1. wintrydaze

    RMMV (World-Hopping) Teething Fever - DEMO released!

    Warning: This game contains violence, mild swearing, mild gore, horror, death, homicide and other disturbing or mature themes. There are screen flashes and and display of visual patterns or graphics that may be discomforting. Player discretion is advised. ═════════════ Preface Story...
  2. Milk Bar Prophet

    RMMV A Girl Who Wore (The) Moon [IGMC 2017 entry]

    A Girl Who Wore (The) Moon a story-driven adventure by Milk Bar Prophet DOWNLOAD: A girl awakes in a chest on board of a weird train. She has no ticket, but for some reason she has the moon in her hair. She’s surrounded by strange...
  3. Forthright

    Orphan's Treasure Steam Launch Sept 9th

    Hello RPG Maker community. Forthright Casual Games team launched their first episode in the Orphan Series, Orphan's Treasure. The game is really a story-driven narrative with very little combat. We would love your feedback and support on the title. We hope you all enjoy the game! ABOUT THE...
  4. Flogic

    HUMBABA: Songbirds & Scavengers

    HUMBABA: Songbirds & Scavengers SYNOPSIS: The Humbaba of ancient Mesopotamian lore was a figure at once beloved and vilified: a guardian and a menace, a friend and an enemy. He was the ferocious and deadly protector of the Cedar Forest, home to the gods; he bore the face of a lion and...
  5. Matseb2611

    Mercury: Cascade into Madness

    Buy Links: General Features: An urban sci-fi cyberpunk setting, taking place in a crime-ridden city where vigilante justice is a common occurrence. Choice and consequence. The choices you make will have an impact on the world around you. Similar skill progression system to City of...
  6. BinaryCodex

    As the Seasons Change

    Aya lives peacefully by herself in a quiet corner of the woods. She loves nature and enjoys watching as it changes and grows. Those days could go on forever… At least until the day when the world’s natural flow fractured. Aya awoke to find that though it should have been late Spring, her...
  7. The_Trinity

    RMMV Above & Below - Demo v1.3 Active!

    Above & Below is a semi-open world, story-driven RPG about how a search for one girl’s lost memory becomes a desperate struggle to defy prophetic destiny and uncover how the after-effects of a thousands-year-old war reshaped the fates of two intertwined worlds. Geraria has always been known...
  8. Time for Games

    Our story begins with a giant storm!  A crash of lightning!  The disappearance of humans and the discovery of a strange new world!  A world where mining blocks, pushing lanes and building Walls to keep out zombies isn't just cool...but your very survival depends on it. I made Time for Games...
  9. Bura

    Long Gone Days (DEMO) [NOW on Indiegogo]

    Long Gone Days       We are now on Indiegogo! Support the full development of Long Gone Days at: The demo is OUT! Download it from, Game Jolt or (more info here) External Links Twitter | Devlog |...
  10. Naveed

    Ethereal Spring [v1.00 Released!]

            [/SPOILER]   TL;DR Version (Not Recommended):         Hiliga Village [ Not available till v2.00 :(  ]:     The Hiliga Cliffs [ Not available till v2.00 :(  ]:  ...
  11. 162

    Marina~ Horror with Pop Music, Paranoia, and Pink

    Adventure/Tactical with a horror flavor. My first commercial project ever (eep). In addition for testing the waters for people who might want to sign onto the project, I wanted to see people's reaction to this idea and see if it's worth madly devoting time to. Marina Marx is the biggest pop...
  12. Flashhitter

    IN-Development - Here Lies: No One - Horror/Drama

    Currently  in-development Here Lies: No One A Post-Apocalyptic drama/horror          Based on the book- Here Lies: No One -comes a drama/horror story centered around two groups of survivors -a group of high-schoolers, and a group of scouts- as they try to survive the devastation of the world.  ...
  13. rpgdreamer

    Valor - A Storytelling Game [Adult Themes]

    A medieval warrior known as the Knight of Valor wakes up one evening to find shattered pieces of an Enchanted Mirror at his feet. While he has forgotten most of what had transpired in his Estate within the past few weeks, the Knight does recall that a Dark Power has captured a precious loved one...
  14. Flashhitter

    IN-Development - Here Lies: No One - Horror/Drama

    THIS TOPIC IS BEING MOVED FROM EARLY PROJECT DEVELOPMENT TO PROJECT DEVELOPMENT         Currently  in-development Here Lies: No One A Post-Apocalyptic drama/horror          Based on the book- Here Lies: No One -comes a drama/horror story centered around two groups of survivors -a group of...
  15. Raider

    Mage Tower

            Please note, that the texts of some screens are in German. At the moment I'm halfway done in translating the game into English. I just wanted to present it here to get some feedback before I'll release a first demo in English, so I could do a few changes if something isn't as good as I...
  16. Ansreng

    Critical Downside

    Critcal Downside (UPDATE 1)     Synopsis:   A story-driven adventure, where you experience a crumbling modern society with multiple characters, which are connected. If you aren't ready to destroy the world or watch your favorite character die this game isn't for you!   Plot:   Experience the...
  17. Joshua Harrison

    Fragile Demo

    Updates: See the bottom for information on the current Demo V1.6.3 I am currently taking a break from this project. I have spent many sleepless nights and pretty much all of my Christmas break before college starts back up working on this. It is getting to a point where I am starting to be...
  18. Mog the Moogle

    50 Days (Open-World, Story-Driven)

    50 Days. 50 Days until he comes. And all is destroyed. Zabie (placeholder name) is a girl from Aridath who gets nightmares about there being 50 days until this demon comes and destroys mankind... again. One day, she is taken away by the mysterious Zyrzakni, an ancient tribe of secluded magi...
  19. endriu

    Dictionary (Download available)

    presents     DOWNLOAD it from!     In general: Using technical terms, Dictionary might be described as a "light, story-driven, adventure-RPG". Using non-techincal terms, it is just the first RPG Maker game I managed to work on for more than a week without saying "Oh yes...
  20. Dammerung: Requiem for Tomorrow

    If you knew everything you loved and held dear was going to be destroyed: Could you find the courage to fight for it anyway? Welcome to Dammerung: Requiem for Tomorrow. Playable Demo:  Download HERE Space for link to a manual I hope to write soon. Anybody on this site shouldn't have any...

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