1. DBUG

    Japan: Jubei's Vengeance

    Overall a very interesting title, at some points it can be unclear which way to go (especially in the cave) as there are slides, traps, obstacles that people wouldn't look for without knowing to. The battle system is very attractive and the enviroments are really engaging. The gameplay is...
  2. Mortality Chronicles

    -------------Update------------- Small update to prologue Update to “About” giving more information about the towns. Fixed issue with shadows in maps Added intro trailer – Let me know what you think! (for some reason the video won’t embed, sorry) Thanks
  3. Indrah

    Lorelai, Queen

    A World of RMVX project What is World of RMVX? Click here to find out. Story Characters Screenshots Demo: Click here to download! Some notes: -The demo is about 30-45 (more or less) minutes long, encompassing the whole prologue. -The text has a skip function (by pressing shift) so be...

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Revamped the crew for my VN about thirty times. Only character that's stayed constant has been the fungus character. Guess it really grew on me...
I want to work on my reboot, but I don't have time to do it. ;_;
big image so i posted it as a spoiler
Just a reminder to back your projects up. Do it now! :yamero:
If there was an award for best game dev procrastination, I'd say 'meh, I'll pick it up tomorrow' >_>
Honestly though, I've been staring at the same half-made map for a while now haha! Ahhh, I'm so tired of mapping!

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