1. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds - The Story of Layla

    Greetings and Salutations! Work has begun on the 3rd game in the Lantern of Worlds series, Lantern of Worlds - The Story of Layla. Story In the game, you play as Layla, a former, high-ranking member of a secret order of assassins. During one of your missions, you find that something is very...
  2. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest

    Hi there! I've been away for a while, but I have resumed work on my second game with RPG Maker MV. "Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest" "Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest" is an adventure game inspired by West-European fairytales and mythology, and based on older games like Quest for Glory...
  3. Fasoldgames

    Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest

    I was busy with Lantern of Worlds - Mountains of Ravendal, but I decided to set the project on hold for now, and work on a smaller game first, the prologue for the main Lantern of Worlds story. Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest is an RPG inspired by West-European fairytales and...
  4. ksilvs_art

    ^^- HI!

    Hello, my name is Katie Silver or ksilvs and I am a freelance narrative artist and designer based in the US. You can find more of my work at and ^^- I'd like to get to know you all and talk about the narrative choices that Y'all make in...
  5. jasonluthor

    RMVXA Legends of Legacies

    Introduction Hello! My name is Jason Luthor, author of the novel FLOOR 21, owner of a small writing company in the U.S., and fantasy RPG aficionado. I've been working on this demo over the last month and felt that, while there is still some cleanup to be done, it's time to put it out into the...
  6. Abdulla Al-Farsi

    Bleeding Knife

    Hi...   This is my new game on RPG Maker MV       Bleeding Knife   Storytelling, Horror & Puzzle platform.   Story   It's about a man who had been arrested to the justice and sent him to a prison in a  mysterious island. One day, something...
  7. masashi86

    Games vs. Films (as means of storytelling)

    Hello Everyone! I'm wondering, as I have roots in film studies, and I started to wonder, as in movies and their screenplays, one of ways to tell a story is letting the viewer know just a bit little more than the main character of the film. That is also the most important element in the...
  8. C-C-C-Cashmere

    Interview: Archeia Talks Storytelling, Art and "Porcupine Princess"

    As part of my interview series, I'm speaking to prominent developers/contributors in our RPG Maker Web community to gain insight on their inner workings. Today we speak to Archeia, whose Porcupine Princess is slated for a soon release as the Official RMVXAce English Sample Game! First of all...

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