1. Dwesper

    The last remaining soldier.

    Hi, I just want to make this story that I have in mind. It's about a dark fantasy, I hope you like the idea. Maybe it will be developed to something more, who knows but here is the beginning. Title: The Remaining Soldier Introduction "In the war of Hior, the king sended his soldiers to die...
  2. Dwesper

    Guide: How to write conflict

    The goal in a story is not to make your main character a hero, but to make the character go through conflict. In a short term, conflict is based upon many things. It can be inside the character or outside. •Inside: Goals, Fears,mindset,memories and so on.. •Outside: Vilain, enemies...
  3. Dwesper

    Losing your drive.

    Ever come to the point that, when you created a game and you're half way through it's completion. You lost the passion about it ? It has occured to me recently. I was able to create a game about a story with many arcs, a main character with personality and many side quests that are optional...
  4. Guarii

    Create various game endings through player choices.

    Hello brothers! I wanted to ask you about a fairly simple way to create various game endings. That is, that if you do actions during the game at the end it can change the fate of the story. How does this work with variables or switches? Could someone explain it to me? Thanks and sorry for my...
  5. marino13

    RMMV AZE-RPG (a World of Warcraft demake)

    Introducing AZE-RPG AZE-RPG is a demake of the hit MMORPG World of Warcraft, aiming to emulate the gameplay and feel but with the 2d Game maker aesthetic. The game currently utilises basic RPG maker MV sprite work and tilesets with a goal to slowly change them once I'm able to pay a proper pixel...
  6. Just want to chat about horror ideas

    I'm thinking, I'm going to make a horror game. I've looked through many gameplay videos of other horror rpg games on youtube, but still haven't found my inspiration. I want to come up with a gameplay that makes players think, feel creative. I am also thinking about a plot with many twists and...
  7. LiamBrie

    Just wanna say hello and share my story <3

    Hello, I decided to come back to the RPG Maker community after a long hiatus, I am looking forward to making some connections and using some of my knowledge to help others! Some background maybe some of you can identify with: I think I always knew videogames were my favorite thing, I've yet...
  8. MichaelaThisten

    RMMZ Horror Ideas?

    I have a few upcoming projects in mind but I'm a raging addict who always wants to hear more ideas! It could be anything from a plot idea, to a monster/villian idea, tips and tricks or a particular scare setup-as long as it's horror related, and you don't mind if I potentially use those ideas in...
  9. kelarly

    RMVXA [FREE] Tale of Vassya: A New Day (Two stories, adventure RPG, 30+ hrs))

    TALE OF VASSYA: A NEW DAY Introduction Tale Of Vassya is a game being developed using RPG Maker VX Ace , and developed solely by me, Kelarly. This game has been in development on and off for about 7 years now, and it has finally completed the game. When I began, I knew this project would be...
  10. Milennin

    Character death, things to consider?

    Talking about story deaths, not gameplay deaths. What are good ways to kill off a main character, what are things to avoid? It's something I've been thinking about lately, and looking to see what other people have to say on the matter.
  11. Failivrin

    FREE access to my writing workshop!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post. Besides chatting about game development generally, I like to help game makers write better stories. (I also have this old thread of text resources https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/failivrins-freesources.78679/#post-757884)...
  12. Milennin

    How to establish a villain as a serious threat?

    I've been thinking about methods on how to make players consider the villain(s) in a game as a serious threat, and not just as a random NPC with an evil looking sprite graphic that's forgotten about the moment they leave the screen. What are effective ways of making a villain leave a mark in the...
  13. lewis1992

    Aeon's Destiny [Available NOW on itch.io]

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my game, Aeon's Destiny! So much love has gone into this, as it's been a lifelong dream to create my own game that focuses heavily on story and character development. Title: Aeon's Destiny Current Version: 1.0 Price: $2.99 - $4.89 Engine: RPG...
  14. gRaViJa

    RMMV Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace - An Action Adventure RPG

    (Last update: December 8th 2021) WISHLIST on Steam now! Follow: Discord // Itch.io // Facebook // YouTube // Twitter // Instagram // Website Trailer Developer's note I’m Kevin, an independent game developer working on my game and passion project Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace. Eniko: Ghosts Of...
  15. RMVXA Phantea (full demo)

    Phantea, a world ruled by 5 pantheons of Deities, each one coexisting in peace and harmony, until a sixth pantheon decides to atack causing an unprecedented catastrophe...now it's up to the last remaining humans to save the world and restore balance to the universe... Game features: - Open...
  16. Axsajim

    RMMV Hoshizora no Sakura

    Grettings, this is a proof of concept for a project It's going to be on development. The worldbuilding of this project is something i've been working since I was younger, 4 years ago I had the idea, and now I've been months working on making it as best as I can. This, as it is right now, it's a...
  17. KrimsonKatt

    Is it okay to include our own kinks in our games? (16+ ONLY)

  18. Hyptosis

    RMMV The Prince of Landis (Blood Warning)

    A small-town boy learns from a nihilistic alien how to stand up for himself. -- Story 199X. In the town of Landis, Oregon, a young boy's meager life is forever changed by the dark influences of a strange visitor. Can Evan stand up against schoolyard bullies? Will he have the courage to take on...
  19. Santana

    RMMZ A really short story: I miss you - [One map challenge]

    I miss you is a short story driven game inspired of and made for the one map challenge with the new RPG Maker MZ. There aren't great mechanics but a hard focus on music and script writting. It takes aproximately twenty minutes to complete it, time in which you can get delighted by the awesome...
  20. Devildimos

    Eternal Stone Story

    Introduction This takes place in a world of high fantasy, where I will eventually be creating games, stories and more inside of the world, all interconnected. This current write up is about the Eternal Stone, a powerful stone that was created during a great war. A bosmyr does his very best to...

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