1. Lerralith


    If you like his content. Please stick with us! What games u love to play?
  2. SinのAria

    RMMV IGMC time with AI Sin

    A few things: Ok, so later today and whenever I have time after, I will be doing LQ streaming a bit of IGMC entries (less as a player and more as QA). Obviously, those that wiped their entries might not be shown if I deleted the file already. I'm not putting a link to my youtube here. Go on...
  3. BottleCapGames

    Looking for games to Stream!

    So I really wanna stream Gaia's Melody HD, but I can't yet because it's not released. So any games I can stream? P.S: I am very new, which is why I have so few subs, but I am growing my channel. EDIT: DO NOT respond to this thread. I am unable to do this any more. Thanks! P.S.S: Don't sell...
  4. Zevia

    I want to stream! Where do I start?

    For those of you who are interested in joining the Let's Play community, but are a little overwhelmed with how to get started on streaming websites, what software to use, how to get it setup, and all that jazz, here's a guide you can follow step-by-step to get yourself up and on your feet. This...
  5. Zevia

    Anyone know how to disable Skype attenuation?

    Short version of the question: If somebody knows a way to stop Skype's automatic attenuation/ducking that does not involve one of the solutions we already tried (listed below), that would be very helpful. So we tried something new with the RPGMakerTV stream yesterday, which was having people...
  6. Will console gaming slowly get replaced by PC gaming?

    There has been Rumors that Microsoft and Sony will release a game streaming service in the future for PC's similar to Steam's streaming service. Do you guys think consoles will become less popular than PC's in the future if the Xbox and Playstation library was available via a streaming service...

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