1. Journey_Sticks

    Characters, Tilesets & Animated Stuff v4.0.4

    Some of the images may appear to be broken links (but they aren't), you may need to refresh the page a few times. I am working on the issue. I removed all of the .gif images to see if that helps. (Update, it didn't) Update 1.2, Added Greenhouse corrected issues on trees Update 2.0, Added...
  2. EpicFILE

    EpicFILE Drawing Stuff

    Hello, hello! Welcome to EpicFILE Drawing Stuff! I'm gonna posting my works here just for fun. Before Sunset: An urban fighter takes a time to enjoy himself after a fight. (looks like he survived the fight without any scratch) Here's the high quality version Thank you for dropping by! :D
  3. Simon D. Aelsi

    Free music and voiceover! ROYALTY-FREE!

    Royalty-free. Completely free to use in COMMERCIAL and non-commercial projects. Check it out! Music Voiceover Enjoy everyone; consider this my gift to you all for being so amazing. :)
  4. Silent Darkness

    Spare RPG Maker VX Ace Key up for grabs

    So I recently got a bundle with RPG Maker stuff in it. It left me with a spare key for RPG Maker VX Ace. If anyone who paroozes the general lounge is interested, i'd be glad to give it away. Not like i'm getting use out of it.
  5. MrGameDev

    Is it possible?

    i was wondering if you could make an event dissapear after the event has ended cause my game that i am working on needs that
  6. zachfoss

    is it wrong to hate a certain race?

    I don't mind doing a 5k run but my running group is thinking of joining a 10k run and I really don't like them. :(

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