1. Ivan Davidov

    Google-map as Stretched Parallax Background

    Hallo Everyone, I am doing a game about a specific region in real life. It would be important that the map is proportional to the actual map of the region. The idea is to put the foto of the google map I have created as a parallax background. The problem is that if I do so, the system puts the...
  2. Denisowator

    Fullscreen stretches graphics?

    I've been looking around everywhere, and the only things I can find are super complicated and long conversations about how the fullscreen option changes the window to fit the screen's resolution. I'm running the fullscreen on a 16:9 (1080x1920) monitor. How can I stop the graphics stretching...

    Auto-Stretch/Auto-Resize across different iPhones and iPads

    How might I edit my RPGMaker MV game so that it auto-resizes to consume the whole screen on either my iPhone or iPad? It seems that when I run it on different types of iPhones or iPads, there are black side bars, and the actual screen size for the game is universal.  This means iPhones...
  4. orzlab

    Fitting (stretching) game to browser window size (web embed)

    I'm enjoying MV so far and I especially love how many deployment options there are. However, when I'm embedding my game as part of a web site, I noticed that the game window/viewer doesn't scale to fit the window size.  I know the preview player/'application' that is used to play the game via...
  5. ARMR

    [RMVXAce] How can battlebacks be stretched to fit 640x480?

    Is there any way to do this seamlessly? Or do I have to go battleback by battleback, editing one by one in Paint. Thanks in advance :) -Edited- Added some tags. And found a quick solution! A resource pack with all the RTP files in glorious 640x480. Sharing for all those looking for this...

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