Although not a direct sequel, this game does take place in a similar continuity as the Shadow Hearts series, and borrows from some of its gameplay/story...
  11. Musashi

    [IGMC 2015] Memory is a Time Machine

      Memory is a Time Machine   "In a place forgotten by time, where the day blends into the night, the winter never goes away and people never die, the arrival of a mysterious young man with the ability to manipulate time can change everything. Along with Fate, a local musician, they try to figure...
  12. Dimitris

    The King In Yellow

    THE KING IN YELLOW a psychological horror game by Dimitris STORY Junior professor of glossology William C. Webb is being summoned by a team of professors in an isolated town deep within the mountains to assist with a peculiar discovery. A wolf's skeleton was found on a sacrificial chamber...
  13. Morg

    AiL1: The Ashmond Legacy

    ---Download---   Adventures in Lancroft: Chapter I The Ashmond Legacy In the quiet, isolated settlements of the valleys it's easy to keep a secret from the outside world. Something happened at the old Ashmond Estate that no one will speak about but sooner or later the old place will reveal its...
  14. Tarsus

    Flight of the Eagle - with Demo

    Demo!! Approx 30-50 mins long. Requires RTP/RM installed - 24mb Known demo Issues -  Story It is the 259th year of the Empire of Orion, approx 400 years after the invention of the W-Drive and humanity...
  15. Tarsus

    [recruiting] Flight of the Eagle

    Flight of the Eagle The Story It is the 259th year of the Galactic Empire, approx 800 years after the invention of the W-Drive and humanity first journeyed to the stars. The aging Emporer and his daughter are attending a Navy award ceremony when disaster strikes, the Emporer is murdered by...
  16. sawworm

    Shattered Hourglass - Over 40 hours of gameplay

    Hello there! Shattered Hourglass is a huge time travel RPG I'm working on since 2012, well at least time to time. It's inspired by many popular titles I grew up with such as Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Suikoden and of course Chrono Trigger! It's now available on Steam...
  17. kingmakerspider

    The Wasteland: 163 MB demo available (as of 6/10/12)

    New Screenie of the slightly revised battle menu. But what's not really evident is the work I've put in to balance the battles so that the characters growth in power is not as steep as it was in the first demo. Here's some screenshots: Feedback on the game, screenies, or the demo are...

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