1. HikariHason

    custom text box

    I wanted to draw my own text box, like pokemon with its unique border. I have been told to use galvs message background, but im not sure if im doing it correctly (im saving the script as a js file, putting it on the plugin folder but its not really working)
  2. A new "game style"

    Hi, I don't know if you've played BattleCity for Gameboy (https://www.emulatorgames.net/download/?rom=battlecity), i would like to know: 1)where can I find a simple graphic of a tank, similiar to that of BattleCity, to replace him, in the actors, with the player's sprite to make him move...
  3. Polloyus

    Japanese tilesets and characters with horror style.

    I did some research, but found nothing to match the style of the game. If someone has a Japanese horror style tileset or (and) characterset and can send it, I would be very grateful!
  4. Kradmayainen

    What kind resource sets are most popular in 2019?

    Feel free to also comment your opinion. His opinion on this subject is interesting.
  5. eat beans

    What RPG Maker Game has your favorite art style?

    Which RPG Maker Game do you think has the best/weirdest/most unique art style? My favorite is Hylics by Mason Lindroth.
  6. ElieTaping

    Zsprite Style

    I was wondering if it's okay to use zenonia style for my sprites. I already made one before which are this, for my friend: So I was thinking "why not make an mv style with a little mix of spice from zenonia style?" And one of my commissioner asked me to make him a zenonia style in MV size/grid...
  7. Pine Towers

    Can't find good examples of sprite!

    Hello guys! Little help over here? I'm going for a more proportional style for characters sprites, since the chibi style doesn't fit the mood of my game. RPG Maker XP characters also don't, since the head is still too big for my needs and I'm looking for a featureless face, or with minimal...
  8. Pine Towers

    Copying Art Style?

    Hi guys, I guess you're the best to answer this silly question of mine. I have a game that I absolutely love the art style, and find it the best style for my game. I know I can't just rip the sprites since they're copyrighted. But this other questions are too grey (in the terms of the...
  9. RadDevVan101

    Undertale Style Battle System

    Hi, so i'm requesting a Undertale style battling system which I could easily set up and use (Since i'm not a scripter myself or know anything about scripting undertale) If you've been living under a rock since/before September there is a lot of videos you can find of the game. Thanks for...
  10. Raedwulfo

    [UPDATE [FEBRUARY 26]] Face Gen Beard Stubble and Thick Eyebrows also added new beards and eyebrows

    This is my first Contribuition for rpg maker mv character generator i hope you like it :D well i use to draw my male characters with thicker eyebrows than the character generator so i made a new thick pair of eyebrows i hope you like it also i made a beard style :P [UPDATE]...
  11. TheWhiteRose000

    Final Fantasy Sprites - Off Limits

    Well I've been working on my commercial game now for a few months and recently. I began to wonder why no one has ever done a game with Final Fantasy themed sprites? So since I am also in game press, reviewing titles ect I wrote to Square Enix. To see if I can use sprites that look visually...
  12. Sato1999

    Yang's Animated Battlers(Update 08/16/2016)

    Hi citizens of RPG Maker Web, I'm here presenting to you some Holder-Styled Battlers that I either created them myself, or edited an existing one. Terms are, the same as Holder's, feel fre to use them to wahtever you want, just credit me and him and other artists mentioned in the sheets...
  13. Vez'nan

    Vez'nan's Animated Battlers

    Hello and welcome to: In this topic,I've made some *Holder Styled Battlers* that may come in handy to you guys.Since all the sprites are really hard to do,I present you my battlers; Very sorry... I quit because my computer is broken I just succesfully made 2 animated battlers. I'll...
  14. Harvest Moon Style Event Based Time System Tutorial

          This is a tutorial for people who want a easy and flexible non-scripted time system based off of “Harvest Moon” for the Super Nintendo. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make your own time based system using events, resources and my custom eventing methods. Resources and...
  15. Vez'nan

    Holder Style Battlers Needed

    Hello all! Thanks for spending time to see my current request. You see,there aren't enough "Holder Style Battlers" in the community or in his gallery.So,I'll be needing some of Holder Style Battlers if you guys had some. I hope you made some battlers in Holder format. Any help will be...
  16. Evan Finkel

    Drawing similarly to the RTP (VX Ace)

    Hay guys, I am concentrating in drawing in RTP style I made this thread for your feedback/comments. >=) Things I wanted to know "Shrinking after art is done" is recommended? How to make the eyes? How to add blush to the face? What brush size to start with? What's the highlight and shading...
  17. NixasHearts

    Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton Style Gameplay?

    I'd like to make a interactive story game like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us and I'd like the gameplay to be like Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton games. What I mean by this is on the screen I want there to be three options: Talk, Move, and Look. Is there any way to do this without...
  18. Want someone to do manga or ace run time package style portraits

    Hey,hi i want someone to do manga or vx ace run time package style portraits of these boy n girl leio or leo   age is twenty-six class is swordsman leio is the main hero of the story medy or melody  age is twenty-two class is grappler medy is leio's childhood friend she go with leio on...
  19. 22pepperjack

    Zelda Style Light Paths

    Ok, so my college has allowed me to put together a small video game design group, and we are using VX Ace to make our first game. (An easy dungeon explorer.) And we have encountered a problem. We want to make a dungeon puzzle with the same mechanic's as the Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and...

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