1. Help with calling variable names inside a string

    I know that typically in a text box you can make calls like \n[x] for actor names and \v[x] for variable values etc and that you can call them long form with $game_variables[x], but I'm having some issues with a particular script for making a quest log, linked below...
  2. Aerosys

    Tool to display / edit all messages and vocab of a game?

    Hi all, so I wonder if there's a tool or program (not JS Plugin) to display all the messages of a RMMV project, including database items and system commands, so one can easily read through and re-write all Messages? If not, I would program it by myself. Regards Aero
  3. Tevi

    Help required with String Variables (Solved, but idk how to close it)

    Currently, I'm trying to make a date and time system, much like that in the Persona games, and found out that using the script section of variables, I can easily make variables into string variables as some people probably know pretty well. The problem is, I can't make conditional branches that...
  4. Poppie360

    How to put skill name into a string.

    so what i have been trying to do is something along the lines of $gameVariables.setValue(1, $gameActors.actor(1).skill(1)) what i am trying to do is set the variable to the name of the first skill that the actor has learned. i haven't been able to find anything regarding how to do it, does...
  5. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Part 3: Template Literals

    Introduction Today we discuss template literals, which are a new type of string in JavaScript. Compared to the other string types, template literals are more robust. Here are some of the features of template literals. Features Multiline strings Easy syntax for passing variables...
  6. Joronjo

    Help storing a string in a variable

    I've been stuck trying to store text in a variable. I originally tried doing it directly through the script editor but i messed up the syntax (i'm still really rookie when it comes to Ruby/RGSS3 related things). Since that didn't work, i tried to go for a common event to store the information...

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